Thursday, July 7, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Battleground or sewing room?

Ah, the joys of family togetherness...might lead to murder and mayhem at my house!

My daughter has paid enough attention to what her daughter and I are doing with quilts that now she wants to get in on the act.

She’s had this fabulous Chinese cotton fabric for a while and just couldn’t bear to cut it up for a quilt. Finally, she’s decided to go for it!

For about a week, my daughter, my oldest granddaughter (sometimes my youngest granddaughter) and I have been huddled together in my sewing room, each working on different projects. To be fair, my youngest granddaughter isn’t really working on anything — she just wants to “help”.

I have about three or four projects at the moment (on the front burner anyway — don’t ask about the back burner!). The most urgent was the wedding dress that had to be finished before I left for Texas Saturday. (Yes, it’s done and waiting for the Saturday wedding!)

Then I have what I love the most — my Dear Hannah quilt. It’s very small four-inch blocks that are either pieced or appliqued (no two blocks are the same) and, in my personal opinion, it’s just the most beautiful quilt! That’s what I want to be working on all the time.

Then I have miscellaneous odd and end summer clothing things for me and the granddaughters — they might get made by next summer at the rate I’m going!

My daughter has decided to quilt her own Chinese fabric. Needless to say, as a non-sewer, she requires quite a bit of supervision (and eye-rolling)! She’s going a great job — however she doesn’t want to sew on the $10 sewing machine I got on eBay for my granddaughter. She wants to sew on my Pfaff.

The Binkster is working on her “sun” quilt again. We had a slight mishap with the iron and a badly burned finger kept her from sewing for a bit, but not from whining!

After a couple hours (which seemed like years) of all four of us in my sewing room one night last week, with two sewing machines going, the $10 sewing machine decided it had done enough and quit! It wasn’t doing great to begin with, but at least it was doing.

Now, the three of us (with Gremlin “helping”) are all trying to use my Pfaff.

I think it’s time that the Binkster had her own “good” sewing machine. Maybe not a Pfaff, but a decent one.

Then she, her mother and I can still fight over who gets to use my Pfaff.

Why do I feel like I’m going to lose this battle also?

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