Thursday, July 28, 2005


Fielder’s Choice
By Barry Burleson

What to wear

School clothes are in the news these days.

The Holly Springs School District is keeping its school uniform policy as is. Marshall Academy is going to a school dress code when classes start in August. The Marshall County School Board is likely going to phase in a school uniform policy, too, at a time yet to be decided.

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Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

“The” wedding

Our visit to Texas a couple weeks ago included a very hastily planned wedding.

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The Preacher’s Corner
By Rev. Dr. Milton Winter

How do I feel? Well, how clean is my house?

This is Bible School season, and I was startled when I phoned the office of a ministerial colleague, only to have the secretary tell me he was involved with Bible School drama, and couldn’t come to the phone. “He’s portraying Jesus,” she confided.

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Due South
By Mark Entwistle
The Southern Reporter
Selkirk, The Borders

Scotland colored by recent London bombings

It would be nice to start off our very first column for you guys with a happy and upbeat kind of story, but everything here has been coloured by the recent London terrorist bombings.

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