Thursday, June 2, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Jax has made it home!

I received a very happy email last Friday. Nilmini, the owner of Jax, the missing Jack Russell terrier, was happy to let me know that Jax was home and relatively unharmed.

For those who didn’t read the letter to the editor last week, Nilmini Viswaprakash, sent an emotional appeal for the return of their beloved family pet Jax. Jax had been in the car with Nilmini’s brother when they were involved in an accident on Hwy 78. Jax was apparently frightened by the accident and ran off into the woods.

I can relate very well to Nilmini and his family’s plight -- we have a miniature Schnauzer, Mr. Bean, who is the center of our granddaughter’s universe, just about. Mr. Bean doesn’t walk many places, as the Binkster carries him nearly everywhere. He’s always in her lap or the Gremlin’s (if not Pop’s). As with most little dogs, he has a king-size ego and disposition and has become a much loved member of our family. So, when I received the first email about Jax being missing, I understood how distressed the family was and I was overjoyed to receive the email Friday telling me of Jax’s homecoming! Excerpts follow:

“Dear Linda

Words cannot express our sincere gratitude for your marvelous job. Yes, we got our Jax back last evening. You are blessed a million times and God’s grace will always be there for you. I am sure your idea to report it as letters to the editor worked better than just advertising in a small column under lost and found. Today I read your report online and I am so glad that Jax is back with us already. I only had a slightest hope that he will be found. I have always wondered how much power the media has and it’s amazing how much people care about each other especially when it comes to tragedies. You mentioned that you will report it on Tuesday’s paper and since then I have been rushing to the telephone whenever it rang and finally we did receive the one we wanted more than anything.

“Wednesday morning a lady from Holly Springs called and said she spotted him for three days but then she left the town for a week. She felt really sorry that she came to know about Jax just Tuesday.

“At the same time another couple had called my brother and told him Jax actually ended up in their front yard and was staying there for few days. But he wouldn’t come near them and listen to them but was barking the whole night. We are really grateful for them for showing compassion on him even though he was not behaving well.

“We rewarded them and also called the other lady to thank for her effort.

“We took this picture over the Memorial Day weekend. I am sure he looks pale and tired. He normally jumps into the car and now doesn’t.

“He just wants to be in his cozy bed. He was sent to the vet for a full checkup and now still waiting for blood test report. The vet said he is in good shape. He has some small wounds.

“Here is how we got him. We found him at the backyard of a couple’s house at West Holly Springs Exit 26. The accident had occurred at Exit 33. Also a lady named Terri had called us to say that she had spotted him at Highway 78 close to Exit 30 the first three mornings after the accident took place. He came to the same spot every morning. After that she had gone on vacation, and then she called up after seeing the ad.

“But luckily this couple called up and told us that they have a dog sitting at the backyard and wouldn’t come to them when they called him.

“Well once Jax saw us , he was all excited and came running to us!

“Unfortunately we did not ask the name of the couple because of all the excitement, but we rewarded them to share our joy. They very well deserve it.

“Again Linda, we all thank you for your timely help.

Nilmini Viswaprakash

Research Assistant

Anatomy Physiology and Pharmacology

Veterinary Medical School,
Auburn University, United States”

The saga of Jax and his adventures has ended happily for Nilmini and his family. Which makes me very happy.

And, along the way, I feel like I’ve made another friend.

You just can’t ask for much more from life.

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