Thursday, January 20, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Youth advocate says thanks:
Dear Editor:

It is the responsibility of businesses, elective officials and community people to implement and have available adequate activities, cultural development seminars and/or youth programs for our youth. It is the responsibility of every person who resides in the City of Holly Springs to work together to have in place community spirit conducive to growth.

I consider myself to be an advocate for the youth of Holly Springs. I am concerned and will always be regarding our youth. When I started the 4-H Club it was not only for my son and daughter, but for all the children I could help. God has entrusted me with a talent that I must use wisely and adhere to the Scriptures as a means to not only be a success story but successful.

Billy Autry, an entrepreneur and businessman of Holly Springs and now of Oxford, has implemented new businesses in Holly Springs. When you consider growth of Holly Springs, you’ll notice the different businesses owned and operated by Mr. Autry. I encourage more businesses in Holly Springs to truly get involved in our youth. They are our future and the future of Holly Springs.

Dreamland, Inc. is the sponsor of the Lessye Lee Davis 4-H Club.

Mary Hicks
Holly Springs

Response to letter:
To the editor,

Future retirement, you better plan ahead. Don’t depend on Uncle Sam.

President Bush is performing something that most feel is taboo, Reforming Social Security. We must reform this lackadaisical social program. Even though many Americans today see this as their retirement, the system has not preformed as it was promised. Nor will it work at all in the future, as many will have hoped. May people wish to use this social program as a security blanket. When in fact it does no more than guarantee a hand out, not a hand up to a better way of life.

Many concerned Americans and responsible lawmakers are starting to discuss openly the need for significant reforms in the Social Security retirement program. Their discussions reflect the rising level of concern across the country, especially among younger workers, that Social Security will not be able to provide them with promised benefits when they retire.

This public concern is well grounded; studies and official reports confirm that Social Security cannot be sustained in its current form and, even if its revenue and expenditures were in long-term balance, it is providing poorer and poorer retirement income security for the money contributed by today’s workers.

Nevertheless, it is all too easy to grandstand on the issue of Social Security, obscuring facts and distorting the potential effects of suggested reforms. Therefore, as Social Security reform options are considered over the next few months, here are some key facts to remember:

This debate should be about each American’s personal retirement security. More specifically, Social Security should enable workers to share in the American Dream by making sure that everyone, no matter their income level, can participate fully in economic growth and build a retirement nest egg.

As a retirement income program, Social Security is not only an increasingly poor deal for workers, but many workers, especially African-American males, will actually receive less in retirement income benefits than they have paid in taxes for those benefits.

The Social Security system also is bankrupt. It cannot pay promised benefits to tomorrow’s retirees. But proposals by Democrats to “save” Social Security by reducing benefits (including proposals to raise the retirement age) or by the ole Democrat stand by, raising payroll taxes, will further reduce Social Security’s already low rate of return. The twin crises of low rate of return and bankruptcy cannot both be solved within the context of the current system.

Several countries have enacted Social Security reforms that allow workers to invest some of their Social Security contributions in private savings plans. These efforts are proving to be both popular and successful.

Reformers must make sure that current retirees or workers nearing retirement will not be affected and will not see their benefits change. Moreover, any worker should have the choice to stay in the current system rather than choose the reform option.

With all this said, people do not like change. I suggest that before many start reading, looking at and hearing the Democratic liberal doom and gloom, please know the facts. The president’s plan can and will work better for everyone, not a chosen few. Invest in your future; take control of your future.

Support President Bush

Dave Young
Marshall County
Republican Party

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