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Dale Hollingsworth

Congratulations extended to Niki McGregor and Stephen Wicker

It makes me happy to watch the school children across the street. Potts Camp has two great schools. we are proud of them.

A revival was held at Cornersville Baptist Church last week with a large group of people attending; the singing was great. Rev. Randy Bynum from Salem Baptist Church held the services. Rev. Joe Epting is pastor of the church. The Eptings are my friends. He is a former pastor of First Baptist Church in Potts Camp.

Congratulations to Niki McGregor and Stephen Wicker of Byhalia on their recent wedding on Friday, Aug. 19 at Gatlinburg, Tenn. Niki is the daughter of Wilma and Wayne McGregor and the granddaughter of friends Henry and Marjorie Clifton. A large group of family and friends attended the ceremony.

My older son, Jimmy Hollingsworth, called from the front porch of their new home in Tupelo; they had sold their home in Gulfport and moved back to their former hometown. He had served as pastor in Tupelo for 12 years. (I remember going to Elvis Presley Chapel in East Tupelo with Jimmy one day to marry a happy couple.)

We were sorry to hear that Ann Feathers is in such a serious condition. Say a special prayer for her.

Recent visitors of Jean Whaley included her cousin, Joan and Charles Kelly of Cordova and the former Dot Pierce’s daughter, Jane, of Dallas, Texas.

Bobby Pierce and wife, Bonnie, cousin of Jean Whaley, have moved from Memphis to Byhalia on Morris Plantation. Bobby grew up in Potts Camp; he was my late brother Lindy’s friend.

Jean Whaley drove to Saltillo on Aug. 17 to help celebrate her son Dickey Whaley’s birthday.

A longtime friend, Maxine Thomas and her lovely daughter, Sue from Myrtle, visited me on Saturday. They had returned recently from a trip to Texas to visit Maxine’s son, Jimmy Thomas and family. I was happy to see them; they have many relatives in this area, where Maxine grew up. (During the ’60s, she drove a group of women from this area to Frylings in Holly Springs to work. )

Sue works in New Albany; her husband was the late Leon Rhea, a truck driver and son of a friend, Lina Mae Rhea. (I was so sad he died last year. The late Linda Cruse, a Potts Camp School teacher, died a few years before her brother, Leon.)

Congratulations to the Bethlehem Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, who celebrated their 60th anniversary the week of Aug. 8-14.

The week began with a Ministers’ and Wives and families’ retreat hosted by pastors, Bro. and Mrs. Steve Wilson and Bro. and Mrs. Jon Vazquez. All the ministers to whom Bethlehem has been home during the 60 years were invited for a three-day retreat in Memphis, Tenn. at AmeriSuites. Those attending were Rev. & Mrs. Steve Wilson, Rev. & Mrs. Jon Vazquez, Rev. & Mrs. Gerald Roberts (Indiana), Rev. & Mrs. Bryan Roberts (Virginia), Rev. & Mrs. Wilson Murphy (Kentucky), Rev. & Mrs. Joey Hughes (Ohio), Rev. & Mrs. Jon Wilson (Bethlehem), Rev. & Mrs. Nathan Thornton (Louisiana), Rev. & Mrs. Joey Martin (Columbia, Miss.), Rev. & Mrs. Jacob Lovelace (Bethlehem), Rev. & Mrs. Raymond Bishop (New Albany), Rev. & Mrs. Mike Wilson (Parsons, Tenn.), Rev. & Mrs. Jon McDonald (California), Rev. & Mrs. Sam Manuel (Arkansas), Rev. & Mrs. Stacy Cowsert (Bethlehem), Rev. & Mrs. Brian Henderson (Indiana), Rev. Glen Ervin (Oxford), Rev. & Mrs. David Hughes (Bethlehem), Rev. & Mrs. Joe McKnight (Blue Mountain), Rev. & Mrs. Steve Russell (Georgia), Rev. & Mrs. Gary Foster (Indiana). Joining us for the evening meals were Rev. and Mrs. Tim Tucker (Pontotoc), Rev. & Mrs. Chris Weeden (Bartlett, Tenn.), Rev. & Mrs. Worthington (Olive Branch).

Thursday and Friday evenings, Aug. 11 and 12, and Sunday and Sunday evening, we celebrated with special services at the Bethlehem Church. Bro. Robert Martin, Baton Rouge, La., Bro. Billy McCool, Knoxville, Tenn., Bro. Terry Lough, St. Marys, West Virginia, and Bro. David Poole of Manifest, La. were our guest speakers. A special video presentation was made of the history of this local assembly. We enjoyed a segment of this during the services and the members that were here in 1945-1950, that are still here today, were paid special recognition. Jerlean Thompson and Alberta Goolsby, two of the first who started the prayer meetings in 1945, were able to attend. The ones still members of the church today, Adelle Hudson, Darene Goode, Becky Goldman, Bettie Wilson, Joanna Murphy, Mary Mannon, Johnnie S. Brown, Faye Stanton, Louise Hutchens, Verla M. Stanton, Maybelle Lindsey, A.Q. & Bernice Lemons, spoke on Sunday morning in service. Lillian Wilson, wife of the late Rev. J. Frank Wilson, was present on Friday evening and was given special recognition. Ministers coming to celebrate with us in addition to the ones at the retreat included: Rev. & Mrs. Ken Bass, Rev. Felix Jones, Rev. Mark Bishop, Rev. & Mrs. Jesse Cutrer, Rev. & Mrs. David Johnson, Sis. Marilyn Tetrick, Rev. John Wilson, Rev. & Mrs. Bates, Rev. & Mrs. Clift Jeter, Rev. & Mrs. Brandon Goynes, Rev. & Mrs. Chris Leach, Rev. Glen Williams, Rev. & Mrs. Bobby Tidwell, Rev. & Mrs. Gary Porterfield, Rev. Michael Maupin, and Rev. & Mrs. Johnny Grady. Many friends in the community came to celebrate with us, along with Judge Edwin H. Roberts, Judge Norman Gillespie, and Judge David Chandler, and Mr. Flick Ash. Johnathan and Carla Dean from Alexandria, La. were in charge of the music for the weekend services.

On Saturday the entire church family gathered for a picnic at the Goolsby Cabin. All kinds of events for children and adults were held including a fishing rodeo, skeet shoot, BB shoot and archery contest. There were buggy rides and a fish dinner, cooked by our Sheriff Kenny Dickerson. Over 325 people attended the event.

Audine Cooper has returned home from the hospital we send get well wishes to her.

Congratulations to Christy Vick and Danny Theisen, who were married on Saturday night, Aug. 20 at First Baptist Church of Potts Camp with Rev. Jim Buchanon officiating. He is the grandson of Walt and Linda Theisen; a large group of family members attended the ceremony.


I. Whoever sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him. I John 3:17

II. How many times have we seen God send help to people in need? How many times have you had the urge to help someone and did not give it? We are God’s hands on earth; He created us to receive help and also give it.

III. Tell a hungry soul about God today! The child of God who knows the good tidings of the gospel does wrong if he fails to pass it on to others.

IV. Children who attend Sunday school are blessed! They learn early that they should never be ashamed to live for Jesus. One song we sang was “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” A secret Christian is like a lamp hidden under a basket instead of shining openly where it could help others.

V. Boast not in what you do for Christ, but in what Christ does for you.

VI. When I feel that Christ is near, all my cares and sorrows flee
He is my strength, my hope, my life
He’s all the world to me.

Happy birthday to Mary Jarrett on Aug. 22, to Elinor Edwards and Korbin Stanton on Aug. 25, to Don Randolph on Aug. 26, and Hanna Goolsby on Aug. 27; also to Betty Fincher on Aug. 30, and to Tom Dickey on his birthday Aug. 30. Hanna’s little brother, Jamie, celebrated his 5th birthday on Aug. 18.

We are thankful that Robbie Taylor is at home and feeling better. We love you, Robbie!

Col. Earl McCallum Jr. and his wife are visiting his mother, Mary Jo McCallum.

Prayer list: Willie Miller, Donna Marett, Martha Ross, Brandon Blackard, Dudley Thompson, Ollie Mansel, Juanita Howell, Audine Cooper, Ann Feathers, Evelyn Bready, Dorothy Forester, Dene Randolph, Lucille Hutchens, Lucille Pierce, Betty Fincher, Adelle Hudson, Jean Derryberry, Lena Fay Work, Jene McCallum, Maxine Potts, Tilden Ash, Mary Lois Gurley, Mary Jo McCallum, Mary Lee Barker, Robert Allen, Lillie Mae Ford, Dovie Jo Humpreys.

Potts Camp’s 100th Birthday

The last three months of 1988 the town of Potts Camp celebrated its 100th birthday. It was very exciting! Rev. Jim Smith, pastor of Potts Camp Methodist Church, and the women in the Potts Camp Civic Club planned many happy events, before 1989 became a new century for our town.

Letters of Congratulations came from Gov. Ray Mabus, several U.S. Senators and Representatives, state legislators, and a special one from President Ronald Reagan.

The history of the town’s oldest church, Potts Camp Methodist, organized in 1889, celebrated with a special revival. I have a picture of the huge cake made for the occasion. Pictured with it is my late brother, Rev. Charles Potts and Rev. Smith.

On Halloween night, the Potts Camp children and their parents were invited to a costume contest downtown with plenty of candy for everyone.

On Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11, the Potts Camp veterans were honored. Among World War II veterans were Dallas King, John Hugh King, T.M. Stone, Harvey J. Gurley, Jeff Overton, George Dickey and G.R. Thompson. (Jeff Overton and George Dickey received Purple Hearts.)

One day a group of us met early at the flag pole in front of Potts Camp School. They were Donald Ash, Potts Camp School principal at that time; Dallas and Louise King; T.M. and Annie R. Stone; David Fuller; Rev. Jim Smith and Dale Hollingsworth. (Carey Mayer was mayor of the town, but he could not attend. A board member took his place.) David Fuller raised the flag over our Potts Camp School for many years. On the town’s birthday in October 16, the Civic Club had decorated the town with flowers. A platform was set up on Front Street, with several speakers seated on it. At 11 a.m., Carey Mayer, town mayor, welcomed the huge crowd and said the Proclamation.

A train stopped on the tracks and the train crew came to the platform, where the trainmaster spoke to the crowd.

He said that Potts Camp had always been a railroad town since they built the first depot named Potts Camp and built the town around it.

An antique car show was in town that day, also the Potts Camp Museum was open all day. Mitch Stone and others sang songs in the evening.

That night, Bro. Smith had the main highway, 78, closed so the Potts Camp parade could come through town. Dallas King was the grand marshal; his wife, Louise, was beside him in the limousine as they followed the Olive Branch and Holly Springs bands and go- carts. Later several floats passed my home. I was in the yard and they threw candy to me. It was a wonderful celebration! I’ll never forget it.

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