Thursday, March 24, 2005

Potts Camp News
By Dale Hollingsworth

Cory Henderson honored on birthday

Congratulations to Bridget Leann Cook and Patrick Rhea Robinson on their recent engagement and forthcoming wedding on April 12 at 3 p.m. at United Apostolic Church on Hwy 15 in New Albany. Bridget Leann is the granddaughter of Richard and Sue Erwin of Potts Camp. All friends and relatives are invited to attend.

Cory Henderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Henderson, was honored with a birthday party at the Pizza Hut in New Albany on his seventh birthday last weekend. He is the grandson of Charles Henderson. Relatives and friends attended, and he received many nice gifts.

I enjoyed a visit with my son, Danny and Elizabeth Hollingsworth and three boys of Starkville on Saturday when they stopped at my home en route to Memphis. The teenage boys are Luke, Clark and Jake.

Visitors of Mary and Henry Jarrett on March 9 were Sue Bishop of Southaven and Bobbie Benjamin of Memphis. Other guests were Clark and Mirion Orman.

Happy birthday to 6-year-old Nathan Carl Blond, son of my granddaughter, Liesa Blond in France on March 23. Also happy birthday to Megan Wilson on March 24 and Cindy Hart Passons on March 25.

Happy anniversary to Bill and Terri Kitchens on March 28 and happy birthday to Charles Henderson on March 28 and to Julie Mayer on March 29. She is the only daughter of JoAnn and Carey Mayer, and a college student.

Bernice Young’s niece, Sharon Grady of Cordova, spent last Friday and Saturday in her home. Other relatives came on Saturday.

Say a special prayer for my friend Evelyn Hudson who suffered a second stroke recently.

Liesa G. Blond, my granddaughter, has sent some lovely flowers for Easter. She lives in France. She had them delivered from Holly Springs.

I enjoyed a short visit with Kay Brownlee who brought the flowers from my granddaughter. My friend, Irene Strickland, is part owner of the flower shop.


A Sinner’s Prayer

Dear Jesus, will you listen Lord, I have a lot to say. You see I am a sinner Lord, and don’t know how to pray.

I’ve walked so long in darkness, Lord; all paths of sin I’ve trod. I’ve crucified you many times, and turned my back on God.

They say you healed the leper, Lord, and made the blind man see. My Bible says you love me Lord, and that you care for me.

Thank you God for listening, and I’d like to start today; somehow my heart feels better after I’ve talked to you this way.

Forgive me Lord and cleanse me for all my guilt and sin, and Lord I’m glad today’s the day to let the Savior in.

Thank you for the precious blood you shed on Calvary. For now I hold the nail-scarred hands that bled to set me free.

I know that each tomorrow you’ll take me by the hand, and walk me up the path that leads to the bright promised land.

Thank you for the promise that I’ll see your blessed face. Thank you for this sinner’s prayer; a sinner saved by grace.

(Taken from the Methodist Newsletter of my late brother, Rev. Charles L. Potts, who preached 42 years before his death in 1996.)

Tommie and Gale Goode of Greenwood spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Stone.

Emily Stone, daughter of Mitch and Jeanette Stone, is at home from college, and their other daughter, Holley Muraco and son Jordan from Las Vegas, are visiting them also. Grandparents, Mary Lois Gurley and family and Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Stone were happy to see all of them, also nearby aunts and cousins.

Prayer list: Lucille Hutchens, Evelyn Hudson, Maxine Potts, Flick Ash, Roy Foote, Dorothy Forester, Ladine Randolph, Donna Marett, Juanita Howell, Fred Taylor, Ann Feathers, Gracie McCallum, Jean Derryberry, Evelyn Bready, Larry Edwards, Willa Floyd, Mary Poole, Diane Clayton, Betty Fincher, Terrell Lowery, Hazel Cox, Lena Faye Work, Maxine Potts, Betty Askew.


In the late ’70s, the new Potts Camp Cardinal basketball team, coach Carl White and his wife Sandra, and sons moved into the old Methodist parsonage (now demolished). Later they built a home of their own and two girls were added to the family. After 23 years as coach one night during a ball game in Blue Mountain, coach White died. It was really sad; he had so many friends and students who loved him. Allen Rowland took over the duties as coach. He carried the boys team to play in the state championship game for the first time in seven years. They really wanted to win first place to honor the memory of Coach White, but they returned home with a Class A Runner-Up State trophy.

On Oct. 1, 1996, former coach T.M. Stone was the master of ceremonies at the Potts Camp gym for the unveiling of a plaque by Irene White, mother of the late Coach White. The plaque read, “The Carl Houston White Gymnasium,” and it was placed in the lobby of the gym.

During earlier years, in 1959, 1960 and 1961 coach T.M. Stone took the Potts Camp Cardinals to State these times. The third time in 1961 was the charm. They won “Overall State Championship.” It had never happened before or since then. I’ll never forget how excited we were, and how proud we were of our famous Potts Camp Cardinals and coach Stone. I was working at the school.

Players on coach T.M. Stone’s Potts Camp Cardinals basketball team in 1961 were: Gale Goode, James Lee Spencer, Billy Cupp, Jimmy Siddall, Myron Cupp, Quinton Day, Jimmy Bennett, DeWitt (Sonny) Stroud, Jimmy Beckworth, Ralph Clayton, Roger Clayton, Charles Shaw, Robert Phillips and manager James Carl Pipkin and Gary (Butch) Morris.

For many years members of the team and their families and Mr. and Mrs. Stone met for a reunion. Some of them are deceased. Those were “Happy Days.”

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