Thursday, April 7, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for helping:
Dear Editor,

I would like to thank everyone who has participated in helping My Brother’s Keeper sisters on a mission street ministry. A special thanks to Sis. Bessie Lockett of Como, a member of Clear Creek Missionary Baptist Church of Oxford. (Pastor: Rev. Eddie Goliday). Also, thanks to Clinton Wadley from Abbeville, who works at “The Perfect Circle,” a community store. Thanks to everyone who has helped contribute to helping others by donating clothing or canned goods. Your donations are highly appreciated. For more information for donations please contact Rev. Stevie James at (662) 236-4699.

I would like to invite everyone to our basketball extravaganza June 16-18 in New Albany at the boys and girls club where the Rev. Neivus Ogelsby will jointly have a fundraiser with My Brother’s Keepers sisters on a mission ministry.

Rev. Stevie James

Win-win situation
Dear Sir,

I love decluttering. In January, I started cleaning out a small storage building, throwing away much. The good items, no longer needed, I put aside. When several basketfuls accumulated, I took them to New Hope Village, located on Old Highway 78. This past Thursday, I took another batch.

This is definitely a win-win situation. My house is cleaner, and those items are needed there. Donated things which the women and children can’t use help stock the thrift store located on the premises.

New Hope Village is a worthy organization in our midst, and I hope others in the community remember them during their spring cleaning too. It’s good to take some pantry items also, when you go. Executive director Shirley Dillard has a priority list of food needs, but all such supplies can be used. Anyone with donations of any sort can call the shelter at 662-252-4688 to make arrangements for delivery.

Marie White

Do we need bond co.?:
Dear Editor,

Mr. Mayor — just a note to ask why the city needs an international bond company and especially since the city doesn’t have the money.

A couple months ago, the city couldn’t even fix a bridge.

An overtaxed citizen
James Rhea

Dumped puppies:
Dear Editor,

Please let me share with you what happened to us about 7 a.m. Friday morning. We got a call from my husband’s mother that someone had thrown a litter of puppies in a ditch at the corner of Deer Creek and Bubba Taylor. They were tiny puppies and still had their eyes closed.

My husband called me at work to ask what could be done. I got on my computer and gave him the phone number for Marshall County Humane Society and I called No Borders Animal Rescue. I had to leave a message but my husband spoke to a woman at the number listed for the Humane Society who told him that there wasn’t anything they could do.

He obviously questioned this and she told him her supervisor had just walked in and my husband could talk to him. The supervisor would not even come to the phone. My husband could hear him in the background saying there wasn’t anything they could do. The woman finally told my husband to take them to a vet and have them put to sleep.

In that two to three minute conversation there was never any hope for those puppies. Never was there mentioned trying to find emergency foster care or even that they would take them to the vet to have them examined. In talking with people since this incident, I have been told of numerous incidents where animals have been turned away. I went to the Humane Society’s website through PetFinder and there were four dogs listed for adoption. On No Borders, there were 22. Who is helping whom?

Within 15 to 20 minutes of my leaving a message with No Borders, I received a call from Terry Willis. He had found foster care and needed directions to find the puppies.

It had already started to rain and I had no doubt what would have happened to those helpless puppies if not for him and his organization. Please support this organization. They need our financial support and I’m sure they would not turn down any donations related to animal care such as food, blankets, dog houses, etc. and if you have the time and space available to become a foster parent, please contact them. Also please watch for their ads in the paper for their yard sales and other fund-raising events. Please support them in all their endeavors. No Borders Animal Rescue. 662-252-6407.

Debbie Harris

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