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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Area families gather for Mother’s Day

On Monday, the seventh and eighth grade Beta Club members met in the Potts Camp School cafeteria; parents of the children were invited to attend and they were served delicious refreshments. I watched from my porch as the students held pretty colored balloons, then turned them loose in the air, and watched them fly away. At the meeting, new members were initiated into the club.

Temperance Hill Baptist Church presented each mother present with a special gift for mothers on Sunday. They had made too many for their members, so a friend who attends church there brought one to me. It was really nice. I thank them!

Mother’s Day dinner guests of Joyce and Joel Clayton were her daughter, Merion Hunsucker of Ashland, and her daughter, Tammie Cobb and daughter Kinsey of Myrtle, also Joyce’s son, Lynn and Martha Goolsby, Hanna and Jamie.

Mother’s Day guests of Jo Ann and Carey Mayer were Casey Mayer and family, Chad and Mary Beth and son Jackson and Julie, a lovely college student. Keith and Bonnie and children of Olive Branch were unable to attend; the baby was very ill. We hope he is all right now.

We send out deepest sympathy to Ina Faye Work Thornton and family in the recent death of her husband, George William Thornton, age 62, of Memphis. He was a U.S. Army veteran of Vietnam. Funeral services were held at Bethlehem Methodist Church on May 2 with Rev. Paul Knight officiating.

Get well wishes to a friend, Robbie Taylor, who was sent to a Memphis hospital recently. For many years, Robbie and her family operated “Taylor’s Cafe” in Potts Camp. It has been demolished.

A program for people who are trying to quit smoking was held at Hickory Flat clinic recently. They were tested and given a bag of items to help them. The group will meet there once a week. Good luck to them!

Liesa Blond, my granddaughter, called from Chicago, Ill. Mother’s Day; she called Betty, her mother, also. She was visiting her mother-in-law before leaving for France the next day. Danny and family, and Jimmy and Martha called and sent cards. Many other family members and cousins called that day. David Greer Jr. brought his son, Dave, to visit me, and Betty Greer was here. It was a happy day!


I. “Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone.” That’s an old saying, but of course it’s not always true. Laughing just makes you feel good all over and doctors say it’s good for your heart. No wonder shows like “I Love Lucy” and “The Jeffersons” were so popular. Many people are blessed with the gift of knowing how to make people laugh, and they always have many friends.

II. Prayer is an important part of lives if we love and trust God. In this busy world today sometimes people forget to pray.

Members of Louise Pruitt’s family came to her home for dinner on Mother’s Day.

Happy birthday to Kevin Poole on May 23 and to Fred Whaley on May 24, to April Shaw on May 25. Happy wedding anniversary to Jack and Pebble Gadd on May 26. Happy birthday to Mike Muraco and Beverly Goolsby Farr on May 26.

Get well wishes to Billy Edlin, who was hospitalized recently in Holly Springs with a leg infection. His wife is my friend, Ann King Edlin.

Martha Ross of Byhalia spent Mother’s Day with her mother, Bernice Young. Martha continues to have health problems, also her husband, Rex Ross.

Dorothy Lewis received a good report when she visited her doctor in Oxford recently.

Graduates from Starkville Academy were honored at the First Methodist Church in Starkville on Sunday morning. Luke Hollingsworth, oldest son of Danny and Elizabeth, was among the graduates. He has received two scholarships to Miss. State College so far. He is a special grandson. (They all are.) That is why they didn’t come to Potts Camp on Mother’s Day. Jimmy and Martha came a few days earlier.

Evelyn Bready and her sister, Doris Goode, had 25 family members in their home for dinner on Mother’s Day. Doris reported that it was a wonderful day! (They live on Old Hwy 78 near Hickory Flat.) Among the group visiting Doris and Evelyn and Jerry Vanzant were Evelyn Bready’s daughter, Jo Ann Potts, who was my late brother, Lindy’s, wife; she lives in Olive Branch and teaches school there.

Congratulations to members of the Potts Camp Class of 2005! Graduation is Saturday, May 21 at 10 a.m. at Carl White Memorial Gymnasium.

Cameron Loftin is the 2005 valedictorian and star student and Whittney Jean Bridges is the salutatorian. Congratulations to them! Parents of Cameron are Joe and Patricia Loftin of Potts Camp. Kandy and Ralph Bridges of Potts Camp are the parents of Whitney Jean.

Congratulations to the Potts Camp 12 and under baseball team who won the championship in the recent Marshall County Pre-season Tournament.

Congratulations also to the Potts Camp (10 and under) softball team who won the Marshall County Pre-season Tournament.

Also congratulations to the Potts Camp 10 and under baseball team who won first place in the Marshall County Pre-season Tournament. (They were all pictured in The South Reporter May 12.)

Congratulations to graduates from Bethlehem Christian School Class of 2005. Graduation ceremonies were held Friday, May 13, 7 p.m. at Bethlehem Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Congratulations to the valedictorian Ashley Nicole Bulter, daughter of Betty and Hugh Butler of Myrtle, also to Bethlehem salutatorian, Lauren Danielle Wilbanks, daughter of Larry and Donna Wilbanks of Walnut.

Everyone enjoyed reading The South Reporter last week. Thanks for a job well done!

We were saddened Thursday by the death of a friend, Doris Day. We send love and sympathy to her family.

Mother’s Day guests of Lamar and Mabel Day were Charlotte and Huck Underwood of Southaven, and Terri and Bill Kitchens of New Albany. They brought a complete meal with them.

Recent weekend visitors of George and Dorothy Dickey were their daughter Sandra and Larry Donnell of Watkinsville, Ga.

Prayer list: Evelyn Bready, Dene Randolph, Roy Foote, Lucille Hutchens, Ollie Mansel, Juanita Howell, Donna Marett, Ann Feathers, Lucille Pierce, Dorothy Forester, Larry Edwards, Ruthie St. John, Jean Derryberry, Betty Fincher, Maxine Potts, Billy Edlin, Mary Jo McCallum, Rex and Martha Ross, Jene McCallum.

Back in the ’20s, there were no buildings on the large, square vacant lot leading to the streets where the stores, bank, post office and depot were located. We walked the path in the middle of the square.

During summer months silent movies would come to town, and pitch a large tent there, tickets were 5 cents and 10 cents. James and I liked the old western movies and the cartoons. Our family also attended revival meetings there in a tent. Mother always took an old quilt and pillow for my younger brother, Bennie, to use if he took a nap during the services.

One special day in 1930, we enjoyed “Trade Day;” the town was filled with people. I remember how they hung “Old Man Depression” from a pole and burned the rags he was made from. Boys were running after a greased pig to win a prize, and several of them climbed a greased pole to reach money at the top of it. Someone finally made it.

The large Potts family came in town on a wagon and rode away with the prize, a barrel of flour.

Now the town square is covered with the Quick Stop (old Thelma Jordan building), Sparks store, the city hall and fire department. The former Potts Camp bank is now the city hall, and a lovely new bank is located in the area of the first home of Colonel E.F. Potts, the town’s first settler.

Until 1974, a small, white house, known as the Mayor’s office was located near the site of the present telephone building. The town council met there, and we all voted there.

When Roger Clayton was mayor of Potts Camp in 1974, the nice new city hall was built (now the fire department). Members of the board of aldermen that year were George Wilfred Boren Sr., Fred B. Clayton, Henry Jarrett, and Maurine Robison. Evelyn Whaley was the town clerk. Roger Clayton, the mayor and Henry Jarrett are the only ones living today.

The Potts Camp Fire Department was chartered in 1974 and the first Potts Camp fire truck was purchased that year. The fire department was attached to the city hall at that time.

J.C. Pruitt was the first fire chief, later Carey Mayer filled that position, then Billy Edlin served until 1985. It is made up of volunteers.

Until 1974, the town used a huge hose with big wheels that was pushed by hand. When the first depot burned in the ’30s, the Potts Camp football team used the hose on wheels to save Greer and Greer and other stores on Front Street. They were our heroes.

Many people have served our town well over the years, beginning in 1888, when only 75 people lived here and the first board meeting was held. The depot was built in 1886.

We love our town. God has really blessed us!

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