Thursday, April 28, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

I survived Paducah!

Jane and I came limping home late Saturday afternoon after a wonderful four days with quilts, quilters and a “few” quilt venders.

We only got lost about four times on the way to Paducah (it’s called not paying attention) — and still managed to get there in time to run across the parking lot eating a slice of deli meat and got to our first lecture right on time.

The only dark spot in our trip (well, mine anyway) was the bridge across the Ohio River. A security guard at the Convention Center in Paducah gave us directions to Metropolis, Ill., where we were staying with Mary Lou and Madeleine, two of our quilt guild friends. (And yes, Metropolis IS the home of Superman and I have the pictures to prove it!)

Turns out the directions were a “short cut” and the road went over the Ohio River via a steel grate bridge that was horribly narrow, horribly high, horribly long and just plain horrible. I was almost crying by the time we reached the other side and asked Jane to drive the rest of the night.

On the way back to Paducah that evening (with Jane driving) we went back via the interstate and a really nice, normal-type bridge.

Paducah was heavenly! Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful. The town is a gracious place and I hope to go back with my granddaughters this summer to tour the quilt museum and the Superman museum.

The best thing though, was the quilts! I never in my life could have dreamed up the ideas that went into these creations. Some were so beautiful that you couldn’t even stand to walk away from them. Only one bothered me —it looked like someone had been nauseous maybe — but one out of over 500 is still wonderful.

I might have purchased a few bits and pieces of material and a few odd and end gadgets. Jane bought me a bodkin! We didn’t quite know what one was, but we’re really sure it’s going to be useful.

There are no elevators in Paducah though apparently (in Metropolis either!). We walked up and down approximately 1,000 flights of stairs every day.

Saturday morning, packing the car, before 9 a.m. I had made five trips up and down a flight of stairs.

I have to tell you though —I’d walk up the stairs at the Paducah Convention Center many more times for a chance to look at all those gorgeous quilts again.

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