Thursday, June 9, 2005

Snow Lake News
Sue Shears

Committee volunteers needed

Hello Snow Lakers: I hope you had a good week. We had a great week. I forgot to tell you last week that while traveling home from Florida we saw a large sign “Azaleas - 25 each” and we just happened to be in the truck so we filled the bed. We bought fifty-six small ones and four tree type azaleas. We will be planting until fall. We are having trouble finding a good place for them.

Donald Croll, husband of Billie Croll, who has a winter house at Snow Lake and a summer house in Michigan, had a heart attack, and is back in the hospital, with the hope of going home soon. T. J. Grissom’s mother is back in the hospital. Margaret Morton’s nephew died recently. He lived in Tupelo. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. If you know of anyone who is sick or needs help please call Sue Wooley Graves, 224-3264. If you know of someone I have missed, please call me at 224-3913.

The Bluegrass Committee is meeting on a regular basis, planning our celebration on June 25. We have four bluegrass bands - Southern Strangers, Heartland Band, Hatchie Bottom Boys, Turkey Creek, and Little Country. Kay Bain from Tupelo will also be here. More details will follow. However, if you are a crafter and want to reserve a booth, please call me at 662-224-3913, or Laurie Pierpont, 224-0065. We will have members of the committee contacting persons and businesses for advertisements. I am getting good results soliciting volunteers to work the concessions, community center’s barbecue meals, greeters, boat parade and boat rides, parking, and etc., but I need more. In fact, I found a few at the Corporation meeting last Saturday. As I said before, you can’t hide - I will find you. Start thinking about entering the boat parade; you can enter even if you prefer not to decorate. We need more participants - some people aren’t able to come to the festival, but they enjoy seeing lots of boats on the lake.

In fact, this is a good time to mention that as time goes by, we see a smaller number of boats on the lake. As well as I can remember, there are well over 300 boats on the lake - fishing, paddle, sail and pontoons. Why don’t we try to get out at least once each week-end? I am one of the worst - I find all kind of excuses to work in the yard instead of riding the boat. But, I am going to change that.

There are a lot of things going on around Snow Lake. We need volunteers for several committees. Won’t you call us at 224-3050? We are trying to form a Neighborhood Watch Program and we need volunteers. We are looking for persons to check on the neighbors around them via phone or stopping by. They will be called ‘Block Captains.’ The next meeting will be announced later.

Remember: put your ‘911’ numbers on your house! Put your lot numbers on your boats and gas cans! Boat season is here!

Again I want to mention the garbage. I don’t think we will ever be able to control all the dogs and animals, so to keep your place cleaner, please use only cans to store garbage until pick-up day.

The Community Center is having a garage sale on October 1, so start saving your discards. All the proceeds will go to making improvements on the building and grounds. For contributions, call Emily Koen, 224-8707, or Joan Martinez, 224-8032.

Coming Events:
Monday, June 13 - 6:30 p.m. Snow Lake Ladies Auxiliary meeting.

Saturday, June 18 - 7-9 a.m. - Breakfast followed by corporation board meeting at 9 a.m.

Saturday, June 25 - 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Bluegrass Festival - bring your family down for lunch or dinner and entertainment. Watch local papers for advertisements.

Remember, guests are always welcome to come to any of our events.

Also, remember, the Community Center is available for rental to Snow Lake residents for a party, etc; just contact Emily Koen 224-8707.

We have several new residents on the lake that we have not met. I would like to invite them to come to the potluck on the fourth Saturday night at 6:30 p.m. You do not need to bring anything but yourself.

Our Quote. From the booklet “Gentle Thoughts.” “You have to believe in happiness, or happiness never comes...oh, that’s the reason a bird can sing, on his darkest day he belives in spring.”

Have a good week, and hope to see you next week.

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