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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

David Fuller visits sister in Bruce; Mary Jo McCallum recovers after surgery

Pat Westmoreland, Potts Camp librarian, has been having reading classes for the children in this area this summer. They enjoy it!

Connie Work and her friend, Nancy Greer of El Dorado, Ark., spent last week in St. Louis, Mo. They had a wonderful trip.

We were sorry to hear of the death of Claude Smith, age 85, and we send our love and sympathy to his family.

Please pray for my cousin, Margaret Waters of Plantersville, who fell recently and broke her hip. She has been moved to assisted living in the Tupelo area. Get well wishes to her.

Adelle Hudson is improving after breaking her arm recently. She also has other problems; remember to pray for her.

Thanks to Sank Owen, our cousin from Aberdeen, for his interesting letter; we are thankful that he is feeling much better after a recent illness. He enjoys The South Reporter and passes it on to my sister, Ann. He wrote me about several deaths of our relatives in other states. Sank is a retired school teacher. He taught in Potts Camp, Aberdeen and Amory. He is also a retired veteran; he spent time overseas. Sank is also a Sunday school teacher for adults in Paine Memorial Methodist Church, a country church. L.D. and I attended there when we were young.

David Fuller spent last Friday night visiting his sister, Sandy and family in Bruce.

Mary Jo McCallum had surgery on her other eye last week; now she will be able to buy new glasses; we are glad for her.

Betty and David Greer’s granddaughter, Lilah Ward, who visited us for a month this year from France, is visiting her dad, Luther and Rose Ward and son, and also her other grandmother in San Antonio, Tx. Lilah wrote me (her mamaw) a long letter. She has decided to prepare for and attend college in Texas this fall. Her mother, Liesa Blond of France, is among my special granddaughters. She stayed at our home and made trips with us when she was young.


I. Salvation is the first step in a lifetime journey with our relationship with God! We need to talk with Him, grow in knowledge of Him, and increase our love for Him so that our lives will never become stagnant. God loves us!

II. “Teach me your way, O Lord; I will walk in your truth, unite my heart to fear your name.” Psalm 86:11

III. Are you battling temptations? Keep your eyes on Jesus and He will bring you victory.

IV. In this world today, many times people who are famous or have great wealth and a good job are treated better than the poor and lonely; it’s encouraging to know that every child of God is treated the same by Him. Praise the Lord! “The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.” Psalms 145:18

The desire of every believer who knows Christ as their Savior is expressed in this little song by Mildred Dillon, a missionary:

I wish you knew my Jesus
And loved Him as I do
For if you knew my Jesus
Then you would love Him too
He gave His life at Calvary
The Sacrifice for you
If you’ll receive my Jesus
Then you will love Him, too.

After reading the Bible to people in a remote town in South America in 1942, a man asked Mildred, “Do you know the man in the book?” She told him, “Yes I do.” That’s when she wrote the song.

Happy birthday to Emily Stone on July 22, to Ashley Forester on July 23, to Betty Maxey on July 27, to Heather Huff on July 28, also Billy Sanders Jr. and twins Jon and Jay Rowland on July 28 and Nikki White on July 28.

Prayer list: Ladine Randolph, Martha Ross, Ella Rea Whaley, Evelyn Bready, Ann Feathers, Roy Foote, Ricky Clayton, Mary Lee Barker, Lena Faye Work, Juanita Howell, Donna Marrett, Ollie Mansel, Hazel Cox, Jean Derryberry, Mary Jo McCallum, Terrell Lowery, Tilden Ash, Margaret Waters, Maxine Potts, Lucille Pierce, Willie Thomas Wicker, Betty Fincher, J.J. Pruitt, Larry Edwards, Adelle Hudson, Jessie Pipkin, Lucille Hutchens, James Churchill, Diane Clayton, Fred and Lavern Taylor, Alan Griffen.

The first Potts Camp School was located on Church Street near the Potts Camp Methodist Church. In 1913-14, the church was a frame, white building with a high steeple and stained glass windows. My granddad, J.A. Potts, built it in 1904, after the first church burned.

The catalogue for the school that year was interesting; Prof. B.L. Buford had been elected for another year for principal; Miss Pearl Boatner was one of the main teachers, also to be elected; also Miss Jessie Smith was primary teacher and Miss Faye Vaughan was the music teacher. I noticed they had writing classes for every group.

Board of trustees was Dr. F.P. Boatner, Will Potter, and Lee W. Brown.

The town board at that time was J.A. Potts, mayor; A.Q. Greer, treasurer; board members, Lester Greer, Dr. Boatner, J.R. Taylor, M.F. Brownlee, also B.G. Jones and G.F. Boren.

Pictures of the houses in Potts Camp included the lovely home of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Young. Later it became the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Oakley (Warrine) and daughter Mary Louise. Warrine was the granddaughter of Mary Potts Reid, who died in 1908; also her son, Cornelius, died that year. The house was burned.

The two-story home of B.G. Jones (later the George Boren home) was pictured, and also Dr. Boatner’s home, now the home of Floy Ash. I recognized many of the 135 students that year. The Greers, Wright and Robert Greer, the Gurleys, Stones, Cooks, Borens (Wilfred Boren, one of my Sunday school teachers; also his mother, Lizzie Boren), Cox Family (Mrs. Addie Cox, Hollida was my guardian angel.)

B.G. and Harry Jones were also listed, also Mary Lester Brown (Cox), my friend. Berniece McLeroy Beaird of Florida, one of my special friends’ dad was listed.

The ads were among the most interesting thing in the catalogue:

1. Bank of Potts Camp: A.Q. Greer, president; B.A. Edwards, vice-president; Clifton Jones, cashier.

2. The “South” Print — F.C. Mattison Prop. Holly Springs.

3. “Potts House” meals 25, room 25 Built in 1910 by my granddad, J.A. Potts.

4. W.H. Eason, MD, office over Brownlee Store (Mother’s doctor when I was born.)

5. R.T. Beller — Restaurant (Potts Camp) Hot and cold lunches, oysters in season.

6. Reid’s Hotel — Across the railroad tracks from Depot. (Mrs. A.C. Jamison bought the old hotel for her family home, it burned years later.)

7. B.A. Edwards and Son — Dry goods and groceries (two buildings) also furniture.

8. J.N. Morton — Horseshoeing, repair and wood work.

9. O.B. Williams (I remember him and his wife and son) Potts Camp Livery and Feed Stables (We didn’t have cars then; very few)

10. Brown Barber Shop — Owner, Goode Brown. Clothes cleaned and pressed.

11. D.L. Franklin (I remember Mr. and Mrs. Franklin. She saved a boy’s life. A light wire fell on him.) If you want your horse shoed correctly, and first class wood work, come to D.L. Franklin

12. J.W. Vaughan and Co. Drug Store — Pure drugs, patent drugs, perfume, stationery, and drinks and the fountain.

13. J.R. Taylor General Merchandise — Cotton and seed buyers. Potts Camp. (Mr. Taylor was our Methodist Church Sunday school superintendent when I was a child. Their daughter married Dr. Grant and they moved to Holly Springs.)

14. F.P. Boatner, MD office over Brownlee Store. (He spent most of his time in his horse and buggy on the country roads helping sick people. He served as State Senator two times in the ’20s; he saved my dad’s life. We loved Dr. Boatner.)

15. M.F. Brownlee — Drugs and Druggist Sundries, Dry Goods (school books and tablets).

16. Greer & Greer — General Merchandiser 25 years in business. Cotton and cotton seed buyers. Proprietors of Eagle Springs near Potts Camp. (Later the Greer & Greer store was used as a sewing room then became the Dixie Theater. Mr. Laws’ two-story brick building was purchased by “Greer & Greer.”

17. I.C. Levy Holly Springs If you are particular about what you wear and if you want to be dressed in the newest and latest, you will surely find it at I.C. Levy.

18. Dr. Wynne — When your teeth need fillings, crowns and bridges, go to Dr. Wynne.

Thanks to Don Randolph for sending me the Potts Camp School Catalogue 1913-14.

Snow Lake News
Sue Shears

Community Center available for parties, etc.

Hello Snow Lakers: I hope you had a good week. It has been so hot I have stayed in the house, but my husband has been planting the 56 azaleas we bought on Memorial weekend.

Things around here have been pretty quiet lately. I haven’t heard of anyone who is sick or in the hospital. I hope someone will call and let me know each week. If you know of anyone sick or needing help please call Sue Wooley Graves, 224-3264. If you know of someone I have missed, please call me at 224-3913.

I missed breakfast at the Community Center, and also the Corporation Meeting Saturday morning - my alarm won’t sound until 10 a.m. - but I heard the attendance was down; especially at the Corp. meeting with only three persons attending. I plan to do better and attend more often.

Won’t you consider supporting the breakfast and meeting? I would like to mention that we have a dedicated bunch of ladies who fix breakfast and do a fine job. Thanks.

The Bluegrass Festival Committee had their last 2005 meeting last Thursday, and made plans for 2006. The festival was a success with the four entities sharing equally in the proceeds. We will have the festival on Saturday, July 1, 2006. We will have all the music, fun things, food we had this year, and more; and we will have fireworks! We apologize for not having the fireworks this year but miscommunication took its toll. Our next meeting will be July 28, 6:30 at the community center. Join us if you can, we need you!

The Community Center is having a garage sale on October 8, so start saving your discards. All the proceeds will go to making improvements on the building and grounds. For contributions, call Emily Koen, 224-8707, or Joan Martinez, 224-8032.

We were driving around the lake lately and noticed there were lots of drink cans and paper along the road. Won’t you take time to pick up along the road in front of your house, and maybe the one on each side of you? I know this is a public road and we can’t control others actions, and I know Snow Lakers would never throw out a can or paper. Thank you.

Coming Events:
Saturday, July 23 - 6:30 Potluck

Monday, Aug. 1 - 7 p.m., Town Meeting

Remember, guests are always welcome to come to any of our events.

Also, remember, the Community Center is available for rental to Snow Lake residents for a party, etc; just contact Emily Koen, 224-8707.

Our Quote. From the booklet “Gentle Thoughts.” “The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves, or rather loved in spite of ourselves,” by Victor Hugo.

Have a good week, and hope to see you next week.

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