Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lois Swanee
Museum Curator

Melody (Swaney) Golding displays her art in the Mississippi Museum of Art

Melody Golding has spent a lifetime capturing the world around her in her art photos and art she has painted. If you walk through Melody’s home in Vicksburg, it is immediately clear that an artist lives there as the walls are covered with Melody’s oil paintings and photography.

It is obvious that she has a wild, creative streak with a great eye for color and form. She sees the world differently than the rest of us and she wants to share her art with the rest of the world. She is doing just that this month as the Mississippi Museum of Art has invited her to display there in the museum’s collection of new exhibits through September 4. More of her work has been placed in their permanent collection.

The work showing now is of the “Ruins of Windsor” in Claiborne County and “Kinnitly Castle” in Ireland. Melody’s art is very surrealistic and some is done in sepia tones. They aren’t sharp or hard-edged but give a pleasing presentation to the viewer that is soft and dreamy and looks like a part of memory.

Melody has been an artist since she was making mud pies in the back yard at Grey Gables where she grew up.

She is the wife of Steve Golding and the mother of two sons, Austin, who is on the track team at Mississippi State and John Reed Golding, who is a tenth grader at St. Aloysius School in Vicksburg.

Melody studied art at Ole Miss and Mississippi College, where she received a degree in art. She designs and paints backdrops for the Vicksburg Theatre and various local functions. She has studied the mechanics of photography at symposiums nationally and internationally. Parts of her work were shown at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C.

She is in the process of publishing a book about “The Rooftops of Vicksburg,” which is a work that is fascinating, as she has made a study about the unusual roofs in Vicksburg with photos that she has taken with her telescopic lens. She sees things the rest of us don’t see. She has designed a coloring book of the beautiful Tiffany windows of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Vicksburg and has made her artwork into greeting cards of unusual scenes of Vicksburg.

One of her photos of the historic river bridge at Vicksburg is in the permanent art collection of the Marshall County Historical Museum in Holly Springs.

She is the daughter of Lois Swaney of Holly Springs. When she was telling about her work in the Art Gallery of Mississippi, she laughingly said, “I’m hanging next to Walter Anderson,” (who is one of Mississippi’s most well known artists.)

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