Thursday, May 4, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Goodbye to dear friends:
Dear Editor,

In a few days, Holly Springs and Marshall County will be losing a couple of very dear and valued friends when the Reverend and Mrs. Truman Thompson leave their charge at First United Methodist Church of Holly Springs to begin a new ministry in another town. I want to add my voice in this public way to those of many who deeply regret this loss.

In my work with Truman and Linda Thompson over the last three years, I have been blessed so deeply by their devotion to the Lord Jesus and their faith in the church through which He called them to ordained ministry. I have known of no better pastor or preacher in my 10 years in Holly Springs than Truman Thompson. Those gifts, along with the sweet smile and ready service that accompanies them from his lovely wife, Linda, will be missed more than most in this community know.

Rare have been the gifts they have given us so freely and rare will be our loss when they are gone.

I have been so proud to stand with Truman during these past two years of war, ministering to the families and friends of our soldiers abroad, as he has brought to all of us a new and better understanding of what our country has been called upon to do in faraway places for the sake of liberties most of us take for granted.

He has taught me much of what it means to be a “good shepherd” during his all too brief time amongst us. She has been the picture of a gracious and loving presence for all of us to emulate.

May God bless Truman and Linda Thompson and those whom they love. They have caused a new light to shine in our hearts; a light which we should all thank God for and try our best to keep burning as long as we can.

God has truly blessed Holly Springs in giving them to us for this short, but precious time.

The Reverend Bruce D. McMillan, Rector
Christ Episcopal Church
Holly Springs

More dumped puppies:
Dear Editor,

Shame on the person who dumped seven baby puppies, hardly old enough to eat, behind the car wash at Victoria Hardware Store.

These little puppies were left to fend for themselves. They could have starved, been killed by traffic, spent the night in the cold. These babies had no choice, innocent little God’s creatures.

If you don’t want your dogs or cats to have a litter of babies, the Marshall Co. Humane Soc. has a low cost spay and neuter clinic in Holly Springs. The telephone number is 252-6196 to make an appointment.

Fortunately, these puppies were found and placed in foster homes. I have three of these precious puppies. Taking care of them is a chore but I have the heart and love to do this since you are heartless, inhumane person to do this to these innocent little puppies.

Wanda Boyd

Thanks for not littering:
Dear Editor,

To all concerned citizens of Marshall County.

Just a few words to say thank you for not littering. Since we began a new campaign against Stop Litter, I can see we are making a difference in some areas of the county. Keep up the good work. We can win. Our goal is to stop litter. The result will be from all citizens of Marshall County. Tell somebody our slogan is “Be Concerned. Please stop littering, Marshall County will be litter free by the year of 2006.”

Again, thank you

Concerned Citizen of Byhalia
Lincoln and Ora Chalmers

Thanks for helping:
Dear Editor,

Joann Skelton and family would like to express our sincere gratitude for the many people and businesses that donated time, merchandise and money to help with her benefit. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel. Special thanks to the members of Clear Creek Baptist Church for all the many hours of hard work they put forth.

Joann Skelton

School board concerns:
Dear Editor,

In my opinion our School Board (four/fifth appointed by the Board of Aldermen) has betrayed the people of Holly Springs through their indifference to the needs of the students and “true” educational standards.

The Board has appointed a “lame duck” superintendent to select the leadership of our schools for the up-coming year. It leaves the most important task of building quality education to one who will not be around for implementation. The principals, not the superintendent, are the key to raising educational standards in our schools. The principals should serve as “role models” for the majority of the children in their schools. It would be better to appoint an interim principal and let the new superintendent recommend the principals of the schools they supervise.

The Board of Aldermen has permitted a “lame duck “ chair of the board to orchestrate this un-precedented procedure by refusing to accept the resignation of the chair due to political reasons.

In my opinion the Board of Aldermen should  be  careful in its appointments  to the School Board. These persons should have educational experiences, knowledge of the public school system, preferably have or had children in public schools and dedication to the welfare of children, teachers and principals.

It seems that the process  used to select a superintendent in our city, “at best” is a handicap to getting qualified persons. Since January, ’05 the Board knew it must find a superintendent. In May it set up the mechanics for selecting a superintendent.

We are told that ten applicants will be submitted to the Board  in August ’05 by the search committee. Most qualified persons will be on jobs by June, ’05.

In my opinion the Board could have saved the $12,000 by appointing a local search committee to expedite the process and put in place a qualified person to the superintendent’s position in a timely manner. Though there will be a citizens’ meeting to meet the search committee on May 5 at 5:30 p.m., it will have little value for citizens who want their representatives to analyze the situation and inform them. No representative group of qualified citizens of Holly Springs has been appointed by the Board to review candidates who will guide the destiny of our schools.

The above are my opinions, which are subject to differences. I welcome the rationale for actions taken by the Board of Education and the Board of Aldermen that justify their actions.

W.A. McMillan

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