Thursday, April 20, 2005

Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Joyce Clayton has family visitors from Ashland Sunday

Marshall County has a wonderful history, especially Holly Springs. We enjoy reading about the annual Pilgrimage in Holly Springs every year and seeing pictures of the homes and churches. The Holly Springs Garden Club is to be commended for doing such a good job! Congratulations to the 2005 Pilgrimage Royal Court! They look wonderful!

JoAnn Potts, my sister-in-law, teaches school in Olive Branch. She was the wife of my late brother, Rev. Charles (Lindy) Potts. Jo Ann’s mother, Evelyn Bready of Hickory Flat, is feeling a little better; she has many health problems, and needs special prayers. Jo Ann and her granddaughter, Lindsey Potts of Hernando, visited her mother and her aunt, Doris Goode, last weekend. Jo’s brother, Tommy Bready and wife, Shirley of Covington, Tenn., also visited them. I love the entire family.

Later Jo and Lindsey went on to Saltillo to visit her daughter, Pam and David Qualls and daughter, Amanda.

Jimmy called from Gulfport; he was sitting on his front porch in Gulfport watching the people below playing in the water and saw a ship coming in. He said that his mother-in-law, Mrs. Hawkins of Hamilton, was really sick. Please pray for her.

Joyce Clayton’s daughter, Mirion Hunsucker of Ashland and her daughter, Tammie Cobb and daughter Kinsey of Myrtle, spent Sunday with Joyce.

We send get well wishes to Henderson Milan, and we are so sorry he has to retire from The South Reporter as correspondent. We have enjoyed his column for many years, and we admire him and his wife, Mary Milan. God bless them.

We send our love and sympathy to the family of Claudie Mae Tomlinson (96) of Holly Springs. She was the widow of Andrew F. Tomlinson. Claudie Mae was the sister-in-law of the late Sally Clayton and the late Bertha Jones of Potts Camp.

Thanks to Lloyd and Virgie Kelly for the lovely friendship card. I love all of my friends.

Martha and Rex Ross of Byhalia are better. She is Mrs. Young’s daughter. We are thankful for the improvement.

I. Sometimes God sends angels to help us in times of need; some of them are our friends and neighbors. Luke 15:10 says “There is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” (I believe in angels.)

II. Jesus says we should love those who mistrust us, pray for them and be good to them.

Romans 12:18 says we are to do all we can to live peacefully with everyone. You can be a peacemaker if you have peace in your heart.

III. God has the power to answer prayers, forgive our sins, meet our needs, and love us. With God’s help, nothing is impossible!

IV. What God does through us is important. We are only a shining lamp drawing our strength from the indwelling “Spirit of Christ.” Our job, as Christians, is to help others see the glory of His light.

V. Poem

Take up thy cross and follow me

We hear the blessed Savior’s call;

How can I make a lesser sacrifice

When Jesus gave his all?

VI. I expect to pass through this life but once, if therefore there be any kindness I can show, or any good that I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again. (Taken from my scrapbook.)


One day while strolling through the trees and dell
I happened to fall in an old hidden well
I cried and screamed and yelled and yelled
No one even knew I had fallen in the well.
I tried to climb out by climbing up the side
But would always fall back to the oncoming tide.
Then when that failed I turned to prayer
“There’s nothing God cannot do,” I’ve heard tell
I hope He knew I was in the well.
Then the prayingest prayer I ever did pray
Came from the bottom of the well that day
The Lord did answer and before very long
My friends had me out where I belonged
Things don’t just happen by accident for sure
Jesus is the way out, whatever you endure.

(Taken from Lindy’s newsletter)

Special friends Betty Fincher and Connie Work visited here on Monday. Betty has been my friend since she was in high school, and lived with her family, the Kirks on the Hill across the road from Potts Camp School. When Daddy’s last cow got killed by a train, my parents bought milk and butter from the Kirks. Sometimes I would go after it (you couldn’t buy milk in stores then). Later Mr. Kirk bought the Henderson house at Eagle Springs and they moved there. (It is Betty’s home.)

Betty worked at Sears store in Memphis and rode the train home every weekend. She married Willard Fincher.

Mr. Tutor’s grandson, Williams Tompson came to visit him last weekend and later came to see me. I knew him when he was a child; he helped me in the garden. He has three years in college and plans to go back and finish soon.

Other boys who visited in my home on Tuesday were Korbin Stanton, age 5, and Aaron Franco, age 15, Potts Camp High School students. They were sent by their teacher, Dorothy Hill, for information about the Cook house on the hill near me, where Korbin lives. Mrs. Cook sold coffins; she had a coffin house near her home. He has a little brother too. Korbin’s sister, Corey Stanton, attends Blue Mountain College. There were no funeral homes then.

Happy birthday to Laura Beth Goolsby, April 20, to Jacob McMinn, April 22, to Jason Pannell, Hunter Farr and Lindsey Morgan Potts, April 23; to Tracy Pipkin, April 29. Tracy is Jimmy and Martha’s youngest daughter. Also happy birthday to David Qualls on April 29; he is the husband of my niece Pam (Potts) Qualls (Lindy’s daughter); Lauren Dickey on April 30. Olivia and Lauren are granddaughters of George and Dorothy Dickey.

Prayer list: Evelyn Bready, Hazel Cox, Lucille Hutchens, Lena Faye Work, Martha Ross, Jean Derryberry, Mary Jo McCallum, Roy Foote, Jene McCallum, Ladine Randolph, Donna Marett, Larry Edwards, Maxine Potts, Henry Tutor, Betty Fincher, Ruthie St. John, Diane Clayton, Fred and Laverne Taylor, Flick Ash, Dorothy Forester, Juanita Howell, Kenneth Cox, Ann Feathers.

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