Thursday, August 4, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Announcing arrivals and departures...

We are now the proud “parents” of...a bouncing baby colt. Actually, Athena the Wonder Horse is the mother. But it’s her third foal and our first baby horse, so we’re probably a bit more excited than she is.

The as yet unnamed baby is a week old now and I am constantly amazed at how much he changes almost hour to hour. As a newborn, he was wobbly and scared of us.

As a week-old foal, he’s not wobbly any longer and not scared any more either! If you don’t pet him now, when you’re close to him, you get a head shoved into whoever’s closest — just a gentle reminder that he’s waiting to be petted, I guess.

The new colt is not the only “new” at our house. (Actually, all of these “new” babies technically belong at our daughter’s house, across the driveway from us — but two little girls flying back and forth continually make it feel like one big house sometimes.)

Our oldest granddaughter finally begged her dad into a sewing machine of her own and since the youngest doesn’t care a hoot about sewing, she got a fish tank — and some koi to put in it (when I was a kid they were just plain old goldfish — now — they’re “koi”).

Naturally, the oldest had to have a new fish also. (The fish tale started with a beta for the youngest — then the oldest had to have one — then the baby’s beta died, so she got a koi to replace it — so then the oldest needed another fish... and on and on and on.)

So...last weekend, Gremlin got a new fish tank and some new koi — the Binkster got a new girl beta to go with her boy beta, along with her sewing machine.

To make a long story worse, the new girl beta died. Binky “saved” Wanda (the beta) so her mom could preside at the funeral — she saved Wanda in a favorite cartoon jelly glass.

I forced Binky to take Wanda from the glass and put her in a ziploc bag (for all our noses’ sakes). She brought the glass to our house, so I could boil it for a couple hours and make it sanitary for them to use again (you just can’t give up a favorite jelly glass!).

Somehow, the Gremlin missed all the confusion between the glass and the ziploc bag. I walked into the living room later that afternoon (before Mom returned home for the funeral) and Gremy was sipping KoolAid through a straw — out of “the” jelly glass.

Didn’t bother her a lot, but I’m still slightly nauseated from that sight.

At this point in time, we still have a boy beta and three or four koi — they did not die from being unceremoniously dumped into the cold water of the new tank.

Goldfish were hardy when I was a kid too!

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