Thursday, April 14, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Bits and pieces

Imagine my surprise when we received Gale Denley’s column this week and my granddaughters’ dad, who now lives in South Dakota, was mentioned.

I promptly emailed him to ask why he hadn’t sent a clipping to the girls. He called me back laughing, saying he had no idea anyone around here would see that article. He also promised to send the girls a copy of their dad as “Cook of the Week.” (And as a frequent visitor to J.C. and Inez’s home in Bruce, I can testify to the wonderful cooks in the family. Our youngest granddaughter is firmly convinced “Mammaw” makes the best cornbread in the entire world.)

By the time you’re reading this our daughter will be at the horse races in Lexington, Ky. She and a group of “horsey” friends like to all meet at a race a couple times a year and just completely soak themselves in thoroughbred horse racing for a few days.

This also means that Pop, Uncle Kris and I are “managing” the two granddaughters on our own. That’s always so interesting. And exhausting.

The week after “Mom” gets home, I’m headed off — to Kentucky also. Not for horses though.

My traveling companion Jane and I are headed to Paducah for the world’s biggest quilt show. There are supposed to be over 500 quilts on display.

And then there’s the quilt museum and etc., etc., etc. — all about quilts.

We lucked out being able to go. Mary Lou, a lady in the Piecemakers Quilt Guild in Oxford, which Jane, the Binkster and I have recently joined, asked Jane a few weeks ago if we’d be interested. Duhhh — of course!

Seems like two of the ladies who normally make the trip with Mary Lou and another quilting friend couldn’t make it this year. So Jane and I just hit the jackpot!

Quilters start making reservations for the scarce hotel rooms as soon as the hotel will let them — some of them for next year while guests this year.

We weren’t able to sign up for any classes, as those were all full also, but we did find a brunch we could squeeze into.

Jane printed out all the classes and stuff we could learn and do while in Paducah, off the American Quilting Society website.

Me? I printed off all the places we could eat — some of them offered free lunches or huge discounts to visitors. Tell me I don’t have my priorities right!

This weekend, I’m enjoying the Pilgrimage. The Binkster is “hostessing” with her ‘friend’ Jane Farris and Gracie Lou, her best friend, will be with them.

I should have lots of fun!

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