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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Mary Jarrett chosen “Cook of the Week” in local newspaper, congratulations Mary!

Willa Floyd, a friend for many years, died recently. We were saddened by her death and we extend our sincere sympathy to her son, John Floyd and family, and her friends; she had been sick for a long time. Willa Floyd was a retired Potts Camp postmaster and a member of Potts Camp United Methodist Church, where she was very active. She is the last member of the family of John Jones; I knew and loved her and all her family. I’ve enjoyed working with Willa in the UMW and the Methodist Church Store. We kept it open on Saturday for many years.

A prayer breakfast was held on Saturday at Potts Camp Methodist fellowship hall with the men cooking the food for the large group.

We have enjoyed my granddaughter, Liesa G. Blond, visiting from France; she stayed several nights with me. She and Betty visited friends and relatives in New Albany, Myrtle, Tupelo, etc. We will miss her!

Others who visited in my home were grandchildren, Tracy Pipken and husband Bobby of Saltillo; she and her daughter, Brittney, operate a bridal shop in Tupelo. Also Tracy’s brother, David Hollingsworth and daughter, Sarah Lambert of Palmetto, near Tupelo on Sunday. David and Tracy are children of my son, Jimmy and Martha.

Recent guests of Polly and Edwin Churchill were Gwen Chaffin of Baldwin, Rev. Raymond Earl Hisaw and wife, Ann of Tishomingo and Maxine Hisaw of Booneville.

Congratulations to Mary Jarrett of Potts Camp for being chosen “Cook of the Week” in Wednesday’s Northeast MS Daily Journal. Her picture, with her chocolate chip pie, appeared in the paper also.

Liesa Blond, my granddaughter from France, had some other stops to make, so she said goodbye to us on Wednesday and drove back to Memphis to catch a plane. We really miss her! Before going home, she plans to attend a medical conference.

We were saddened by the recent death of a friend, Nancy Evans, 84. She was the widow of Alfred Evans. They were members of Potts Camp Methodist Church for many years. Burial was in Lebanon Cemetery.

Happy birthday to Karen (Hill) Williams on May 7. She is the daughter of Ann and Herman Hill. Also happy birthday to Susan Howell on May 7. Happy wedding anniversary to Tim and Cherrie Shaw (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Shaw) in May. Happy birthday to Ben Rowland on May 7. Happy birthday to Bob Hollingsworth on May 9, also to Tony Fincher on May 9, to Irene Newsome on May 9.

Jack Clayton from Bardwell, Ky., and his special friend, Ronnie Case, visited his dad, Joel and Joyce Clayton recently. They spent several days last week fishing with his dad and brothers, Ralph and Roger Clayton. Jack and wife, Linda, have three grown children and grandchildren. He grew up next door to me.

Betty Fincher got a good report when she visited her doctor in New Albany last week. We are thankful.

A Smile for Mother

If you have a smile for Mother
Give it now
If you have a friendly word
Speak it now
She’ll not need it when the angels
Greet her at the Golden Gate
Give the smiles while she is living
If you wait ‘twill be too late
If you have a flower for Mother
Pluck it now
Place it gently on her bosom
Plant a kiss upon her brow
What cares she when life is over
For the flowers that bloom below
She will have her share up yonder
at her feet forever more.

—Unknown, from my scrapbook


I. Acts 20:35 says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” When you give not only will the person you give to be helped, but God will give back to you much more than you give.

II. God has no voice but our voice, and no hands but our hands. We are humans with faults and problems, but God has still chosen to use us. God does need you and me! He needs us to touch the hearts of those around us who are hurting.

III. Poem

If any little love of ours can make one life the brighter

If any little song of ours can make the heart the lighter

God help me speak that little word, and do a bit of singing

And drop it in some lovely vale, and set the echoes ringing.

IV. Search me O God, and know my heart; try me and know my thoughts; and see if there be any wicked ways in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. Psalm 139:23-24

V. You can believe a good doctrine, quote the right Scripture and have a little faith, but it is only when you have the loving Spirit of Christ that you have the true inner witness that you are a child of His. God is love!

Henry Tutor, who has been ill for a few weeks, is improving. We are thankful that he received a good report from his doctor. He plans to have a garden, and has been cleaning up the leaves. I enjoy eating out of my neighbor Mr. Tutor’s garden every year.

Prayer list: Maxine Potts, Jean Derryberry, Ann Feathers, Lucille Hutchens, Mary Jo McCallum, Donna Marrett, Jene McCallum, Roy Foote, Larry Edwards, Ruth St. John, Lucille Hutchens, Evelyn Bready, Martha and Rex Ross, Annie Spears, Dene Randolph, Dorothy Foster, Ollie Mansel. Pray for all the sick people and sad people who have lost loved ones. Pray for our soldiers everywhere, also our leaders in the U.S.A. Pray for our schools, and make them safe for the children. God answers prayers!

Guardian angels have helped me many times over the years; it would be impossible to count them. A special friend who has been gone several years was Christine Kirk, our neighbor when Jimmy was a young child. I thought of how loving and kind she was when I read about the sudden death of her great-granddaughter, Bonnie Moffitt in Hickory Flat, and the wonderful things people have said about her.

When World War II started, my late husband’s job at the Potts Camp CCC Camp was terminated, so he decided to go to Aberdeen and look for work. He didn’t want to leave Jimmy and me alone, so I told Christine Kirk about it; she had several children and lived in a small house, but she said, “Why don’t you and Jimmy stay with us?” We stayed two nights with them and we really enjoyed it; Christine kept me laughing and the children had fun. Her husband, Abe Kirk, was a salesman and away from home at that time. Jimmy didn’t want to go to my parents’ house because Daddy made him go to bed so early.

L.D. got a job hauling gravel to the Gulf Ordinance Plant (war plant) at Prairie near Aberdeen, and building a road there; we lived in Aberdeen four years, where I had a job in a beauty shop.

Many years later, when we were back at Potts Camp, the Kirks operated Kirk’s Cabins and a cafe near town. Christine and Abe had three more daughters, Nina and Norma (twins) and Betty; L.D. and I had Betty and Danny. We visited them sometimes and I talked to Christine on the phone; we were always friends.

L.D. had a sudden heart attack one day; Jimmy and Martha came from Wheeler, where he was a Methodist pastor for the first time, and drove us to New Albany to the hospital. Somehow Christine Kirk heard about it and insisted that I leave Betty and Danny with them. (My mother was deceased.)

I stayed with L.D. until he was better, and Mrs. Kirk took care of our children all that week; she wouldn’t take a dime. (I did make several pillows for her family members later for Christmas.)

I’ll never forget what a wonderful friend she was to me; as I said, God has sent a guardian angel many times when I needed one.

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