Thursday, May 26, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Wild, wooly weekend!

Three days after her birthday, our youngest granddaughter finally admitted to being seven.

Her “real” birthday was Wednesday, May 18 (another story with her birthday is last year — the continuing fight to convince her that her birthday was May 18, not May 14. Her teacher told her that it was May 14 and nothing her mother or I could say would change her mind —turns out her mother had written May 14 on the school information sheet. The teacher told the Gremlin that it really was the 18th and solved that problem — yes, the teacher did know more than her mother!).

Wednesday morning, this year, I hugged the Gremlin when she came bouncing in the side door and said “Happy Birthday! —You’re seven years old today!”

She rapidly informed me that she was not seven yet. She wouldn’t be seven until her birthday party on Saturday afternoon! And that was the end of that discussion!

• We’ve had a strange houseful this weekend anyway. My youngest brother, minus his wife, was there for a few days moping. He was pitiful and miserable and as much as I love him, I was surely glad to see him leave Friday afternoon.

About as soon as my brother left, my former son-in-law arrived to spend the night.

Now living in South Dakota, he came to attend his sister’s graduation and pinning at NEMCC nursing school. He usually stays with his grandparents in Bruce, but his grandmother is very ill and at the time was in ICU in Oxford.

So he stayed with us and we were all pleasantly surprised by the pleasant visit.

Apparently the passage of time can heal some rifts.

Our granddaughters were delighted to have their dad with them for several days.

And after he agreed with our daughter that the Binkster’s horse was probably definitely expecting a baby horse, Mom was even happy.

I’m kinda worried about the expectant horse. I just don’t think she looks like she’s expecting. I know that our daughter and our former son-in-law are both very knowledgeable about horses and I’m sure they know what they’re talking about, but I just expect an expecting horse to be fatter than she is right now.

I guess that’s another thing that the passage of time will take care of.

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