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Dale Hollingsworth

Birthday party honors Dave Greer in his home with family and friends

We were sorry to hear about the tornado that hit Olive Branch on Tuesday night. Many people lost their homes, but no one was hurt; we are thankful for that. We have friends and relatives who live there.

We hope everyone had a happy Easter. Thanks for the nice cards and gifts I received and also visits and phone calls.

Get well wishes to Sank Owen of Aberdeen, who suffered a mild stroke and is in Gilmore Hospital in Amory. He is a favorite relative. (Ann and Herman Hill and Bob and Tula Hollingsworth visited him recently.)

Sank taught school in Potts Camp in the ’50s, then in Aberdeen and Amory; he is retired. Get well wishes to him! Sank has many friends and relatives who love him.

My sister, Ann Hill, wrote that her daughter, Belinda and husband Gary Russell had spent the recent spring break in Europe. (She teaches at Northeast College in Booneville.) They enjoyed visiting with two of our friends who also went on the trip. They are Kathy Clayton of New Albany, wife of Roger Clayton; she teaches at Northeast College also and plans to retire; also Barbara Pipkin, one of the friends who works at Potts Camp Bank. We love Barbara and Kathy. Barbara lost her husband last year, our late friend James Carl Pipkin.

Recent guests of George and Dorothy Dickey were their daughter, Sandra Darnell and husband Larry of Watkinsville, Ga.

Funeral services for Thelma Nelson Childers, age 86, of Hickory Flat, were held on Tuesday, March 22 at Holly Springs Funeral Home, with Bro. William Phillips officiating. She leaves a large family including three sons, eight daughters, two brothers and four sisters, including Mary Lois Gurley of Potts Camp. She was buried in Flat Rock Cemetery, where she was a member of the church. We send our love and sympathy to her family. (Thelma and Mary Lois were my classmates in the first grade at the new Potts Camp School in 1925.) She was a beautiful girl.

Happy birthday to Judy Hart Forester on April 2 and to Coby Bridges on April 3. Happy wedding anniversary to Charles and Jean Gurley on April 5.

Thanks to everyone, friends and relatives, who sent cards and gifts to me for Easter. We hope everyone had a happy Easter!

Molly Byers of Big Sandy, Tenn. spent last weekend at the home of her brother, David Greer and Betty in Cornersville. Betty and Molly visited in my home on Sunday afternoon. I was happy to see her; she is a special friend and pen pal.

Congratulations to Amanda and Kent Smith who are parents of a baby boy born March 24. Rodney and Betty Whaley are the proud grandparents. Fred and Mary Jo Whaley are the great-grandparents.

Dave Greer was honored with a fifth birthday party in his home on Saturday afternoon. He is the son of David, Jr. and Amy Greer of Cornersville. Many relatives and friends attended.

Mary Lois Gurley’s large family enjoyed an Easter egg hunt at the home of Bill and Sue Rowland on Saturday. Sixty-six family members attended.

Evelyn (Howell) Hudson, a lifetime friend, died on Sunday, March 27. We send our love and sympathy to her son, Jack, and his family. Burial will be in this area.

Jack and Laverne Provost of Florida are visiting her sister, Mary L. Gurley, and family for several days. They came to attend the funeral of Thelma Childers (sister of Laverne and Mary Lois). While here they will be visiting other brothers and sisters in the area.

Deanna Rowland Knight and three children of Florida came for the Easter weekend to visit her family, Bill and Sue Rowland and participate in the Easter egg hunt on Saturday.

Martha Miranda brought her mother and 1-year-old son to my home recently, and brought me a large piece of her birthday cake. Her birthday was March 20.

Berniece Young’s son-in-law, Rex Ross of Byhalia, is not doing well. Pray for him and his wife Martha, who is ill also.

Former Potts Camp resident Penny Whittington and two children, Sharonda and J.J. of Pontotoc visited her stepdad, Henry Tutor and cousins, Alan and Linda Griffen last weekend. Penny is the daughter of the late Jackie Tutor, who was my friend and neighbor before her death. (They all came to visit me; I was glad to see them.)

While Potts Camp School was out for spring break, Connie Work drove her friend, Mary DeHart, to Kansas City, Mo., to visit her sister.

A large group of people attended the “Surprise Retirement Party” for Janice Morris held at First Baptist Church of Potts Camp Fellowship Hall on Sunday, March 20. She was a very special postmaster at Potts Camp post office for many years. We all love her.

Henry Tutor’s brother-in-law who lived in Pontotoc died recently. We send our love and sympathy to Mr. Henry and his family.

Lynn and Martha Goolsby and children Hanna and Jamie enjoyed a skating party at Ripley on Saturday night. They attended with a group from Temperance Hill Baptist Church, where they are members.


(1) When Jesus was asked, “Which is the greatest Commandment of all?” He answered, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart,” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Then he added, “There is no other commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:30-31.

(2) Remember that all people are created in God’s image, therefore everyone is “special” in some way.

(3) Prayer: Lord, forgive us for thinking we are superior to others. Help us to remember that we are all unique people, who are made in your image. For Christ’s sake. Amen.

(4) Poem: When everything seems hopeless
And life is hard to bear
Just find a quiet corner
And say a special prayer
Ask God to give you strength
To see you through the day
He alone can help you
He will pave the way

Love is one of God’s greatest gifts!

Our family is looking forward to having Liesa Blond of France come for a visit with us in April.

Pray for those who are ill and sad, and others who are sad after losing loved ones.

Prayer list: Sank Owen, Evelyn Bready, Lucille Hutchens, Ann Feathers, Jean Derryberry, Fred Taylor, Roy Foote, Mary Jo McCallum, Adelle Hudson, Betty Fincher, Willa Floyd, Donna Marett, Larry Edwards, Doris Goode, Ollie Mansel, Maxine Potts, Dorothy Forester, Mary Lois Gurley, Ladine Randolph, Evelyn Hudson, Ella Rea Whaley, Sue Whaley.


In April 1954, an exciting Tom Thumb wedding was held in the Potts Camp Gym; it was sponsored by the PTA.

The announcer was DeWitt Stroud Jr. (Sonny).

Mary Lester Cox, music teacher, was in charge of all the music, with her son, Ray Cox, doing the lighting.

The lovely bride was Kathy Shaw and Jeff King was the groom.

Mary Kay Swoffard was the maid of honor, and Mitch Stone Jr. was the best man. John Floyd was the ring bearer and Scott Etheridge was the train bearer.

Bridesmaids were Laverne Lemons, Linda Crouch, Margaret Anderson, Paulette Whaley, Sandra McCanley and Lucretia Manning.

Groomsmen were Arthur Poole, James Russell Boren, Robert (Buster) Thompson, Carey Mayer, Glen Allen Evans and James Clyde Pipkin.

Father of the bride was Lucius Churchill.

Mother of the bride, Betty Hollingsworth.

Father of the groom, David Barber; sister of the groom, Stanley King (his real sister); mother of the groom, Kathy Williams.

Minister, Gary (Butch) Morris. Flower girls, Chris Williams, Peggy Kimery, Nancy Barber and Ann Bobb.

Chorus, Rodney Hale, Betty Westmoreland, Janice Gurley, Norma Kirk, Ruth Ann Turnipseed, Frances Austin and Butone Connell.

Guests: Nina Kirk, grandmother of the bride; Donald Ash, grandfather of the bride; Linda Dunn, sister of the bride.

Grandfather of the groom, Troy Lindsey; grandmother of the groom, Mary Delois (Suzy) Watson; brother of the groom, Bobby Greer; cousins of the groom, Judy Hutchens and Sharon Seymour; aunt and uncle of the bride, Myra Cupp and Carol Shaw; Annie R. Stone, Patricia Phillips, Mrs. Annie Holley, June Ash.

Teachers and friends, Mrs. Ika Austin, Martha Dunn, Mrs. Emily Davison, Katherine Day, Harry Jones, Jimmy Beckworth, Mrs. Harry Jones, Vecelia Churchill, principal K.C. O’Kelly, Byron Howell, Mrs. O’Kelly, Lurline Howell, Miss Susie Henderson, Mary Lou Beckworth, Mrs. Mary L. Cox, Brenda Henderson, Miss Velma Cooper, Rebecca Siddall, Mrs. Merle Ballard, Judy Bray, Mrs. Curtis Greer, Sylvia Gilmer, Miss Jennie Sue Cotharp, Linda Poe, Sank Owen, Charles Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer, Ralph Shaw, Patricia Gurley, Mrs. Wright Greer, Blane Bates, Dallas King, Dennis Clayton.

Ushers for grownups, Louis Sanders, James Lee Spencer, Malinda Johnson, Kathleen Whaley, Onita Jarrett.

This is the last Tom Thumb wedding I remember. Many of them were held in the early days.

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