Thursday, January 20, 2005

Potts Camp News
By Dale Hollingsworth

Fellowship hall setting for Clayton family gathering

The family of Jack and Linda Clayton of Kentucky came to Potts Camp last week to visit his dad, Joel and Joyce Clayton. They were unable to come Christmas.

On Saturday, the entire family enjoyed dinner together at the fellowship building of the Church of Christ (former Museum). Fifty-five members attended the event. Among others present were Ralph and Kay Clayton and family, Roger and Cathy Clayton and family, and JoAnn and Cary Mayer and family, along with other relatives.

Get well wishes to Alan Taylor, who is ill. He is the son of my friends, Fred and Laverne Taylor. Please pray for him. My friend Diane Clayton is his sister.

Happy birthday to Maxine Potts on Jan. 19, to David Greer Sr., on Jan. 20, Mitch Stone Jr. on Jan. 22, his dad, T.M. Stone on Jan. 24 and to Jimmy Hart on Jan. 26.

The entire family of Fred and Mary Jo Whaley met at their home for dinner on Jan. 9 to honor and celebrate the birthday of their son Brett Whaley. Happy belated birthday Brett!

Henry Tutor spent last week in the VA Hospital in Memphis for tests and treatment. We send get well wishes to him.

Guest of Hazel Cox and her daughter, Wanda and Johnnie Stanton for several days last week was Hazel’s son Earl Jordan Jr. of Plainview, Tx.

The wonderful gift of the love of Christ as our Savior was never intended to be kept to ourselves. People everywhere are hungry for a personal touch with God; could we do something about it? The answer is yes. We should show love, kindness and healing everywhere we go and tell others of God’s blessings.

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:16.

“When the world falls down around you and a prayer will see you through, say an extra prayer for some who may need it more than you.”

Prayer of Renewal: “Free me this day, O Lord, from all the fears of the future, all anxiety about tomorrow, all bitterness toward anyone, all cowardice in face of danger, all laziness in the face of work, all failure before opportunity and weakness when thy power is at hand. But fill me with love that knows no barrier, sympathy that reaches all, courage that cannot be shaken, faith strong enough for the darkness, strength sufficient for my tests, loyalty to thy kingdom’s good, wisdom to meet life’s complexities, and power to lift me to thee. Be thou with me another day, and use me as thy will for Christ’s sake. Amen.”

Pray for people who are suffering throughout the world because of sickness, hunger, disasters, death of loved ones, bad habits, sin and loneliness. Pray for the men who are fighting for us and our leaders.

Prayer list: Mary Jo McCollum, Alan Taylor, Maxine Potts, Martina Ross, Evelyn Hudson, Donna Randolph, Dorothy Forester, Roy Foote, Dene Randolph, Hazel Cox, Willa Floyd, Evelyn Bready, Lucille Hutchens, Doris Goode, Lucille Whiteside, Lillie Mae Ford, Mary Poole, Chester Hutchens, Larry Edwards, Ella Rae Whaley, Louise King, Ruthie St. John, Willie Thomas Wicker, Ollie Mansel, Juanita Howell, Mike Owen, Lena Fay Work, Jessie Pipkin, Jene McCallum, Jean Derryberry.


Many years have passed since the Potts Camp Class of 1936 met for their 50th anniversary at Linda’s Country Kitchen in the Lake Center Area. (It was 1986). Class members attending were Lurline Cook, Willard (Jeff) Overton, Dale P. Hollingsworth, Fred Boren, Eugenia Gray, T.M. Stone, Juanita U. Jones and C.B. Bennett.

Others attending were Effie Boren, Annie R. Stone, C.B. Bennett’s wife and daughter and Lurline Cook’s husband.

Class members not attending were Harl and Carl White (twins), Fielder Forester, Dooby Stone, Russell (Speck) Boren, Mary Elizabeth Collier. T.M. Stone, vice president welcomed the class; Juanita Jones brought the class members a copy of our school paper, “The Windy Waves” (she was editor-in-chief of it). She also brought a copy of her diploma and her class ring; the class colors were red and white. (Annie Ruth Stone and Fred Boren and Effie planned the event.)

After the opening prayer by Fred Boren, a minister, each member stood and told some important things that had happened to them over the years. Veterans who served in World War II were Jeff Overton, who received two purple hearts, and T.M. Stone. The group enjoyed a delicious lunch, then they held hands and sang “God Bless America;” later Fred said the closing prayer. We enjoyed seeing and talking to each other.

The following Sunday several members of the class of 1936 attended services at Potts Camp United Methodist Church. T.M. Stone honored the members of the class by paying for our dinner in New Albany.

Many of the members are deceased. Fielder Forester, deceased, served in World War II. He was captured and went to prison camp for a long time. His family didn’t know if he was dead or alive until the war was over and he came home.

Juanita (deceased) owned and operated Jones Furniture in Holly Springs for many years after her husband’s death. I kept in touch with her for many years until she became very ill and had to be moved away.

The late June Anderson Dixon and the late Bessie E. Bellow Jamison, then Rakestraw, were in our class. They married and did not graduate with us.

Bessie’s first husband Jamison died only a few years later and she married again.

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