Thursday, May 26, 2005

A run for the record book
  • Pope wins again; Motl sets new mark for female runners


It was a record-setting Killer Kudzu 5K Run/Walk Friday evening in Holly Springs.

More participants than ever completed the 17th annual race, and the fastest time ever was recorded on the female side.

American Pacific sponsors the 5K, and company representative Scott Beggs was excited about the 110 runners, up from 95 last year. The previous record was 108 participants in 2003.

“We’re very happy with the record turnout,” Beggs said. “I think we promoted it well.”

First-time Killer Kudzu competitor Susie Motl of Memphis, Tenn., ran the hilly course in 18:09, shattering the previous female mark of 19:12 set by Mary Ellen Kelly.

“I liked the course,” Motl said. “I just need to do more hills next time in preparation.”

The most challenging of the hills is the last one, which runs through historic Hill Crest Cemetery.

“That last hill was tough,” Motl said. “It’s a very interesting course compared to some in Memphis. I enjoyed it.”

She said it wasn’t her best time in a 5K, but “you can’t always run your best.”

“If that last hill would have been the other way, I might have made it quicker,” said Motl, smiling.

Like many of the Killer Kudzu participants, Motl is a member of the Memphis Runners Track Club.

The avid runner said she usually focuses on a schedule of races and set goals for each. But for now, that’s changed.

“I’m getting married next week, and because of that, I’m not planning it out as much as usual,” Motl said.

She also said it was her first trip to Holly Springs and she loved the town.

Brian Pope of Oxford was the overall winner of the Killer Kudzu for the fourth straight year. His time was 15:18, short of his 14:55 course record.

“It’s never easy,” Pope said after the run. “It’s hard, really hard, with the hills all through it.

“Plus today it was hot and windy – a tough day.”

Beggs said a significant thing about this year’s Killer Kudzu was the times.

“The race times were scorching,” Beggs said. “Of the 110 people, close to 50 made it in under 24 minutes. That’s a less than eight minute per mile pace, which is very good results. It’s among the fastest races in the Mid-South area.”

Prior to the presentation of trophies and some prize money for the top finishes, Beggs thanked everyone for their support.

“We appreciate all of you coming to Holly Springs and seeing what our little town has to offer,” he said, “and thank you for supporting a great cause.”

The run benefits the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

Beggs also thanked the many volunteers who help make the Killer Kudzu a success.

Trophy winners included:

Trophy winners included:

  • Overall male – first, Brian Pope, 15:18; second, Todd Moroney, 15:55; third, Vince Perryman, 16:52.
  • Master – Danny Greer, 18:42.
  • Grandmaster – Richard Royce, 20:24.
  • Ages 10-14 – first, Josh Chessor, 18:56; second, Christopher Collum, 25:59; third, Andy Burleson, 35:18.
  • Ages 15-19 – first, Derek Croy, 18:07; second, Corgin Cox, 18:25; third, Ty Gillespie, 19:00.
  • Ages 20-24 – first, Bryce McKay, 17:40; second, Cito Pellegra, 20:55; third, Coleman Carlisle, 23:49.
  • Ages 25-29 – first, Charlie Dawson, 17:12; second, Quitman Harrison, 20:49.
  • Ages 30-34 – first, Russell Cannistraci, 22:23; second, Tim Fuller, 25:02; third, Jeff Brewer, 27:28.
  • Ages 35-39 – first, Israel Melandez, 17:17; second, Glenn Weatherly, 19:15; third, H.F. Mason, 20:32.
  • Ages 40-44 – first, Whitten Ortega, 18:50; second, L.D. Williams, 19:43; third, Lynn Holland, 25:22.
  • Ages 45-49 – first, Harry Camp, 18:52; second, Adam Gussow, 20:16; third, Ken Guffey, 23:40.
  • Ages 50-54 – first, David Banner, 20:27; second, Glen Munson, 21:09; third, Phil Troskey, 22:05.
  • Ages 55-59 – first, John Joyner, 23:55; second, Jimmy Brown, 24:24; third, John Kendall, 27:18.
  • Ages 60-64 – first, Vic Thayer, 22:29.
  • Ages 65-69 – first, Andy Grass, 24:03; second, Jim Briske, 28:22.
  • Ages 70 plus – first, Murray Collum, 32:54; second, Ivy Evans, 35:50.
  • Walkers – first, Randy Horton; second, Curtis Greer.
  • Overall Female – first, Susie Motl, 18:09; second, Lydia Gibson, 20:07; third, Rachelle Graham, 20:16.
  • Master – Nicki Hutchens, 24:58.
  • Grandmaster – Rachel Ragan, 25:51.
  • Ages 9 and under – first, Shelby Hangey, 52:11; second, Abby Sanders, 52:15.
  • Ages 10-14 – first, Rhagen Hopper, 21:42; second, Danielle Hogue, 21:43.
  • Ages 15-19 – first, Tuesdae Rowland, 24:02; second, Kelley Morton, 27:26; third, Kristi Bryant, 29:46.
  • Ages 20-24 – first, Amy Smith, 22:28.
  • Ages 25-29 – first, April Pomeroy, 23:19; second, Amanda McNeely, 29:22; third, Kelly Brewer, 30:17.
  • Ages 30-34 – first, Ashley Spriggs, 21:33; second, Michelle Campbell, 42:24; third, Sandy Hangey, 52:12.
  • Ages 35-39 – first, Donna Olita, 24:09; second, Charlotte Marshall, 25:09; third, Kim Findley, 26:04.
  • Ages 40-44 – first, Laurie Moss, 29:48; second, Mary Williams, 39:07.
  • Ages 45-49 – first, Willie Sue Miller, 29:36; second, LeNiece Bell, 31:26; third, Patty Brasfield, 32:31.
  • Ages 50-54 – first, Susan Fechner, 26:31; second, Eileen Bailey, 32:29; third, Sandra Ford, 33:38.
  • Ages 55-59 – first, Carolyn Kupperman, 32:07; second, Linda Gray, 32:49; third, Sylvia Brown, 39:15.
  • Ages 60-64 – first, Sue Burcham, 28:43.
  • Ages 65-69 – first, Betty Fitch, 44:19.
  • Walkers – first, Ann Kimberlin; second, Yvette Downing.

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