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Dale Hollingsworth

Stones celebrate anniversary

Cary and Jo Ann Mayer flew to Florida recently to the National Truck Drivers Rodeo. Cary had already won the Mississippi Truck Drivers Rodeo before entering this one. Congratulations, Cary.

Sonya Kidd, my granddaughter in Pass Christian, has been very ill. Jimmy and Martha drove back to the coast to see her. We are thankful she is improving. Say a prayer for her and her husband, Greg Kidd.

Happy birthday to Berniece Young and Inez Jarrett on Sept. 1 and to my granddaughter, Vickie Winter of Nashville, Tenn., on Sept. 3. (She was my first granddaughter, born to Jimmy and Martha. He was a young pastor at Wheeler.) Happy birthday to Riley Dickey, granddaughter of George and Dorothy Dickey on Sept. 4. Happy birthday to Blake Randolph on Sept. 6.

Congratulations to Tanya Miller and Lontonio Henderson, who were married Saturday, Aug. 20 at Reid’s Gift Church in Potts Camp. A huge crowd attended the ceremony. Tanya is the daughter of James and Juanita Dillard of Holly Springs, and the granddaughter of Willie Miller. He is the son of Doll Porter. The couple spent their honeymoon in Jamaica.

Reid’s Gift is a lovely, large brick church on the edge of town. When I was a child a small school house and church were located there. The land for churches and schools of both races was given by Mary A. Reid, daughter of the town’s first settler, Colonel E.F. Potts. (He was my great-great-grandfather, so Mary Reid was my “Aunt Molly.” Mary Louise Merrill of Germantown is her great-granddaughter; her mother, the late Warrine Oakley, a special friend of mine, was Mary A. Reid’s grandchild. Mary Reid’s Elementary School is also named for Aunt Molly. Mary Reid also gave land for the right-of-way for the railroad and Potts Camp Cemetery.

Weekend guests of Doris Goode and Evelyn Bready were JoAnn Potts (daughter of Evelyn) of Olive Branch and Ann Mann of Memphis, sister of Doris and Evelyn, and Gerry Vanzant of Hickory Flat. Norma Rogers of Tupelo, daughter of Doris Goode, has been staying part time with her mother and working in a doctor’s office in Tupelo.

Get well wishes to Lavanda Moorehead, wife of Gay Moorehead of Hickory Flat, who was hospitalized in New Albany last week. We are thankful she is improving.

Thanks to Lela Hale for the delicious meat loaf and vegetable dinner she brought me, also for her visit.


I. God tells us over many times to forgive people who have done us wrong. “Love your enemies, bless them who curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for those who despitefully use you.” Matthew 5:44

II. The burden of resentment and hate for our enemies will be lifted, if we would only take it straight to the Lord. He will free us from all grudges, and we can walk away. Later we might even find something good about those who have hurt us.

III. Remember we are never alone; God is only a prayer away.

Prayer — Lord open our eyes and our ears to those who cry for mercy all around us. Let our hands and voice be gentle as we encounter those who need your healing and your love. For Christ’s sake. Amen.

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24 God is love!

IV. God is calling us to respond to His call to help the hungry and needy people throughout the world, and give them the message of Jesus who died for our sins. Many of us are unable to help a lot, but we can help those around us who are suffering.

T.M. and Annie R. Stone celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary last week, Aug. 21. I have many happy memories of them in the school and church. They have been wonderful friends over the years. Congratulations and love to them! They have four wonderful children.

Happy birthday to a special friend, Betty Fincher, on Aug. 30.

Prayer list: Hazel Cox, Maxine Potts, Martha Ross, Evelyn Bready, Lucille Pierce, Larry Edwards, Roy Foote, Tilden Ash, Jean Derryberry, Mary Jo McCallum, Ollie Mansel, Donna Marett, Adelle Hudson, Betty Fincher, Lucille Hutchens, Jessie Pipkin, Dorothy Forester, Jean McCallum, Ann Feathers, Lawanda Moorehead.

Kent Marett’s Store — In Cornersville

Cornersville, where the counties of Marshall, Benton, Union and Lafayette meet, was once a horse station for stage coaches; it is older than Holly Springs and was incorporated at one time. (Later the charter was surrendered.)

The famous country store of the late Kent Marett, who died at the age of 96 in 1972, was located there. Supplies for the store came to Potts Camp depot in the early days; the roads were so rough, a wagon drawn by mules was used to pick up the barrels of flour and sugar, and boxes of every size. Mr. Kent sold hundreds of items in his store, including hats, shoes, clothes, groceries, medicine, food for animals, etc.

Ben Kirk was his helper and later Mr. Nelms.

Mr. Kent was the father of three sons, all deceased.

They were Fred, E.J. and Miller. The older boys, Fred and Miller, attended high school at Holly Springs, but E.J. came to Potts Camp. We are glad; he was our football and basketball hero.

Mr. Kent’s dad was Capt. E.J. Marett, who served in the Mississippi Legislature before 1900, and helped write the present state constitution. He was a civil engineer and surveyed all the land in the surrounding area. Capt. Marett served in the Civil War. He was captured and taken to federal prison camp on Johnson Island in the Mississippi River. He married America Ann Jones Massey, widow of Potts Massey (He was Colonel Potts’ nephew). Potts Massey was killed in the war; Capt. Marett died in 1917.

I remember visiting the old Kent Marett Store with its pot-bellied stove sitting in a box of dirt; men sat around it chewing tobacco. I was amused by the old fashion cheese slicer, the coffee grinder, the platform scales and the old school bell once owned by his sister, Miss Dottie Marett, who taught in county schools all her life. I remember Miss Dott when I was young, she was friendly and sweet.

Most of all I enjoyed the walls in the old store, covered with large, old advertisements from the past: the Phillip Morris Bell Boy; Gulf Oil’s huge poster, Garrett Snuff, and huge, beautiful calendars of long ago. I’ll never forget it!

At one time all the people in Cornersville worshiped in one church. In 1930, Mr. Kent helped build a nice brick Methodist church; it is a part of the Potts Camp Methodist Charge. The Baptists also built a nice, brick church and parsonage. We have visited both churches over the years. We attended singings at the Cornersville Baptist Church when my granddaughter, Liesa Greer (Blond) was growing up, she was one of the singers.

Children in Cornersville attend Potts Camp School and West Union School, where our daughter, Betty, taught school for 29 years.

Long ago I enjoyed homecomings, reunions and revivals at the Cornersville Churches. We had dinner on the grounds.

P.S. Donna Marett, wife of E.J., is my friend; she lives at Cornersville. Jean Marett, wife of Miller, moved back into her home. She left Cornersville after her husband died. Jean Miller was also my friend.

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