Thursday, August 18, 2005

Carey Chapel & Mt. Pleasant News
Allene Teel

Amber Anderson honored with diaper pounding in fellowship hall at Carey Chapel

The ladies at Carey Chapel Baptist Church will honor Amber Anderson with a diaper pounding on August 19, at 7 p.m in the church fellowship hall.

Several from the community attended a deacon ordination service at Slayden Baptist Church on Sunday night August 7. Gary Teel, my grandson, was among the seven who were ordained. A fellowship followed in the church activity center.

Herbert and Carol Staggs’ grandchildren, Anna and Dalon, from Phoenix, Az., visited them for the summer. Carol brought them to visit me before the flew back home for school.

Several new homes are being built in the Coldwater Hills subdivision across the highway near me.

Joyce Bumpas is home after spending several days in Baptist Memphis Hospital. Continue to pray for Joyce.

Fred Brown is home recuperating after surgery at St. Francis Hospital. A get well wish is sent to him.

My daughter, Kathy, carried me to Rayner’s Eye Clinic, in Oxford, on Thursday for eye surgery. I am seeing much better.

Gwendy Youngblood and her daughter Amy, from Tupelo, visited Barbara Ellis this week.

Phil and Kristy Karr, Jessica and Rebecca Curl attended a goat show in Texas recently.

Neon and Marlene Langston visited me Tuesday afternoon. They have now returned home to Texas.

Richard Langston is home from Baptist Collierville Hospital. Continue to pray for Richard.

Volette Heaton, Betty Guffey’s mother, is a patient at Baptist Collierville Hospital. A get well wish is sent to her.

My 5th Day of Vacation
After a good’s night rest and breakfast at the Best Western, in Ely, Nev., we filled the car with gas. We have a six-hour drive ahead of us before we reach our destination of Mammoth Lakes, California. There were still a lot of mountains to travel through. We begin to ascend up the Currant Mountain Range and climbed to 11,518 feet at the highest point. I have never in my life seen so many curves and hills. After driving over the mountain range we traveled through Railroad Valley. It is really dry in Nevada, but up ahead of us we can again see a mountain range with snow on the tops. There is no grass cutting on the sides of the highway here. The sides are smooth with falling rocks. There are very few homes in the valleys, but many oil wells. Drake was becoming bored with the repetitive scenery and decided to entertain us by babbling. We saw a herd of antelope and stopped to take pictures but apparently they didn’t want their pictures made and off they ran across the range. We stopped in a field with mounds and mounds of black lava rocks. According to a sign the rocks had been there for million of years. This area was called Black Country. After collecting a few black lava rocks, to take back to Mississippi, we were back on the road again. 

We continued to travel over mountain ranges and through open range areas. The open range is where cows and horses are allowed to roam free to go wherever they choose. There are no fences. The animals are branded so farmers know which ones belong to which ranch. Across one area there were many dry lakes. All we could see was the dry white sand. At lunch time we stopped in Tonapah, Nev. It was 85 degrees. After eating at the only restaurant in town, we headed west again. There where a lot of little white mounds in the fields. We debated about what they could be, but never came up with an answer.

On down the highway, just before entering California, we were stopped on the highway for road construction. We were told there would be about a 15-minute delay. Kathy and Drake got out of the car to meet a cowboy, from Abilene, TX, who was stopped in front of us.

He was really nice and showed Drake how to throw a rope and lasso a calf. He was headed in the same direction as we were and also planning to be in Yosemite National park the next day. On down the highway we were stopped again for road construction. It was hot so Drake honored the flag man with a cold drink.

We finally made it to the California state line and stopped in Benton, Calif. to rest for awhile. Our next stop was about an hour away at the Sierra Lodge in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. where we will spend the night.

Next week I will tell you about my sixth day of vacation.

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