Thursday, March 24, 2005

Letters to the Editor

County Roads:
Dear Editor,

What is up with the Marshall County Road Department?

Cayce Road has always been the most dangerous road I know of. I feel like every time I travel on this road I am lucky to be alive.

A bucket of paint would help greatly just by having a yellow line in the middle.

Not even to mention tearing up a $550 wheel this weekend from the potholes and the idiot driver coming from the other way— on my side.

Edith Travis

Cemetery care:
Dear Editor,

Some of the graves closers at the Byhalia Cemetery are a disgrace. If they do not have anyone to take proper care they should get someone to go to Slayden, Waterford, Hill Crest or Cottrell and get someone there to teach them how to properly close graves. I was there in December and again in March and it was the same.

Shirley Ross
Memphis, Tenn.

Media last resort:
Dear Editor,

It seems that your media is the last resort available to me, so far. The next steps that I will take will be to my state representative then a senator, and governor if necessary. Someone will have to tell me how wrong is a wrong that no one wants to make right.

I want to alert the citizens of Marshall County of the nightmare that I am going through this very day. Three years ago, I traded in a 1999 Toyota Camry for a brand new 2002 Toyota Camry in Tennessee. The same day that I did this, I drove the new car to Holly Springs to register the car, get new tags and license plates and pay the taxes and other fees, which I did, and at that time, money was given to the clerk and I was given new tags.

Everything seems all right so far, right? Not so fast, the nightmare has just begun. I drove the rest of 2002 on the tags the clerk in the tax office gave me, then when the 2002 tags expired, I went down and bought new tags for 2003, paid for them and I have a paid receipt.

Again, I drove all of that year into 2004, and this year I went down to Betty Byrd’s tax office to buy my 2005 tags and they could not find my car. It never was registered, nor has it ever been in the Mississippi system in Jackson, and it took four trips back and forth from my home to Holly Springs to find this out. To make a long ordeal short, I was told that to get my tags today and to license and register my car, I would have to pay all over again, plus penalties and all late charges. I told Betty Byrd that that will never happen, not ever.

I have told everybody that I could think of about the wrong this office has done to me. I have called Jackson who has said over the phone that this cannot happen, but even they said that it was out of their hands. I went to the police. I went to the city prosecutor; all could not help me.

Now here comes the good part. Last Monday our trusted, elected supervisors were meeting. I even went before them, and what a joke; they were told of this nightmare in full membership, along with their attorney, and Betty Byrd, and here I still sit unable to drive my car that has no tags.

After me explaining to the Board of Supervisors and their attorney, not one of them asked Betty Byrd one question. I was wondering why any one of them could not have asked Betty Byrd why her office held my car title for three years, how could I get the bogus tags to the new car if he did not come in your office to register his car, how could he get any tags, good tags or bogus tags if he didn’t come into your office, how can he get any tags from a clerk if no money changed hands, how could you allow him to drive around with illegal tags on his car for three years. But no one said anything to Betty Byrd.

Well, I may not know too much of anything, but I do know that this office is not going to collect twice for something like they are trying to do.

Ray Taylor

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