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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Colonel Earl McCallum Jr. and wife visit in Potts Camp

Lynn and Martha and children joined other families, Jeff and Teresa Byrd and children, and Fletcher and Teresa Akin and son Pate, on a trip to the Smoky Mountains for several days, and also to Nashville, Tenn., for a few days. They really had a great time!

Connie Work and her mother, Betty Fincher, spent several days recently enjoying a trip to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

Thanks to Kent and Amanda Smith for the picture they sent me of their darling baby boy, Jackson Whaley Smith. (Amanda is the daughter of Rodney and Betty Whaley.)

Congratulations to Megan Moorman and Anthony Stanton, who were married June 4 at Myrtle Methodist Church. She is the daughter of Kimmery and Mary Jane Dobbs of Myrtle and Ricky and Stephanie Moorman of Etta. Andy Stanton is the son of Danny and Gale Stanton of Potts Camp, and the grandson of Etoyle and the late Ike Ash Jr. of Potts Camp and Verla Mae and Frank Stanton of Hickory Flat (all friends).

Mary Jo McCallum’s son, Colonel Earl McCallum Jr., and wife, Clada visited his mother several days last week. He is stationed in Denver, Colo.

Congratulations to Dr. Kenneth Williams, a Marshall County doctor, who was honored with the state’s small business of the year award; he also saved the hospital. We are all proud of him!

We were saddened by the tragic death of Donna Watts, daughter of Floy and Flick Ash. We extend our deepest sympathy and love to the family. We love all of them.


I. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world, whosoever follows me will have the light of life, and will never walk in darkness.” John 8:12

II. When love is in your heart, in your mind and in your voice, it shows in your eyes. God is love!

III. When we are touched by the Master’s hand, our lives are never the same, very much like the old violin.

IV. God did not promise days without pain,
laughter without sorrow or sun without rain
But God did promise strength for the day,
Comfort for the tears
And a light for the way.
And all who believe in his Kingdom above
He answers their faith with everlasting love.
—From Lindy’s Newsletter

V. The reason Jesus stretched out his arms on the cross was so He could reach around people like you and me.

VI. Prayer — Lord, help us to love and help people more, regardless of who they are or what they have done. For Christ’s sake. Amen.

The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Clayton, Tonya Brown, has returned home from Oxford Hospital, where she was hospitalized a few days, after having a wreck; she was on her way to work. She spent some of the time in the Intensive Care Unit. Pray for her complete recovery. We love you Tonya!

Happy birthday to Mary Jo Whaley on June 11; she is a special friend. Happy birthday to Robin McNeill on June 14, also to Carrie Jewell Taylor’s son, Dominic Neil Taylor, on June 14, to a dear friend Thomas of Myrtle on June 19, also to Mark Murphy on June 15.

Get well wishes to Sonny (James) Churchill of Holly Springs, who is suffering from a back injury; he grew up in Potts Camp). I enjoyed talking to Sonny and wife Ann on the phone recently. Say a prayer for his recovery. His mother, the late Ada Pearl (Dawson) Churchill, was a special friend.

We were sorry to hear that J.J. Pruitt is on the sick list again and is hospitalized. He has been sent from Tupelo to Memphis. We ask for special prayers for him and his family. He is the son of Louise Pruitt.

Congratulations to Lori Lynn Whaley, youngest daughter of Rodney and Betty Whaley, who was listed on the Chancellor’s Honor Roll at University of Mississippi.

Congratulations to Jennifer Morris McMinn, who received her Master’s degree in the science of nursing from the University of Mississippi. She graduated with honors as a member of Sigma Theta Tau, and has recently opened Health First Family Medical Clinic in Byhalia.

Congratulations to Don Randolph, Marshall County superintendent of education, who was among the six new inductees who were honored at the annual Northwest Mississippi Community College Sports Hall of Fame. Don’s mother, Alene Randolph, and all his family attended the event. Don and his wife, Ladine, are members of Potts Camp Methodist Church; they both attended Potts Camp School.

Prayer list: Willie Thomas Wicker, Lucille Hutchens, Doris Goode, Mary Lois Gurley, Lucille Pierce, Adelle Hudson, Tilden Ash, Ann Feathers, Diane Clayton, Fred Taylor, Ladine Randolph, Sonny Churchill, Lena Faye Work, Jessie Pipkin, Juanita Howell, Hazel Cox, Ollie Mansel, Dorothy Forester, Maxine Potts, Roy Foote, Hazel Foote, Martha and Rex Ross, Doyle and Kathryn Cooper, Donna Marett, Evelyn Bready, Terrell Lowery, Sank Owen, Larry Edwards, Jean Derryberry, Betty Fincher, Mary Jo McCallum, Ella Rhea Whaley and Sue.


One of the oldest houses in town was demolished recently! Mr. William Potts lived there many years, and had a garage nearby until he retired and moved to Waterford. The old house is located on Front St., between the two-story “Potts House” that my grandfather built in 1910, and the old Taylor house.

When I was a young child, Aunt Betty Floyd, Grandpa’s sister, lived there with her daughter, Betty Doyle Smith, who died young. Aunt Betty and Aunt Ida Floyd were sisters. I remember how they would always hug and kiss me when I was at my grandparents’ home. My mother was a doctor’s daughter; she warned me about letting people kiss me. When Betty Doyle died with TB, it was a wake-up call for me. (Aunt Betty was Fred Whaley’s grandmother. She was a dear, loving great aunt.

Later the Gooch Hunter family lived in the house; he was a railroad man. Joe and Mary Stone also lived there at one time. When Mary Stone’s mother, Mrs. Jamison’s two-story house across the railroad tracks burned, she moved into the old house with her son, George Jamison and family. The house that burned was once Reid’s Hotel.

My grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Alexander Potts, really enjoyed having Mrs. Jamison as a neighbor; she was always jolly. One day when Grandpa was working in his store, my grandmother and Mrs. Jamison decided that Grandpa’s cow was sick. About that time my younger brother, Bennie Potts, came along and told them that a toddy might help her. Well, they gave her too much, and the cow got drunk. (I’ve never seen a drunk cow. Back then you couldn’t buy milk at the stores.) The cow got well!

Allen Reed Gresham, a ball player at Potts Camp School, lived in the old house at one time (about 1935 and ’36). Many people who lived there worked for the Frisco Railroad. I also remember when Ada Pearl and W.D. Churchill lived there. Their children are Sonny, James and Charlotte. I also loved Ada Pearl Churchill’s sister, Nanny Churchill, our neighbor. Sometimes we see Mr. William Potts in Potts Camp Cemetery visiting the gravesite of his precious teenage son, Charles Potts, who died in a car accident many years ago (same name as my late brother).

My family lived in Aberdeen for several years, so others that I didn’t know about could have lived in the old house.

A.C. Jamison and his wife, Ruth, lived in the old Taylor house next door. Ruth had a beauty shop. I remember when Margaret (Alvis) Seymour and I decided to get our first perm in 1938. She hooked you up to a machine and turned on the electricity. It was awful! I never got another one like that.

P.S. In last week’s Memories, I failed to mention that Mrs. Simmons’ daughter Jean Simmons is married to James Edward Nichols; they live at Oxford. They both taught in the college there. He was Potts Camp’s coach one time.

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