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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Birthday party honors Mary Elizabeth Greer

It was wonderful to meet and visit with Danny and Vicky Gilmer of New Braunfels, Texas, and others with them, George and Patty Smith of Rossville, Tenn., in my home. Danny is the son of D.C. Gilmer, who grew up in Potts Camp; D.C. is still living with his son and wife. I remember many of their relatives; the Cox families, Overtons, Gilmers, Bishops and others. My late brother, Bennie Potts, played with D.C. as a child. Thanks to Pam Sparks, who brought them to my home.

Maxine Potts called from Saltillo; we are glad that her health has greatly improved. I love Maxine and Candy and miss them.

We are thankful that Claire Edwards Harper and her husband, Randy, are feeling better. They were injured in a four-wheeler accident and sent to The Med for treatment.

John Mark Jarrett of Tupelo and Lindsey Webster of Knoxville, Tenn. were guests of Henry and Mary Jarrett on Thursday.

Our deepest sympathy and love are extended to A.Q. Greer and family in the death of his wife, Martha Greer. The Greers were among the first Potts Camp settlers; we have always loved them.

Our family members were saddened in the recent death of my late husband’s sister, Lelia Frances Hollingsworth Johnson, 80, of Jacksonville, Fla. She leaves one son, Bill Johnson and family.

Thanks to Ann Edlin and Virginia Hunsucker for the nice tomatoes they brought me.

Happy birthday to Christy Taylor on Aug. 9 and to Marilyn Culver on Aug. 11.

Mary Elizabeth Greer, pretty little 2-year-old daughter of my grandson, Amy and David Greer Jr. of Cornersville, was honored on Saturday, July 30 with a birthday party in her home by friends and family. Attending were Amy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Junior Williams of Etta; Amy’s sister and family; David Jr.’s parents, Betty and David Greer Sr. of Cornersville and Mary Elizabeth’s brother, Dave Greer, 5 years old. She received many gifts.

Tom Dickey of Tupelo brought his two young children, Lauren and Olivia Dickey to visit their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Dickey, recently.

Rev. Don Newton, pastor of our church, visited me and others, including Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Stone, on Monday. We are thankful that he had communion with us in our home. The Potts Camp Methodist charge has been blessed by having such a dedicated pastor in our church.

Sylvia Seymour Akin of Memphis brought her aunt, the former Rhetta Lou Alvis (Boots) to visit me on Monday. She lives in Olive Branch with her brother, C.M. Alvis (Nedd). I was happy to see them. Her son, Charles Harmon, played with Danny as a child.

Sometimes parents don’t realize the importance of teaching their children healthy habits from early childhood to teenage years.

My dad taught us many things I will never forget.

1. Pay God first — make out the first check to your church.

2. Always save a portion of your pay day (pay bills first).

3. Dress clean and neat before leaving home; comb your hair and polish your shoes; also keep your room clean.

4. Learn all you can; study your lessons at school.

5. Respect other people’s feelings, including all races.

6 Never use ugly words, and try not to disgrace your family in any way.

7. Say the blessing before every meal, as the family sits around the table.

8. Attend church and Sunday school on Sunday.

9. Read the Bible and pray! Never go to sleep without saying your prayers.

10. Learn the history of your family and town. Be proud of who you are.

11. Write cards and letters to family and friends who live in other towns.

12. Visit the sick and elderly in the neighborhood, and help them in any way you can.

13. Help take care of the younger children in the family. Love your family and others around you.

14. Be kind, and do the best you can whatever you do.

On Tuesday, a group of women from Houston, Texas were in Potts Camp searching for relatives. Their grandmother, a member of the group, Louise Strickland Piters, was 90 years old. They visited Potts Camp Library, my home, and the home of T.M. and Annie R. Stone, also at the Dee Stone Cemetery. They plan to come to the Dee Stone reunion next year. They were a nice, friendly group; we enjoyed seeing them.

Prayer list: Brandon Blackard, Lucille Hutchens, Robert Allen, Adelle Hudson, Lucille Pierce, Juanita Howell, Martha Ross, Margaret Waters, Rickey Clayton, Mary Lee Barker, Donna Marett, Tilden Ash, Maxine Potts, Dene Randolph, Lena Fay Work, Roy Foote, Betty Fincher, Ollie Mansel, Jean Derryberry, Mary Jo McCallum, Evelyn Bready, Dorothy Forester, Martha Riley, Lillie Mae Ford.

In September 1979, a lovely girl from Mississippi, Cheryl Pruitt, was crowned “Miss America of 1980.” Eleven years before, doctors had told her she’d never walk again. She awoke on Sunday morning and wondered if her tragedy-to-glory storybook life was all a dream.

“It was a miracle,” the 22-year-old, blue-eyed, born-again Christian said, as she took her tearful stroll down the runway of Convention Hall.

Miss Pruitt is the only Miss America who has ever visited in our hometown, Potts Camp. She became the third Mississippi woman to wear the Miss America crown. Mary Ann Mobley of Brandon was the 1959 Miss America, Linda Lee Mead of Natchez won that title in 1960.

After a car accident at age 11, Cheryl’s leg was badly crushed, and one leg was two inches shorter than the other one. At age 17, in a faith healing Bible meeting in Jackson, she said that she prayed and watched her shortened leg grow normal in a few seconds.

“Jesus is the center of my life,” Cheryl Pruitt said. She was a member of an Independent Methodist Church.

Cheryl Pruitt was reared in the small town of Ackerman, and has traveled throughout the South as a gospel singer with her father. She played and sang “Don’t Cry Out Loud” in the pageant. Rev. Glenn Ray, pastor of the Potts Camp Methodist charge in the ’80s, was her neighbor and friend during their younger years. He and his wife invited Cheryl to come to Potts Camp for a concert. The new Potts Camp gym was decorated for the event; the building was filled with friends and admirers of Miss America, Cheryl Pruitt. It was wonderful!

Later she signed autographs at the Potts Camp Methodist parsonage, during a reception for her. “We will always remember Cheryl Pruitt’s visit.”

I think of her when I see the “Miss America” pageant on TV every year.

Snow Lake News
Sue Shears

Get well wishes extended to Ron Miller and Peggy McCrady

Hello Snow Lakers: I hope you had a good week. Sometimes I wonder if a vacation is worth the work preceding it. I guess we wait until the last minute to do things we should have done weeks ago. We are leaving for vacation on August l0 - going to Prague, Czech Republic, for a five-day land tour. Then we ride 10 hours to Budapest, Hungary, where we will spend two days before we embark ship. I’ll write more next week.

Ron Miller on Snow Lake Drive has been in the hospital for a few weeks, but is home now recouperating. Peggy McCrady recently had eye surgery but she is home now. Please remember these people in your prayers. I am sure they would like to have a card or call from you.

If you know of anyone sick or needing help please call Sue Wooley Graves, 224-3264. If you know of someone I have missed, please call me at 224-3913.

I know it is time to forget the 2005 Bluegrass Festival but when I think of 2006 I think of something that went wrong with the last one, and we hope to assure the boat paraders that in 2006 they will have all the time they need to take all the beautifully decorated boats down all three fingers for everyone to see. There will be no time limit! Sorry the 2005 parade was cut short thanks for your understanding.

The Community Center is having a garage sale on October 8, so start saving your discards. All the proceeds will go to making improvements on the building and grounds. For contributions, call Emily Koen, 224-8707, or Joan Martinez, 224-8032.

We all know the importance of our Snow Lake Volunteer Fire Department and the services they so willingly offer, but we want to acknowledge the work put in by the Emergency Medical Technicians and First Responders. They are always on call and we want to applaud them for their dedication.

We must get started again on our Neighborhood Watch program. I mention this so that when you are called to help in some way, you will be aware of the need. Thanks for your help.

Coming Events:
Saturday, Aug. 20 - 7 - 9 a.m .breakfast, followed by the corporation meeting at 9 a.m.

Saturday, Aug. 27 - Potluck

Remember, guests are always welcome to come to any of our events.

Also, remember, the Community Center is available for rental to Snow Lake residents for a party, etc; just contact Emily Koen, 224-8707.

Our Quote. From the booklet “Gentle Thoughts.” Happiness is a sunbeam which may pass through a thousand bosoms without losing a particle of its original ray; nay, when it strikes a kindred heart, like the converged light upon a mirror, it reflects itself with redoubled brightness. It is not perfected till it is shared.”

Have a good week, and hope to see you next week.

Waterford News
Elmira Curry

Mt. Comfort CME Church hosts Sunrise Chapter #166 meeting; election of officers held

The first commandment is: Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. This is the first commandment. Mark 12:29-30

On July 23-26, Levan Miller, W.P., Callie, M. Lay, W.M. and Elmira Curry A.M. from Sunrise Chapter #166, Order of Eastern Star, attended the 115th annual grand session of Bathsheba Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star PHA Jurisdiction of Mississippi, Inc. M.W. Stringer Grand Lodge, 1072 J.R. Lynch Street, Jackson. Hon. Maurice Lucas Sr., Grand Master, Martha Ann Alford, Grand Matron. The Grand Queen’s pageant was held Saturday night. Elmira Curry from Sunrise Chapter #166 represented District 15 and won the title of first runner-up to the queen.

Sunrise Chapter #166, OES met Saturday, Aug. 6 at Mt. Comfort CME Church with the A.M. Sis. Elmira Curry and W.P. Bro. Levan Miller presiding. Most all station members were present. After the realistic opening, and old and new business was conducted, the house was open for the election of officers for the ensuing year.

Regular worship services were held at Greenfield Presbyterian Church Aug. 7 with Rev. Dr. Coker George, pastor, in charge. Holy Communion was served.

Guests at Greenfield Church Sunday were Bro. Eric Freeman from Memphis, Tenn. and SGT Leon Powell 1-198th 155 BCT. SGT Powell has been home on leave with his wife, Velma Mull Powell and family. Sunday after services they visited Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Mull. Mr. Mull is home recuperating from surgery.

Carey Chapel & Mt. Pleasant News
Allene Teel

Staggs celebrate 50th anniversary

Allyson Brandon presented a piano concert on July 31, at Carey Chapel Baptist Church. Cake and ice cream were served afterwards in the church fellowship hall.

Dallas and Christy Hunsucker are the proud parents of a daughter. Kelsey Christina, born at Baptist Memphis Hospital, weighed eight pounds, five ounces. Her big sister Mattie and big brother Todd welcome her home. Proud grandparents are Peggy and Rocky Hunsucker. Proud great-grandparents are Myrtis and Harold Todd.

Randy and Robin Martin are rejoicing over the birth of their second son. Cooper Hurdle Martin was born at Germantown Methodist Hospital on July 28. He weighed six pounds, four ounces. His big brother Conner welcomes him home. Proud grandparents are Norman and Delia Hurdle.

Milton Edwards is a patient at Baptist Collierville ICU after emergency surgery. A get well wish is sent to him.

Myrtis Todd had the misfortune of falling and breaking her arm. Hope she will be feeling better soon.

Richard Langston is again a patient at Baptist Collierville Hospital. Remember Richard and his family in your prayers. Ricky and Joyce Langston, from Branson, Mo., are visiting Richard and Dot this week.

Neon and Marlene Langston, from Waxahachie, Texas, are visiting family members in the community this week. Katy Langston Skelton, from Martinsburg, West Va., continues to enjoy visiting with her brothers and sisters in the community.

The Teel family reunion was held at Wall Doxey State Park on Saturday, August 6. Approximately 100 family members enjoyed visiting, food and lots of Teel fun.

Ann Bumpas had surgery at Baptist Collierville Hospital as an out-patient recently. A get well wish is sent to her.

My daughter, Kathy Goode, took me for an eye check-up at the Rayner Eye Clinic in Oxford last Thursday.

Joyce Bumpas is home from Mayo’s Hospital. Please keep Joyce and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Herbert and Carol Staggs were honored on July 31, from 2:00-5:30 p.m., by their children and grandchildren, with a surprise celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. The event was held at the United Methodist Church of Mt. Pleasant. Sixty-five friends and relatives enjoyed the occasion. Herbert and Carol enjoyed the surprise celebration and were grateful to their children and grandchildren for honoring them in such a wonderful and meaningful way. Their wedding date was August 1, 1955.

Genelle Teel visited me last Sunday afternoon. It was so good to see her. We had a wonderful visit. I do get lonesome sometimes.

Emma Davis carried her mother, father and granddaughter to Eureka Springs, Ark. on vacation recently.

Dixie Bumpas visited her sister in Memphis over the week-end.

My Fourth Day of Vacation
After a good night’s rest at the Holiday Inn, a big breakfast at Denny’s, and filling the car with gas we left Grand Junction, Colo. and headed west on Interstate 70. We are still three days from our destination of Salinas, Cal.

We entered Utah in less than one hour. There was a lot of sage brush along the sides of the interstate. There were mountain ranges on both sides of the interstate, but they are not as pretty as we had seen in Colorado. As we entered Utah we entered Rabbit Valley. We stopped and took pictures of the beautiful scenery. There were only small scrubby trees here, not big tall pines like we saw in Colorado. A little further down the interstate we stopped at the Gray Canyon overlook. Again, the mountains are totally different than any we have seen. Kathy and Drake climbed to the top of the overlook while I bought hand-made jewelry from two native American women who had set up their jewelry display at the over-look rest stop. Kathy took pictures for a newlywed couple from St. Louis, Mo. There were on their honeymoon headed to Las Vegas. We hit the interstate again and drove further across Utah. We drove into desert land called the San Rafael Valley where there are many swells (rounded hills). We stopped beside the Rafael River and took more pictures. There were very few houses and people at this point. Kathy and I both decided we like the green rolling hills of Mississippi much better than the desert of Utah. We can’t imagine why anyone would actually choose to live in this part of Utah. After a few hours we travel through The Unita Mountain Range. The elevation here is over 11,000 feet. We stopped at the Black Dragon Canyon. This canyon is 50 million years old. Next we circled around Eagle Canyon. There are signs on both sides of the interstate that say, “Watch for falling rocks.” It was pretty scary. After lunch in Salina, Utah we left Interstate 70 and hit Hwy. 50 (after only one wrong turn). For a short time we drove on Interstate 15 which is called the Veteran’s Memorial Highway. Then it is back to Hwy. 50 west. We traveled through a dust storm and then a grasshopper storm. Grasshoppers were jumping up and hitting the windshield like hail stones. We finally made it all the way across Utah and entered Nevada. Entering Nevada we traveld through the Great Basin National Park. Nevada is very flat and we can see for miles down the highway between mountain ranges. We arrived at Ely, Nev. about 6 p.m. and settled into our room at the Best Western for the night. We can see mountaintops with snow on them. What a beautiful sight. We have traveled 1,988 miles in four days. Only two days of driving left.

Next week I will tell you about my fifth day of vacation.

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