Thursday, April 14, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Clean up the county:
Dear Editor,

I totally support Mr. McDonald’s comments “Clean up the County.” I too have road frontage that is continuously littered in the Warsaw community on 309.

I have tried to keep the frontage cleaned up but the amount of litter only increased. The litter affects property values and breeds crime and vandalism.

There is definitely something different in the culture and pride in this area because you don’t see a litter problem of this magnitude in other cities and states.

Please do your part and dispose of litter properly.

Claude P. Bowie Jr.

Not April Fool’s joke:
Dear Editor,

In the early morning hours of April 1, a call came in to No Borders Animal Rescue, reporting tiny puppies on the road and in a ditch on Bubba Taylor Road in Marshall County. By 8:15 a.m, Terry was dressed and on his way to try to locate these babies with only a small hope that they survived the rain, wind and cold of the night before.

He drove and walked the road until he finally spotted nine newborn puppies with their eyes still closed, wet, crying and hungry but still alive, by noon they were warm and well fed.

We are bottle feeding these pups around the clock and could use a few volunteers to help with them.

To the owner of this litter of healthy puppies: Shame on you! Mississippi Cruelty to Animals Statues, (97-41-9) states, “If any person be the owner or have the custody of any living creature and unjustifiably neglect or refuse it necessary substance, food, or drink, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.” Punishment includes fines, imprisonment or both.

As a rescue group, part of our responsibility is to investigate animal abuse; this case falls squarely within the animal cruelty criteria for this state. Information on the owner of these babies will be appreciated. We don’t have a lot of funds, but we would like to reward the entire county by prosecuting the owner who chose to toss them out like yesterdays garbage.

If anyone sees anything like this happening, please try to get a license plate number or a vehicle description plus anything that might help identify the parties responsible.

If you don’t want a litter of pets to care for, by all means take advantage of the low cost spay and neuter clinic before you are faced with a problem.

We are a small group of volunteers but we are here to help. We are registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State and have been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization.

We are funded through donations of cash, pet supplies and merchandise that we resell.

Although we cannot take every animal that we have calls on, we make a sincere effort to be of service to the community and the county.

Although we are popping at the seams to say the least, we do all that is humanly possible to find a way to say yes to the problem. We do have a waiting list, if you can help as a foster home or in any small way, call us at 662-252-6407 for more information.

Nell Cassatta
504 N. Gordon Dr.
Holly Springs, MS 38635

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