Thursday, May 26, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Help bring Jax home:
Dear Editor,

Our car was involved in an accident in Marshall County on the 15th night and our dog ran away from the car before we could spot him. We miss him terribly and seeking your help to locate our dog. Please make a report in your paper and help us get back our dog.

The accident was reported to Marshall County police and they too searched for him at the scene on the same day. We visited Marshall County three times since then and have distributed flyers and have informed the Humane Society there.

Details of the dog: Jack Russell (called JAX), male, 4 years old, white in color with brown markings including eye area. Short tail. He is wearing a Christmas collar.

We will be very grateful for you for helping us locating Jax

Contact Raj 901.604.0821, Nimi 334.501.2280, 334.502.9670, 334.844.4465.

Here is how we lost him. We lost him in a very tragic way we could ever imagine. I used to worry that he is turning four already and I had always wished that he lives with us for ever. Ironically Jax was born in Mississippi and is missing in Mississippi .We got him as a gift when he was barely one month old pup.

We are a mixed family from Sri Lanka and India and l live in Auburn, Ala. and my brother lives in Memphis Tenn. He works for FedEx as a software engineer. Jax is our family pet and shuttles between Memphis and Auburn several times a year. On that day Jax was to stay back with me in Auburn but due to some changes in our travel plan we opted to send him to Memphis. Had I knew this will be his fate I would have kept him with me forever. The send-off and how he was staring at us from the car while he left Auburn replays over and over in my mind and it’s heart-breaking.

What happened that day was my brother and wife came for my sister’s Ph.D. graduation and left by car to Memphis. My sister’s husband joined them and they met with an accident near Memphis. They escaped unharmed. The car rested upside down. This happened around 11.30 p.m. and it was a forest area near Marshall County Mississippi. Police and paramedics reached the scene in 15 minutes and they are all safe with minor pains.

Soon they realized there is no sign of our dog and started looking for him. To date we don’t know about his whereabouts. He was not thrown out or got smashed inside the car. The police searched for him around 1/2 mile radius while my brother went back into the car to make sure he is not trapped there. He had gone to the spot the next morning and was calling out his name and no sign.

They are not at all hurt except for body pain. We have to thank God for saving their lives. Our biggest worry is about our dog. We had been to Marshall County and spoke to many people, police, humane society and distributed flyers and we hope that he can come back to us.

I am unable cope with the loss of the dog. He used to live with me most of the time and I became too attached to him. He even learned our language and got used to our spicy food which he will be missing now. He can respond to several commands and plays with us all the time. His favorite game is ball playing.

I value your response to my mail and hope your report will help us find our Jax.

Nilmini Viswaprakash
Auburn, Alabama

Thanks expressed:
Dear Editor,

The family of Dillon Childers would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Chief Rodney Yarbrough, Potts Camp Volunteer Fire Department, and other volunteers for organizing the benefit fish fry on May 7. Special thanks go to Sheriff Kenny Dickerson, J.M. Ash, and Tim Liddy. The generosity of all those involved made the event a success.

We are grateful for all the prayers, cards, phone calls and visits during our extended hospital confinement. Words seem inadequate in expressing our gratitude for all the many kindnesses bestowed upon our family during this time.

May God bless each of you.

Linda Childers
Potts Camp

Designate a driver:
Letter to the Editor

This Memorial Day, as we kick off the beginning of summer fun, let’s also remember to celebrate the holiday responsibly by using a designate driver.

More than 122 million American adults have been a designated driver or been driven home by one. We salute them for helping to reduce the number of drunk-driving fatalities by 38 percent since 1982, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

We all have a role to play in fighting drunk driving. Let’s all do our part to help drive down Memorial Day holiday drunk-driving fatalities by making safety and personal responsibility our first and foremost concern this weekend. We can all make a difference in the fight against drunk driving. Remember, responsibility matters!

Joan Lunsford
Consumer Awareness & Education Coordinator
A&B Distributing Company

Cemetery upkeep:
Dear Editor,

Family, friends and loved ones of persons buried in the Ayers and Charity Hill cemeteries, we are in need of financial support to help with the upkeep of the cemetery.

You may send your donation for the Ayers Cemetery to Mrs. Willie Holloway, 256 East Valley Avenue, Holly Springs, MS 38635, or call 662-252-2966 for more information.

You may send your donation for the Charity Hill Cemetery to the Charity Hill Cemetery Fund, c/o Merchants & Farmers Bank, P.O. Box 700, 650 Hwy. 7, Holly Springs, MS 38635.

Send a copy of your receipt to Mrs. Arristine Smith, 417 Waites Rd., Holly Springs, MS 38635, so we will have a record of persons paid. You may also pay in person to committee members listed below.

Thank you for your cooperation.

L.C. White, (662) 252-5366
Daniel H. White, 662-252-2373

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