Thursday, April 7, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Spring has sprung!

I know, I know, it’s always possible to have cold weather even in April around here.

But, to my joy, cold is a remote possibility now!

Like just about all of us, I am so ready for spring. I have all these terrible urges everytime I pass by anyplace selling anything that looks like it might grow outside.

The only problem with that is that once I get plants, etc. home, they tend to wither and die unless my daughter takes pity on me and plants them. My job is to buy them — her job is to plant them.

She has a green thumb up to her shoulder. My thumb? Well, it’s death to anything green all the way across to my other arm!

I have always said that I was born way too far north. I think the coast would have been pretty good; maybe the equator just a tab better.

It’s just a wonderful time of year to be outside. There’s not much better than taking a cold diet Pepsi and a book and sitting outside reading (sometimes it might be napping outside while holding a book).

I have these wonderful new fans for the deck on the back of the house. They’ve been on the deck for about a year and a half now. They’re still in the boxes; with wires hanging from the ceiling and dangling from the roof (not live wires fortunately).

I have one of those chimineas — a cast iron “thing” that you put charcoal in and it sits on your deck and makes a cheerful little fire and our granddaughters (and I) can roast marshmallows in it. I got it for Christmas this year. It’s still in the box on the front porch. It’s too heavy for me to get to the deck, where I might could set it up myself.

I also have a new swimming pool — in my carport in boxes. We still have to dismantle the old one that ruptured; haul it away and make a bigger cleared out spot for the new, bigger swimming pool. That’s my project though, so I can’t fuss about “Pop” not hopping to get it done.

But it’s spring so I don’t really even care. I am finally not coughing and actually feel like a human being for the first time since middle January. It’s just glorious!

To top things off, I’m finishing quilting projects right and left. At one point I thought I was going to be left with only the first quilt I started — a Dear Hannah which will take me approximately five years to finish.

Thankfully, I remembered in time the three quilts that are going to my two brothers and daughter that were Christmas gifts — they did get them — in bags, in pieces. And I made them give them right back to me so I could finish them.

Hmmmm, who was I fussing at about not finishing stuff?

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