Thursday, July 7, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Troop Support:
Dear Editor,

On behalf of soldiers of “A” Troop 98th Cavalry, Holly Springs unit and their families left behind, we would like to express our gratitude for your ongoing interest and coverage of our loved ones deployed in Iraq. We greatly appreciate your honoring our soldiers in your paper by keeping the Marshall County area aware of their happenings and the events that are held in their honor. Again we thank you for your faithfulness and patriotism.

Family Support Group
A Troop 98th Cavalry
Holly Springs

Fly the flag:
Dear Editor,

I travel around our great state rather frequently. I have seen many things during these travels some good and some not so good. There is one thing that has made me really ponder about Mississippi and the people that call this home.

September 12, 2001 you had a real difficult time purchasing an American flag. Everyone wanted one, all the stores were sold out. Even on the Internet, no one had any to sell. Almost every home and business was flying our flag. Americans were standing together as one. Our pride in this country was untouchable.

So I ask, “Where have all the flags gone?” Only four short years later, where has the pride in God and country gone? Why do we not have our flag flying high? What has changed? Are we not all Americans first? Have we forgotten about this great country? Have we forgotten what happened on 9/11? Have we forgotten about our troops serving so proudly overseas?

I am a veteran and I have talked to many veterans. Many wonder the same thing. Many of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines serving now wonder also. These patriots come home on leave and don’t see “Old Glory” flying. They read the negative articles in our newspapers about their service overseas. They hear their actions, as described by U.S. Senator Durbin, as being “like Nazis” and even worse. They hear about their fellow service members standing trial in courtrooms for doing what they are trained to do. What is wrong with this picture that is being painted?

We as Americans need to re-light our fire for freedom. We need to show our pride again. We need to stand up for what is right and just. We need to support our troops here and abroad. Some service members have given all. We must let their families know that this sacrifice was not given in vain.

I ask each person that reads this to go get a new flag and place it where it can be seen. Be proud to be an American, and let others know that you are proud. I ask you to never forget where all the freedoms we all cherish so much came from. We all have a role to play, some serve in uniform. Others serve on the home front. We all must serve our God and country everyday. May God bless our troops, our country and those who gave all.

Dave Young
Marshall County Republican Club

Teen Challenge:
Dear Editor,

This letter is being written with concern about the Teen Challenge Hearing on May 18 at City Hall Holly Springs, MS. I was in that meeting. I feel Teen Challenge should have the right to move into this nursing home building without any opposition because it is debt free.

This property worth 1.1 million dollars was donated by the owners of Trinity Mission. That’s a lot of money and would not have been donated, if there was any doubt that it wouldn’t be used for good purposes.

But while the executive director, Steve Burse, and the whole teen challenge staff is waiting for you to decide, they are turning away 25 women a week. These girls, some of them suicidal, have finally come to the conclusion that they need help. What happens when they can’t get in for treatment? Some of them go back on the drugs and they may die. Don’t you know that they are at their wits end? Some may be living in the streets, because their families gave up on them and can’t live with their problems anymore. But life goes on for those of us who stand by and watch it happen.

This drug problem is no respecter of persons; it hits the wealthy and the poor. It is everywhere and most of the crimes that are committed are by people who are on drugs. It really touches all of us; we all have someone in the family who is bound by this terrible bondage. I think we should be glad someone has a place and a facility that will house and help these very troubled young people, so that they can have a life apart from this terrible substance abuse.

These girls need someone 24 hours a day to work with them and pray with them. Show them they can have hope in the Lord Jesus Christ; He will give them a plan and purpose for their lives. I agree with the man at the hearing who spoke up and said, “how can you put a dollar amount on a human’s life?” These girls’ lives are being rescued from the destruction of drugs and alcohol. They are given a second change in life.

Literally it’s whole families that are being saved. Most of them have children who have beenneglected, affected by their drugs. What if it was your daughter, sister, niece or sister-in-law? It takes special people to do the job that the Burses have undertaken; it takes a patient, loving, caring environment to face each new day, while they get stronger and stronger. I know two girls who need to be in the program right now, that Teen Challenge doesn’t have room for. I am also a contributor to Teen Challenge. Please support this and give permission to get the center opened up, as soon as you can and save these lives from destruction.

JoAnn Austill

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