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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Breadys celebrate 50th

Vacation Bible School is being held this week at First Baptist Church of Potts Camp from 6 to 9 p.m. A carnival will be held on the last night.

Jene and Ruth Ann Moore of Memphis stopped recently for a visit with her uncle, Joel and Joyce Clayton. Ruth Ann was the daughter of Joel’s late sister, Billie and Frank Clayton. The couple had attended the Bready reunion on Sunday.

Congratulations to Karen Wright and Adam Rushing, who were married June 18 at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church.

She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wright of Dennis. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Rushing of Potts Camp.

Congratulations to Tommy and Shirley Bready on their 50th wedding anniversary! Relatives traveled to Covington, Tenn. on Sunday, June 5 to attend the event. The couple grew up in Potts Camp and Hickory Flat; they were married in Hickory Flat United Methodist Church by my brother, the late Rev. Charles (Lindy) Potts. That was Lindy’s first church and also his first wedding to perform. (Tommy was Lindy’s brother-in-law.)

Attending the celebration were his sister, Jo Ann Potts of Olive Branch; Alan and Carol Potts and children of Tupelo; Dean and Beth Potts and family of Hernando, and Pam and David Qualls and Amanda of Saltillo. Also, Shirley’s mother, Lucille Kimmery and son, Jimmy Kimmery and wife Lurline all of Ashland, Shirley’s sister, Joy Lynn Young and husband Lanier, and Peggy Mitchell and husband, Terry, and June Goode of New Albany and his mother, Doris Goode of Hickory Flat. We are sorry that Tommy Bready’s mother, Evelyn Bready, was unable to attend the anniversary. I’ve always loved this family!


I. America needs the healing power of God’s love! We are thankful for the many wonderful preachers and Christian people who are faithful to God; we should pray for more of them, and also for peace.

II. Chronicles 7:14 says: If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land. God’s way is always the best way!

III. You are the candle of God’s love. Let your love light shine in the darkness of the world, so that others may know His love.

IV. Whenever I feel that Christ is near
All cares and sorrows flee
He is my strength, my hope, my love
He’s all the world to me.

V. God has no voice, but our voice, and no hands except our hands. He can use us to speak an uplifting word to people, and He can use our hands to reach out and help them in need.

We are human beings with problems and faults, but God has still chosen to work through us. Praise the Lord!

Get well wishes to Lena Faye Work who visited her doctor in Holly Springs on Monday. Her daughter-in-law, Connie Work, drove her there.

Joey and Leslie Lewis and his mother, Dorothy Lewis attended a barbecue supper at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Saturday night.

Friends, Patricia Westmoreland and Linda Roe visited me on Tuesday night; they are members of First Baptist Church of Potts Camp. I appreciate their visit, and also their prayers for me.

Happy birthday to Steve Gurley on June 18, to 2-year-old Ethan Humphreys, son of Colette and Jeremy Humphreys, on June 22, and to my sister-in-law, Catherine Share on June 22, also to my great-granddaughter, Lilah Ward, on June 24; she is in San Antonio, Tx. with her dad.

Happy wedding anniversary to Jimmy and Martha Hollingsworth on June 24, also to Floyd and Elinor Edwards on June 24 for their wedding anniversary. Happy birthday to Juanita Howell on June 26 (I had her birthday wrong last week; sorry.) Happy birthday to Maxine Thomas on June 19.

Reports from the Potts Camp reunion were great; I’m glad they had such a good attendance. I’m sorry I was unable to attend.

Sherry (Gurley) Lothridge of Plano, Tx., flew home last weekend to attend the funeral of her special friend, Donna Ruth Watts. Sherry is the daughter of Mattie Gurley.

Congratulations to the winners of the recent Potts Camp election!

Guests of Henry and Mary Jarrett on Wednesday were Mr. and Mrs. Gary Tayler, Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Lingerfelter and Nathen of Plano, Tx., and Jennifer, Abby and Will Coker of New Albany.

Special prayers are for Floy Ash and J.M. Flick Ash and other family members and relatives in the recent death of Donna Ruth Watts, especially her two sons.

Prayer list: J.J. Pruitt, Tilden Ash, Adelle Hudson, Lucille Hutchens, Mary Jo McCallum, Jean Derryberry, Maxine Potts, Dorothy Forester, Donna Marett, Lena Faye Work, Willie Thomas Wicker, Ollie Mansel, Roy Foote, Ann Feathers, Betty Fincher, Dene Randolph.


The little boy who lived next door when I was a child was Hayes Henderson. I would meet him at the fence and laugh at his funny jokes. We missed him when they moved away. In the ’30s Hayes came back to Potts Camp and attended school while living with his aunts, Misses Susie and Nettie Henderson. His dad, George Henderson, lived with his sisters until his death.

All through school, Hayes told jokes and made people laugh.

Classmates of the class of 1935 were Hayes Henderson, Ruth Watson, Harvey J. Gurley, Pattie Farr, Rhetta Mae Alvis, Mildred Morgan, Wyatt Kidd, Ralph Greer and Willie V. Evans.

Haggs County School was the first school where Miss Susie taught, along with the help of her sister, Miss Nettie. They were my dad, Benton Potts’, first teachers; others in the Potts family attended there also. The school hauled water from my grandparents’ well in the yard until they moved to town. Grandpa built the two story Potts house on Front Street in 1910; they boarded salesmen who rode the train.

Miss Susie was a wonderful teacher; she taught every member of our family. She made every subject interesting!

Miss Susie taught over 50 years in Marshall County schools; she had attended Blue Mountain College and took courses from Ole Miss. In 1956 the Lions Club honored Miss Susie and Helen Laws for their outstanding and loyal service to the community in the field of education.

In 1958 “Miss Susie Day” was held at the school; over 500 people attended.

While Hayes was staying with his aunts he decided to write a letter to his girlfriends (he was in Arkansas visiting his cousin, Mary Ann). One of them was my classmate, Rosalie James, daughter of our pastor in the ’30s, Rev. Lester James; the other one lived in Holly Springs. When he returned home, he rushed to the parsonage to see Rosalie. She saw him coming so Rosalie and sister Geneva went inside and slammed the door. The girl in Holly Springs also gave him the cold shoulder. He asked “What is the matter with you?” She said, “My name is not Rosalie.” He had put the letters in the wrong envelope.

Hayes married and helped rear three children.

After World War II, he came back to Marshall County and bought the Hitching Post. Misses Sue and Nettie were getting older, so he finally moved into the house with them. He brought them food and drove them to the doctor. (He finally sold the Hitching Post.) After his aunts died they left their home to Hayes. He became a Potts Camp Methodist Church member and was very active.

He helped care for other relatives, Rose and Harvey Jones; he drove them everywhere they needed to go, including out to eat at New Albany on Sunday, along with others in the Sunday school class. Hayes was working as bailiff at Marshall County Courthouse when he became ill and fell on the steps. He died the next day.

I’ll never forget Hayes and his Aunt Susie Henderson.

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