Thursday, July 14, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

How hot is it?

It’s hot in Texas! And I may not complain about humidity again for a while either. It’s hard to decide if really dry, really hot heat is worse than humid hot heat.

I love Texas though. The nine and one-half hour drive to my niece’s house in Whitehouse was not a lot of fun though. My darling granddaughters fussed and squabbled the entire way.

The instant we got there — after 15 hours locked in the car — they instantly became little angels again. In fact, they vanished. We only saw them again as they dashed in from the swimming pool to grab something to eat before heading back out the back door again.

My oldest brother followed me down, as he had to leave earlier than I did — I don’t think the 24 hour drive bothered him as much as it did me though. He appeared quite calm and collected when we finally arrived in Whitehouse.

We’d carried our miniature Schnauzer Mr. Bean with us and he was a perfect gentlemen the entire trip. He was wonderful on the 35 hour drive down, he was perfect while visiting (he did stray a couple times, but a tie-out cable solved that problem).

He’d always “go potty” when we stopped and never once on the 42 hour trip did he fuss or fight and even bite anyone. I, on the other hand, tried to bite every one of the 29 little children in the car.

We enjoyed church at my nephew-in-law’s new church, Rose City Baptist Church, on Sunday and a hot dog 4th of July supper that evening. Hot dogs and the 4th of July just seem to “go” together, don’t they?

Tuesday, my niece, her nine-year-old daughter, my two granddaughters and I enjoyed a trip to the most fantastic quilting store I’ve ever imagined in my life!

“Stitchin’ Heaven” has just opened in Tyler (which is almost connected to Whitehouse) and I was in fabric heaven. There was such a huge variety of “stuff” that I couldn’t decide what to buy, so actually, I hardly bought anything. It was enough just to walk around and drool on the fabrics.

And of course there’s wonderful Mexican food in Texas. My youngest granddaughter fell in love with a new (to her) taste treat. They were making homemade flour tortillas just as fast as they could at the Mexican restaurant we ate at Tuesday. Served steaming hot, when you drizzle them with melted butter and honey, roll them up and eat them as the juicy stuff dribbles down your shirt — well, the Gremlin ate six of them!

Friday, my niece and her family and I and my granddaughters packed up and headed towards Dallas for a wedding.

More on that adventure next week!

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