Thursday, April 20, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Off to Paducah!

• By Thursday, Jane and I will have been in Paducah, Ky. since Wednesday.

We’re headed to what is called the mecca of quiltdom — Paducah and the American Quilting Society Museum, etc.

I understand that there will be over 1000 quilts on display, with 485 of them being judged.

Tuesday, as I write this, I’m almost not able to sit in my chair I’m so anxious to be there and looking at all those quilts.

• Pilgrimage was once again all my granddaughter and her cohorts could have asked for.

The town looked absolutely spectacular! Holly Springs is not called “Tree City” for nothing!

Many of you may remember Edwina Carpenter, who was the news editor at The South Reporter several years ago (more than she or I either want to admit to!).

Edwina was one of the most pleasant surprises I ran into Saturday while cruising the town with an attachment of pint-sized Southern belles and a young gentleman cousin, who gallantly joined us.

I didn’t really see Edwina at first — I saw her dress coming across the street in front of the gazebo. Many moons ago, that dress was the first Pilgrimage dress I ever made. This year, Edwina’s daughter Kayla was wearing the dress and she was gorgeous. The last time I saw Kayla, she was still in a car seat and high chair.

It seemed like old times standing on the courthouse lawn with a camera and Edwina beside me. Funny, the presence of my granddaughters and her teenage daughter didn’t interfere with the disappearance of all those years.

And once again, Frank Swords’ Percherons and wagons saved my sanity. Vernon Stroupe stopped and picked up my motley crew a couple of times —that is one of their highlights of Pilgrimage time. As the Binkster put it crankily before her first carriage ride Saturday — “We only got to ride once yesterday!”

I think my favorite part of Pilgrimage this year was walking through Walter Place’s new botanical gardens. With the waterfalls in the background and the absolutely gorgeous landscaping those gardens are going to be a tremendous asset to the area.

Now, if we could just persuade someone around here to put on a huge quilt exhibit I would be totally happy — quilts and those gardens are just about all I need!

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