Thursday, September 1, 2005

Football facility gets new fencing

Staff Writer

Improvements at the Sam Coopwood Park football facility brighten the image and future of Holly Springs High School, according to principal Adam Andrews.

The old cyclone fence that was falling apart came down and a new white picket fence went up last week. Work to enlarge the press box will make filming of games possible. And bleachers on the east side of the field are being moved into the hill. That will bring fans closer to the field and allow for people who occupy the upper portion of the hill to view over the bleachers, Andrews said.

All these improvements, recently approved by the Holly Springs Board of Aldermen by request of Mayor Andre’ DeBerry, will help raise the image of Holly Springs, DeBerry has said.

Andrews agrees.

“We appreciate the improvements and the effort to improve it over the years,” he said. “Fans want to see a winning team. When visitors come to see us, it puts Holly Springs in the best possible light. The way the facilities look affects the way the kids act.”

Andrews said good facilities affects the way people feel about themselves.

“Human reality is the nicer we look the better perception we will have from the public and visitors,” he said. “We appreciate the city’s help in putting forth the effort to fix things up.

“We’re going to have a nicer looking facility and a better team on the field.”

Holly Springs High School will use the field up to as many as three times a week for varsity, junior varsity and seventh/eighth and eighth grade games.

“We are hoping with a new look and a new coach, we’ll have a new attitude,” Andrews said.

With the new changes, home side is switched back to the east side where it used to be near the press box. Getting the home side back in place is expected to help build team and fan spirit. Concessions are also located on the east side.

Clifford Brown was promoted to head football coach this year and is doing things to improve players’ skills, Andrews said.

Coach Brown went to some summer camps and is training the team with weights.

“That will make us bigger, faster and stronger,” Andrews said. “We are doing the things that make a team successful on the field.”

DeBerry said improvements at the field are both an opportunity to beautify the city facility and to provide a nice place for fans to sit and enjoy the game.

“Holly Springs deserves good things,” he said.

More bleachers are to be added next year and lighting will be improved, he said. The city pays for the lighting of the field at events.

DeBerry said the city is soliciting sponsorships to help defray the cost of the fence. One industry has already donated $1,400, and the city will sell advertising space on the fence to help pay for improvements.

Holly Springs High School’s squad is about 60 strong and populated with students in grades 9-12. New emphasis on training and competition in junior varsity at seventh and eighth grade levels, in time, will help improve the varsity team, Andrews said.

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