Thursday, July 28, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

“The” wedding

Our visit to Texas a couple weeks ago included a very hastily planned wedding.

My nephew and his longtime girlfriend decided to get married and of course, wanted to get married “now.” My late sister and her husband reared Vince and after she passed away apparently “now” was the right time.

My oldest niece, who lives in Gunter, Texas, offered her home for the wedding — which meant that she got stuck with the decorations and planning, etc. My other niece and I really enjoyed that!

Vet, the oldest niece, went all out. When Sister (my other niece) and I arrived in Gunter from Whitehouse, Texas — about a three-hour drive — we walked into a white wedding wonderland.

White tulle covered the stairway banister in the foyer and white tablecloths and tulle covered tables and plant stands and anything else that didn’t move.

Vet had emptied her dining room and filled it back with white Christmas lights, borrowed chairs and stuff from her church and had turned the dining room into a beautiful, sparkling wedding chapel.

Between the three of us, we had four little girls who all wanted to be in the wedding and who all wanted to be something different each time it was discussed.

In the end, after an initial rehearsal, the little girls held wedding practice the rest of Friday night, alternating roles until they had everything the way they wanted it!

Not a one of them wore their own dress either — Cassidy wore her oldest sister’s dress, Emily wore one of Cassidy’s dresses, Meredith wore one of Courtney’s dresses (Cassie’s oldest sister) and Remy wore Meredith’s dress. Remy also was barefooted the entire day — her “job” in the wedding was to keep Mr. Bean on his leash. Mr. Bean, our miniature schnauzer, was “something” in the wedding. We’re not sure what, but he did a beautiful job.

I spent most of Friday night after the rehearsal finishing up Amelia’s wedding dress. I’d made most of it before heading to Texas, but we weren’t sure about length and how to finish off the hem, so after a fitting (and thank goodness, it fit!) the joint committee of bride, aunts, great-aunts and little cousins decided on how to do the hem and the dress was finished.

My brother-in-law has been an Elvis fan/impersonator for as long as I can remember (he went to Humes High School just after Elvis graduated).

He sang an Elvis love song (beautifully) and it was the perfect note for the lovely family wedding.

And I’m sure, my sister was watching — telling us exactly what we were doing wrong and how we should do it. I made tuna for finger sandwiches and I knew she was telling me to add more mayo!

Thank goodness for memories!

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