Thursday, August 18, 2005

Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Brooke Hale serves as summer missionary

The family of T.M. and Annie Ruth Stone had a big “get-together” at their home last weekend. Their granddaughter, Holley and Mike Muraco and son Jordan were here from Las Vegas, Nev. He cooked the food for them.

We ask for special prayers for Robbie Taylor in St. Francis Hospital in Memphis. She is a kind, loving friend. We missed her after they closed “Taylor’s Cafe.” Lonzo Taylor is her husband.

Another friend, Audine Cooper, wife of Joe Cooper, is in the hospital at New Albany. We ask for prayers for her, also.

Brooke Hale, who has served as a missionary this summer in Canada, will be coming home soon. I was happy to receive a card from her. She attends Blue Mountain College. I love Brooke and her family!

Betty Fincher visited her doctor last week in New Albany; we hope she will be well soon. Betty and Connie are special to me.

Happy birthday to a wonderful person and friend, Dorothy Dickey on Aug. 14, and to a relative, Andrew Reece Hill (Drew) on Aug. 14; also Carol Jean Potts (wife of Lindy’s son, Alan Potts) of Tupelo on Aug. 15; to Cherri Shaw of Waterford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Stone, on Aug. 18.

Happy wedding anniversary to Billy and Ann Edlin on Aug. 20; also happy wedding anniversary to Tommie and Gale Goode of Greenwood on their wedding anniversary on Aug. 20. T.M. and Annie Ruth Stone, also friends, will celebrate their wedding anniversary on Aug. 21. We hope they have a happy day!

The first step into a lifetime journey with our Lord is salvation. When Christians are battling temptation, if we only keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, it will bring us victory over sin.

2. “The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.” Psalms 145:18

3. Help us show compassion to a world that’s lost in sin.
So when we share the gospel, hungry souls for Christ we’ll win.

4. Dear Lord, while feeding on your blessed word,
I will no longer weak and childish be
As I listen to your Spirit’s voice
May Christlike love and grace be seen in me.

5. A favorite saying is “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” You may think one person cannot make a difference, but God knows that one does

Show kindness and respect to everyone, regardless of who they are.

Pray for the sick, sad and lonely people who are hurting.

Look for the good in others — we all have faith.

Love little children, and never mistreat them; and smile a lot. God is love!

Prayer list: Imogene Paton, Willie Thomas Wicker, Lucille Pierce, Robbie Taylor, Audine Cooper, Adelle Hudson, Maxine Potts, Tilden Ash, Dene Randolph, Hazel Cox, Roy Foote, Ollie Mansel, Jean Derryberry, Mary Jo McCallum, Donna Marett, Betty Fincher, Ann Feathers, Sank Owen, Jene McCallum, Martha Riley, Lucille Hutchens, Larry Edwards, Lena Faye Work, Ella Rea Whaley, Martha Ross, Henry Tutor, Lillie Mae Ford, Dorothy Forester, Jessie Pipkin, Dudley Thompson. Pray for peace, and for those who have lost loved ones everywhere.

In the 1930s, a famous writer for The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Mr. Copeland, drove his wife to North Miss. to visit his native state. They stopped in Byhalia to visit friends, then drove on to Holly Springs to see the historic sites. He said that when he crossed the border line to his home state, it seemed the trees were a little greener and the sunshine was a little brighter. He loved Mississippi!

They were tired when they reached Potts Camp, so when they saw a sign “Williams Hotel” on Church St. they stopped to spend the night. Julia Williams and her daughter were wonderful hostesses, and the food was delicious. They met several Potts Camp School teachers there, including Elizabeth Heard, home economics teacher, that he had met before. The teachers insisted that the Copelands go with them to Potts Camp School that night to attend a musical and dance program.

Eugenia Eason, a special music teacher, and Sarah Myers of Holly Springs, an outstanding person who taught an expression and tap class, presented the program. R.A. Butler, principal, invited Mr. Copeland to make a talk about education before the program, and he did. I remember the program well; many of my friends and I enjoyed being in it; also my young brother, Bennie Potts, who sang and danced “The Pullman Porter Blues.”

The next morning Mr. and Mrs. Copeland visited the merchants in town. They talked to Lester Greer and Curtis Greer at “Greer and Greer” store. He wanted to know more about our home town.

Daddy always took The Commercial Appeal, so we could hardly wait that next morning to read Mr. Copeland’s article about his visit to North Miss. He told about the wonderful food Mrs. Williams served, and how comfortable the large bedroom was, with a warm fireplace and high ceilings.

Then he told about the talented young people in the program at Potts Camp School. He mentioned the boys who danced and sang “The Pullman Porter Blues” so well.

As they drove out of town, Mrs. Copeland remarked, “Why didn’t you tell me about the nice people in the friendly town of Potts Camp?”

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