Thursday, August 18, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

What a treat for my birthday!

My granddaughters went all out this year to make sure I had a “special” birthday.

They talked about it all week, making plans and telling me what exactly we were going to do to celebrate.

As my birthday fell on a Friday this year, it just seemed the perfect day to them for me to take off work and spend the day celebrating with them. It took some convincing that it would be okay if I just came home at noon instead.

They had planned to cook a big birthday dinner for me — they wanted roast, mashed potatoes, birthday cake, etc.

So I started the morning off putting the roast in the crock pot, so it would be ready in time for supper.

When I got home it was so exciting — they couldn’t wait to make my birthday cake!

So out comes the Easy Bake oven in addition to the “real” cake. First (bear in mind that the girls are seven and nine, so required quite a bit of supervision on my part) we made my favorite cake — butter recipe yellow with chocolate buttercream icing.

Then we cleaned the kitchen up again in preparation for the Easy Bake cooking. Binkster and Gremlin can use the Easy Bake oven mostly by themselves.

I got a “yummy” brownie with chocolate frosting from the Easy Bake cooking — I should have gotten two of them, but Binkster decided the second one was a mess and just ate it herself.

We were scheduled for a shopping trip, so “they” could buy me a birthday present (last year Gremlin bought me a $49 globe and matching key chain — she picked it out — I paid for it).

However, the roast, mashed potatoes, etc. had to be finished, so unfortunately, the shopping trip had to be postponed so we could get in the kitchen and make a huge mess (oops, I mean dinner).

The spectacular finale was the “after dinner show!”

Gremlin has decided that she likes to perform, so we were treated to a performance unlike any I’ve ever seen!

She’s particularly enamored of a Bratz CD (if you have little girls, you know; if you don’t, be thankful!) and performed karaoke style to that, changing costumes every song.

We had quite a few technical difficulties — wrong song, forgotten words, wrong outfit for “that” song, etc., but on the whole, it was a very enjoyable evening. The finale, in a very sparkly green cocktail dress that once belonged to my friend Jane’s late mother-in-law, was a Spanish rendition of one of the Bratz’s songs — “Sa Seinte.”

Except for smacking Binkster for laughing occasionally, it was a wonderful finish to a really good birthday.

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