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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Special dinner planned for area congregations

Potts Camp Auction and Bethlehem Church of the Lord Jesus Christ will be hosting a benefit on July 30 for Brandon Blackard. Starting at 11 a.m. there will be BBQ plates sold. At 2 p.m. the special auction will begin. There will be guest singers all day long and a car wash outside the auction building. We appreciate the help of everyone in this young man’s recovery.

On Saturday night, July 23, a gospel singing was held at the Potts Camp Auction House with a large crowd attending.

On Monday, Betty drove me to Williams Clinic and the Potts Camp Pharmacy for a check-up and refills. I was happy to see all my friends there! The clinic looks wonderful! It was closed for a few weeks for repairs and it looks new again.

Molly Byers of Big Sandy, Tenn. visited her three brothers and their families last week. They were David and Betty Greer of Cornersville; Jackie and Jean Greer of Myrtle and Lynn and Marvelyn Greer of Oxford. Molly is a school teacher; her husband is William Byers. She is also my friend. I love her.

A special dinner will be held at Potts Camp United Methodist Church on Sunday, July 31 for all the members of the three churches on the Potts Camp Charge — Bethlehem, Cornersville and Potts Camp. This will be a welcoming dinner for our new pastor, Rev. Don Newton and his family. (I’ve enjoyed his visits to my home, and others have also.)

It was wonderful to see Bob and Tula Hollingsworth of Aberdeen on Wednesday; he is my late husband’s younger brother. Also, I was surprised to have Lynn and Marvelyn Greer (Betty’s husband, David’s brother) of Oxford stop to visit with me on Wednesday, also. They brought tomatoes and squash. Last year they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Sylvia (Seymour) Akin visited Mary Jo and Fred Whaley last week. She always surprises us with old pictures that are new to us. I’m anxious to see the one she has in the Heritage News in Aug. We love Sylvia!

Virgie and Lloyd Kelly have been friends to me over the years, especially after the death of my late husband, L.D. I continue to enjoy her phone calls, visits and their vegetables and pecans. Thanks to them for happy trips to Tupelo, Ripley, New Albany and the Memphis area. I love all my friends.

My sister, Ann Hill of the Aberdeen area, and her husband Herman Hill attended church at Greenbriar Methodist Church in Becker. They were looking forward to the pastor of Hickory Flat Methodist Charge, Bro. Brownie Tohill, holding a revival at their church this week. He has been there before, and they really like him. I enjoy Ann’s letters.

Visitors of Evelyn Bready and her sister, Doris Goode, on Sunday were Evelyn’s granddaughters, Pam and David Qualls and daughter Amanda of Saltillo (Pam is my niece); JoAnn Potts and granddaughter Lindsey and her friend of Olive Branch, visited Jo’s mother, Evelyn Bready and her aunt Doris Goode on Monday. (I’m sorry I missed them when they visited me.)

Happy birthday to Emily Stone on July 22. Emily visited her sister, Holley and husband Mike Muraco and son, Jordon in Las Vegas, Nev. for several days last week.

Happy birthday to Betty Maxey on July 27, to Ashley Forester on July 25, to Heather Huff and Billy Sanders Jr. on July 28 and Nikki White on July 29.

The peace of Christ is based on “love.” If people love one another there is no fear of bombs, or flee from fallouts or cower under the threat of war. When love rules everyone is happy. Jesus has set the perfect example for us all.

II. Even when we were yet sinners God loved us.

III. The peace of God comes when we respond to His love. We were all made with a deep hunger for eternal love. Passion, emotions and infatuation all pass away, but the love of God never ends.

IV. O, give us homes built upon the Savior when God is Counselor, Head and guide, where every child is taught His love and favor and gives his heart to Christ, the crucified.

V. Join hands the brothers of the faith
Whatever your race may be
Who serves my Father as a son
Is surely kin to me

VI. Dear Lord, have mercy on us if we have fanned the fire of prejudice you died to put out. Teach us to love each other more.
For Christ’s sake. Amen

Happy birthday to a friend, Bernice M. Beaird of Clearwater, Fla., on July 30; to Mitchell Gurley on July 31, also to Leland Passons on July 31.

I was glad to receive phone calls last week from my two sons, Jimmy L. Hollingsworth of Gulfport and Danny P. Hollingsworth of Starkville. (They are all fine.)

Prayer list: Mary Lois Gurley, Brandon Blackard, Robert Allen, Evelyn Bready, Ricky Clayton, Tilden Ash, Adelle Hudson, Lena Faye Work, Lucille PIerce, Betty Fincher, Jene McCallum, Margaret Waters (my cousin), Ollie Mansel, Roy Foote, Mary Lee Barker, Donna Marett, Juanita Howell, Maxine Potts, Willie Thomas Wicker, Dene Randolph, Ann Feathers, Martha Ross, Mary Jo McCallum, Dorothy Forester, Martha Riley, Lucille Hutchens, Maxine Potts.

God listens to our prayers! Remember to ask Him to help those who are lonely and suffer pain; also for those less fortunate than we are around the world. Never forget our service men and women. They are dying for us and for our country every day.


When Miss Clara Rose, a tall, pretty Potts Camp teacher, arrived by train one night for the first time, she was met by a Potts Camp School trustee, Bernard Jones, and taken to a boarding house.

Later she and Harry Jones (Mr. Jones’ son) fell in love and married. He was a brakesman for the Frisco Railroad, so the couple lived in Amory for about four years. He had grown up in Potts Camp; his granddad, Dr. Vaughn, was the first Potts Camp doctor. Later they came here to live, and he built a business in town on Center St. (a garage and filling station. It lasted over 60 years.) I’ll never forget how special this couple was to our town.

He served as mayor of Potts Camp for many years, and she taught in Potts Camp School a long time. They were members of the Potts Camp Methodist Church and both served on the board; Mrs. Jones taught a children’s Sunday school class there for 50 years; she and Ruth Powell both received pins for 50 years of service. (They taught all of our children.)

People always called for Harry when the lights went out, or the water was turned off. He met every train that stopped at the railroad crossing. When a train stopped, people would say, “Here comes Harry.” He also kept the Potts Camp deep wells in repair.

Harry and Hayes Henderson enjoyed a trip to Meridian every year to attend “Jimmy Rodgers Day.” He made millions of Victrola records.

Miss Rose was a wonderful teacher who took special interest in her students. Many of them had never been on a train, so she planned a train trip for them, from Holly Springs to New Albany. A few of the mothers accompanied them. Other parents picked them up at the New Albany depot and drove them back to the school. I watched from the Potts Camp School where I worked as they passed through town. Danny was in her third grade class that year. The couple had three attractive, talented daughters: Bettye Rose Jones of Memphis, Mary Frances (Jones) Fitts of Dallas, Tx., and Kathryn (Jones) Scarbrough of Houston, Tx. She worked for the airlines.

After Burlington Northern took over the Frisco Railroad, a special train known as “Glaiser Design,” with a dining room, was used for a special trip. Sixty people, including Harry Jones, were invited to take the trips from Memphis to Birmingham. We watched for him to pass through town. He talked about it for months!

When the special train passed through Potts Camp, people said, “There goes Harry!”

Harvy Jones and Hayes Henderson attended the Jimmie Rodgers Day in Meridian every year.

I’ll never forget my special friends, Rose and Harry Jones!

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