Thursday, August 11, 2004


Fielder’s Choice
By Barry Burleson

Great show

Pam and I took a short road trip Saturday – to the Gold Strike in Tunica. It was worth the drive. No we didn’t win. We didn’t go to gamble.

We went for the new show, Balagan, which debuted July 30 at the Millennium Theatre.

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Due South
By Mark Entwistle
The Southern Reporter
Selkirk, The Borders

Haggis recipe

This week at The Southern Reporter found editorial staff entering a new stage of the computer age.

Our dearly loved - but old - Apple Macs were replaced with shiny brand new PCs.

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The Preacher’s Corner
By Rev. Dr. Milton Winter

“O Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy house...” Psalms 26:8

Since our church has a columbarium — a burial places for cremated ashes — I receive questions from time to time and have been asked to put some information in this column. More and more churches are adding columbaria (the plural form of the word) either within or outside their buildings, and there are several now in Memphis and in several other towns in north Mississippi.

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Letters to the Editor

Road safety:
Dear Editor,

After years of patching and repairing, the state has finally appropriated funds and work has begun on this bridge. This bridge is located on South Red Banks Road near Hawks Feed Mill.

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