Thursday, June 16, 2005


Fielder’s Choice
By Barry Burleson

MPA’s people

(Note: This week I pass the gavel to the next president of the Mississippi Press Association. Here is a final column I wrote for MPA’s publication, The Fourth Estate.)

The Mississippi Press Association is about the people, the relationships.

That was the case 19 years ago when I first moved to Mississippi and became involved in MPA. It still holds true today.

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Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

“Moving” in more than one way

If you’re Methodist, you’re familiar with “moving Tuesday.” My pastor of four years, Todd Lemmon, was among those who was packing up and moving onward this week.

Todd’s wife Diane is also a pastor; she served a charge near Pope. She graduated from seminary this year and was promoted to a bigger church in Louisville (Miss., not Kentucky). Todd won’t graduate for another year or so, but since he likes to live with his family, he’s moving to a church in Louisville also.

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The Preacher’s Corner
By Rev. Dr. Milton Winter

Happy with minimum of material provisions

Practiced preachers are justifiably reserved about using their children, or in my case, pets, for illustrative material. This is especially true for me since my dogs recently mounted a full-scale attack when one of my finest church ladies called at my back door.

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Letters to the Editor

Milan thank you:
Dear Editor,

To begin this thank you letter, an apology is not what I want to do; it is what I will have to due. Due to one trip to the emergency room and two hospital stays I have been unable to get this letter written.

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