Thursday, April 7, 2005

Colhoun changes Forex vote

Staff Writer

The Holly Springs Board of Aldermen, in a 3-2 vote Tuesday night, allowed Garrie Colhoun to rescind a vote on a motion that passed two weeks ago to hire International Forex Financial Group to do a bond rating study.

Before the matter to rescind his vote came to a motion, Alderman Colhoun read a prepared statement: “As the elected voice of Ward 3, the residents of my ward have instructed me to speak loudly on their behalf concerning the proposed contract with International Forex Group. It is the desire of Ward 3 that a contract with Forex not be entered into at this time.

“My earlier vote in favor of contracting with Forex was cast in haste and without the direct input of my ward. I am asking you as fellow members of the board for your consent to allow me to change my ‘yea’ vote and to cast a ‘nay’ vote on the Forex proposal.”

Alderman Tim Liddy offered a motion to allow Colhoun to rescind his vote, but Mayor Andre’ DeBerry quickly questioned if the motion was in order (since Liddy did not vote with the majority that carried the original motion).

“That issue is really not on the table,” said DeBerry. “I will allow your statement. I’m not sure your motion is in order.”

Colhoun then brought his own motion to the table that would allow him to rescind his vote.

“It would have to be a motion to rescind the order,” said DeBerry.

“I think I’d like to second, if a motion to rescind ...” said Liddy, but was interrupted by the mayor.

“A motion must have a second,” DeBerry said.

“There are motions to rescind and motions to change (a vote),” said board attorney Ki Jones. “It can only be changed by consent to allow the change or by a motion to rescind.”

“Second,” Liddy repeated.

DeBerry explained that the motion could only be brought forth from someone who voted on the prevailing side, namely, Colhoun and aldermen Naylond Hayes or Russell Johnson.

“I would like to make the motion to rescind,” Colhoun repeated.

“I second,” Liddy said.

The mayor asked for discussion and the vote to rescind Colhoun’s vote of two weeks ago passed 3-2 with Colhoun, Liddy and alderman Nancy Hutchens voting “yea” and Hayes and Johnson voting “nay”.

“I hope we are not allowing ourselves to get in a position of the board rescinding everything that is voted on,” said the mayor.

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