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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Potts Camp School reunion set for June 4

Liesa Greer Blond, my granddaughter, arrived about midnight Monday night at my home, after driving from Memphis. She had arrived by plane from France. It was so wonderful to see her again after 5 years. She has many plans for the week. Her husband, Dr. Carl Blond, is in the States also. He called Liesa at my home. Her parents, Betty and David Greer, and brother, David Greer Jr. and his family, were all happy to see Liesa too. Grandchildren are special gifts of God!

We send our deepest sympathy and love to the family of Kenneth Eugene Cox, age 65, in his recent death at his home. He was the son of the late J.G. and Minnie Cox (my friends). He was a U.S. Air Force veteran and member of Faith Baptist Church. Services were held on Tuesday, April 19 at Faith Baptist Church in Hickory Flat. Burial was in McKay’s Cemetery in Hickory Flat. Survivors include his wife, Jean Cox; two daughters, Cindy Roberts and Melody Cook; three sons, Phil Cox, Kenneth D. Cox and Cliff Cox; a brother, Roger Cox and 10 grandchildren. United Funeral Home in New Albany was in charge.

Happy birthday on May first to Lela Hale, to Doris and Arthur Poole, to Holley (Stone) Muraco and Jim Hart. Happy wedding anniversary to Mable and Lamar Day on May 1. Happy birthday to Robby Goolsby on May 2 and George Dickey on May 3.

Happy birthday to Charles Patrick Potts (Chad) on May 5. He is the grandson of my late brother, Lindy, and Jo Ann Potts and son of Dean and Beth Potts of Hernando.

Happy birthday to my grandson, Lucas Graham Hollingsworth (Luke) on May 5. He is Danny and Elizabeth’s oldest son, a senior at Starkville Academy. Luke plays the trombone in the Miss State College band.

Friends of Mary and Henry Jarrett, Betty Gutheil and Vivian Phillips had lunch with them last Friday.

The Potts Camp School reunion will meet at the school cafeteria on June 4. It is a happy time for those who attend.

Thanks to the person who put a lovely purple plant on my porch.

Betty and I both called my sister, Ann Hill, on her birthday April 15. They live at Aberdeen.

Danny called last week; he and his family have joined the First Methodist Church in Starkville, where they had been attending. He had visited his uncle Bob and Tula Hollingsworth in Aberdeen; we are thankful that Bob has completely recovered from his heart surgery last year.

Bud and Shirley Swain’s son, Jason Swain of Oregon, and his one-year-old daughter visited his parents last weekend, and attended the Cornersville Baptist Church on Sunday.

Donna Marett is feeling better; on Sunday she attended church, then visited the new home of her grandson, Heath Gray and family. It is almost complete. They had lost their home in a fire several months ago.

I. The most important lesson we can teach our children is about God! He loved us so much that He gave his only begotten son to die on the cross for our sins. (Every family either serves the Lord or something else.)

II. What kind of example do you set before your children and others? Not only are they watching us, they are copying us. Everything we do influences someone, whether we realize it or not.

III. My parents have been gone many years, but I remember how Daddy always paid the church first out of his check; he also said the blessing three times a day as we all sat around the table. Mother went around singing songs like “Help Somebody Today!” A lesson my mother taught me I try to remember is, “The only things you can take with you when you leave this world is what you give away.”

IV. What kind of influence we are is entirely up to us, but one thing to keep in mind is that the whole world is improved by one little good deed, and the whole thing is worsened by one little bad one.

V. Mother always reminded us to say our prayers as she put us to bed at night, “Sometimes we forget that God is only a prayer away.”

We ask for special prayers for Willa Floyd and also Ann Feathers, who are very ill.

Pray for all of those who are sick and lonely and not able to care for themselves. Ask God to help them, love them and care for them.

Pray for those who are fighting for our country, and for our leaders. God answers prayers!

Prayer list: Maxine Potts, Lucille Hutchens, Juanita Howell, Sank Owen, Betty Fincher, Donna Marett, Jean Derryberry, Ollie Mansel, Mary Jo McCallum, Roy Foote, Martha and Rex Ross, Dene Randolph, Dorothy Forester, Hazel Cox, Ella Rea Whaley, Terrell Lowery, Diane Clayton, Evelyn Bready, Larry Edward, Fred Taylor.


Continued from “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”

Others in the Potts Camp Class of ’38 picture include the late S.C. Sol Cox, a Marshall County Sheriff in the early 1960s. He also owned a clothing store in Holly Springs; L.D. and I visited there many times on Saturday night when Betty worked at St. Louis Bargain Store, operated by the Tomlinsons. Sisters of Sol Cox who worked there also were the late Jettie Cox, the late Rhea Ash and Mary Lee Barker (now in a nursing home). Other workers there were Ella Rhea Whaley, and the late Mrs. Frank Bennett, also the late Mr. J.T. Street. They were all our friends! (Jettie had a twin, Lettie Cox.)

Bennie Watts of Winborn, also on the picture had a twin sister; her name was Winnie Watts (she graduated in 1937). One of the twins’ older brothers, Ernest Watts, married my aunt, Grace Potts, my dad’s sister; so we have many of the same relatives: Ernestine Grovatt and family of Memphis; Mary Ann Millican and family of California and their brother, Buddy. As a girl, mother let me visit Winnie Watts and her family one night near Winborn. I rode there on the school bus, and had a great time. Their mother was so wonderful!

Another boy pictured was Jack Dunn, also Allen Reed Gresham; the two boys played on the State Championship basketball team of 1936; T.L. Cover was the coach. Jack Dunn’s mother died young, so his sister, Willie Thomas Wicker helped care for the family. Mr. R.A. Butler, school principal, let Jack’s little brother, Worth Dunn, start school at age 4. I’ve told you before how Dr. Worth Dunn of Florida has been giving a scholarship to a Potts Camp senior for many years to honor Mr. R.A. Butler. He stopped giving it a few years while his four children were in college; later it was continued. The Potts Camp senior must be someone who would be unable to attend college otherwise.

Ben Grant Reed, also on the picture, came from a special family; I remember them well, and many of the Reed descendants live here today. Both Lela Hale and Lela Stevens are named for Ben Grant and T.L.’s mother, Lela Reed. Their sister, Sally Ball Clayton, was my brother James’ age; he would take me to their home many times, so he could play ball with Sally’s brothers. We all loved Sally Ball; she was head of the draft board during the war. Bobby Smithwick and Betty Love Shaw are her children, also Barbara Wesson.

Others on the picture were Archie White, who married Molly Frances Farr; he had twin brothers in my class, Harl and Carl White. Percy Edwards was also on the picture, he was a handsome boy. Other girls pictured were Helen Stone, who became a school teacher; Frances Jones, a friendly girl from Winborn and Glena Faye Stacks, a pretty sweet girl. A picture of the late Jettie (or their twin, Lettie) was also on the picture. Jettie Mayer was my neighbor for many years; her grandson Randy Mayer still lives in her former home. I agree, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

When I wrote about the Charlie Alvis family recently, I should have told about the birth of a baby boy in 1931 after they moved to town. He was C.M. (Charles Montgomery) Alvis Jr.; they called him Nedd. He lives in Olive Branch with his older sister, Boots. My youngest brother, the late Lindy Charles L. Potts, was born in 1931 also.

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