Thursday, June 23, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

A wedding?
In two weeks?

My granddaughters and I are going to Tyler, Tx. in a few weeks to visit two of my nieces. The niece that has lived in Jonesboro and Hope, Ark. has now moved to Tyler (her husband is a Baptist minister). My oldest niece lives in Gunter, Tx., which I understand is about two hours from Tyler. She’s recently moved back to Texas after living in Heber Springs for a while.

My granddaughters are wildly excited about this trip. There are tons of “cousins” to visit and they just can’t wait. Gremlin is already packing and repacking her backpack with toys. It’s a tough job deciding which “pals” are going and which ones have to stay home with Pop and Uncle Kris!

I’ve been planning on taking my sewing machine — my nieces have packed all my late sister’s clothes away and I’m going to cut them up and make six quilts out of them. Not all in that one week, of course.

Now, it also appears we’re going to be planning/attending a wedding while we’re there.

My sister and her husband reared their oldest grandson and now, not long after my sister passed away, Vince and his long-time girlfriend Amelia have decided to get married. At my niece’s house. While we’re in Texas. In two weeks.

I’ve been on the phone with my two oldest nieces almost non-stop for the past couple days — we’re planning on every one of the little girls being in the wedding — which is going to require coordinating attire.

We also are trying to convince Amelia that she does need a beautiful dress and that I can whip one up in a week or so. Without fitting it to her or anything. She’s not real sure about that, but my nieces and I are confident.

Sure, a lot of weddings take months of preparation and wedding gowns take forever to custom make — but a lot of weddings can be planned in a few days and a dress whipped up in no time. All it takes is one bossy niece, one that follows directions well and an aunt with an overabundance of confidence.

A wedding so soon after my sister’s funeral could turn out to be a somber affair, but we’re going to try very hard not to let that happen. My sister loved Amelia and I’m sure that she will be beaming down on the occasion.

After all, with two of her daughters planning it and me “assisting” long-distance, it’s fairly certain that after years of instruction, we’re going to do what she would have wanted anyway.

So now, instead of just planning a visit to Texas to look at old pictures and work on quilts, I’m making a wedding dress and deciding which of my granddaughters’ dresses will coordinate best with all my nieces’ little girls’ dresses.

I’m just hoping I don’t volunteer to make all of them matching dresses!

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