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Dale Hollingsworth

Mary Joe McCallum’s grandson, Eugene Slade, to come for a visit

Brooke Hale visited in my home after Easter; she plans to spend two months as a missionary in Canada this summer. We are proud of her! Brooke is a student at Blue Mountain College; she has finished her second year there. Her older sister, Haven Hale, taught at Horn Lake this year; she plans to go back to college soon and work on her master’s degree. The two girls and Alana Hale of Potts Camp High School are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Hale; their mother, Lela Hale, teaches at Potts Camp High School. I love that family!

I talked to a special friend, Marjorie Clifton; she told me about the wonderful Easter program they had at Corner Stone Baptist Church in Hickory Flat, with several members of her family participating in it.

The family of Joyce Clayton were Easter guests of Joel and Joyce Clayton. They are her daughter, Merion and David Hunsucker of Ashland, her son, Lynn and Martha Goolsby, Hanna and Jamie, also Joyce’s granddaughter, Tommie Cobb and daughter, Kinsey, of Myrtle.

Amanda and Kent Smith named their new baby boy Jackson Whaley. Ruby Churchill and the late Bud Churchill are the great-grandparents, also Fred and Mary Jo Whaley. Rodney and Betty are the grandparents.

Happy birthday to Judy Hart Forester on April 2 and Coby Bridges on April 3. Happy birthday to Barbara Pipkin on April 8, to Zach Mayer on April 9, to Lisa Goolsby on April 10 and Denise Cook on April 11.

Happy wedding anniversary to Charles and Jean Gurley on April 5. Happy wedding anniversary to Jimmy and Georgia Cobbs on April 12.

Happy birthday to Hailey McMinn on April 12 and to my sister Ann P. Hill on April 15, also happy birthday to Kym Gurley Morris on April 15.

Rodney and Betty Whaley’s daughter, Amanda and husband Kent Smith brought their newborn son, Jackson Whaley Smith, to visit with them and daughter Lori on Sunday. Fred and Mary Jo Whaley were also there to see their first great-grandchild for the second time. Congratulations to the entire family!

The former Hancock girls, Annie Spears and sister Alice and her niece and daughter, 2 years old, came to visit me on Monday. The girls worked with me in the Potts Camp School cafeteria many years ago.

A friend loveth at all times —Proverbs 17:17

(1) A “special” gift of God is a friend who loves us! Friends are worth more than gold or rubies; they have more healing power than miracle drugs, and more value than anything the world offers. Poor indeed is the person without friends!

(2) The only way to have friends is to be one; it takes appreciation, sacrifice and love.

(3) It lifts our spirits when we know that someone cares and is concerned about us and trusts us. Where there is no love there can be no friendship.

(4) Christ is our greatest friend, he loves us, believes in us and trusts us. That is why His friendship is to be cherished above all others. He did not give up on us, even when we did our worst at the cross.

(5) “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that who soever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have ever lasting life.” John 3:16

(From Lindy’s newsletter)
Don’t Blame the Children

We read in the paper and hear on the air of the killings and stealing and crime everywhere.

“This young generation!” “Where will it end?”

But can we be sure it’s their fault alone, that maybe a part of it isn’t our own?

“Are we less guilty who place in their way, too many things that can lead them astray?”

Too much to spend, too much idle time, too many movies of passion and crime.

Too many books not fit to read, too much sin in what they hear said.

Too many juke-joints, and too many bars, too many hot rods and rattle trap cars.

Too many reasons for children to roam; too many parents who don’t stay at home.

Kids don’t make the movies, they don’t write the books that paint a gay picture of gangsters and crooks. Kids don’t make the liquor, they don’t run the bars, they don’t own the juke joints, they don’t sell the cars. They don’t pan the narcotics that addle the brain; that is done by older folks, greedy for gain.

Delinquent teenagers — oh how we condemn, we cry in rage and criticize them.

We’re shocked at their morals, amazed at their crimes, and grieve that we live in such perilous times.

By the rule of the blameless the Saviour made known who is there among us to cast the first stone?

Remember this saying for, oh, it’s so true. “Delinquent” fits older ones, too.

Eugenia Gray Floyd, age 87, one of my former classmates at Potts Camp School, died Monday, March 28. Graveside services were held at Cornersville Cemetery on Saturday, April 2. She leaves three sons, two brothers and a sister, six grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. We send love and sympathy to her family.

Congratulations to Dr. Kenneth Williams for being chosen Business Person of the Year in Mississippi!

Mary Jo McCallum’s grandson, Eugene Slade, will arrive soon to spend a month with her.

David Churchill’s recent guests were Steve Gurley of Southaven and Sonny Churchill of Holly Springs. Betty Fincher and Connie Work shopped in Tupelo on Monday.

A group of singers known as the “Squire Parson’s Trio” visited Temperance Hill Baptist Church on Friday night, before Easter. A large crowd attended the event. A visitor that night at the singing told my friend, Joyce Clayton, that she was born in Potts Camp; her mother was the late Mary McLeroy Austin, who lived here when I was young. I remember her family, the McLeroys, well, especially her mother, who attended Potts Camp School with many of my older friends who are deceased. (The McLeroys played instruments and sang, even her dad.) Bernice McLeroy Beaird, one of my best friends, who lives in Florida with her daughter, was Austin’s niece. We keep in touch.

Prayer list: Evelyn Bready, Lucille Hutchens, Flick Ash, Maxine Potts, Mary Poole, Diane Clayton, Fred Taylor, Roy Foote, Jean Derryberry, Willa Floyd, Jene McCallum, Larry Edwards, Juanita Howell, Mary Jo McCallum, Doris Goode, Ollie Mansel, Donna Marett, Lena Faye Work, Dene Randolph, Gracie McCallum, Hazel Cox, Betty Fincher, Terrell Lowery.

Back in the early ’30s, a musical play was presented at Potts Camp School by the Potts Camp PTA. The scenes were:

Act I — Campus at Ozark University

Act II — Moon Island in the Pacific Ocean

Act III — Same as Act I (later)

The cast of characters were: Phil Sherwin, Andrew Watson; Ruben Carter, Will Tom Brownlee; “Handsome” Harry, Milton Steele; Percival Hall, Dallas King; Professor Grey, Mr, Butler (our school principal); Sam, H.B. Jones (our barber); Betty Page, Floy Potter; Helen Marsh, Florene Brownlee; Mable Thomas, Dale Potts (me); Ollie Branch, Gracie Mae Potter; Miss Dora Dean, Mrs. Faye V. Peel.

This cast of characters are all deceased except me. I should have been in the collegiate chorus with my friends, but they needed a young girl.

Children’s chorus: Elaine Jones, Lona Frances Jones, Annie Ruth Holley, Mary Elizabeth Jamieson, Irene Etheridge, Betty Jean Bettingfield, Genova James (Methodist pastor’s daughter), Virginie Montgomery, Ruth Cook, Geraldine Dempsey, Merle Williams, Ann Evelyn James, Louise Alvis, Dorothy Browne, Jean Butler, Jeanette McLeroy, Lela Nichols.

Collegiate chorus: Rhetta Mae Alvis, Rosalie James, Aileen Jones, Quinn Holley, Callie Pearl Belew, Ruth Watson, Dorothy Lee Jarrett, Mary McLeroy, Geraldine Alvis, Louise Stone.

Compliments of Leo Liebson, Holly Springs.

Buy fresh groceries at E.B. Hudson for less money Potts Camp.

Ross Motor Company authorized Ford sales and service Hickory Flat.

Compliments of Dr. Halcomb Hickory Flat.

Men’s half soles 65, Ladies’ half soles, 50, dying, 25, heels 25 & 40.

Compliments of City Lumber Co. Holly Springs

J.J. Elliot Hickory Flat.

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