Thursday, March 17, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Proud to be a Hawk:
Dear Editor,

I am so proud of the Holly Springs High School Hawks basketball team’s state championship win!

I have lived in Atlanta for many years, but am still interested and excited by my former high school's successes.

Way to go Hawks! Just know that the Holly High alumni near and far are watching you celebrating with you.

Pat Taylor Dawson
Class of 1978

Thanks extended:
Dear Editor,

My family and I would like to thank the Victoria Fire Department, its volunteers and the community, who participated and donated to the benefit fish fry held in February on my behalf.

I also want to thank those who placed donations in the cans around Byhalia and Victoria. Everyone’s support has been greatly appreciated.

Linda Owens

Abandoned animals:
Dear Editor,

Imagine my joy last week when I came upon a box full of beautiful, starving, thirsty, whining very young puppies left on the side of the highway on the way to the dump. That is a great way to start a new life — what a thoughtful thing to do.

You know who you are so come by the Rental Barn to claim your reward! That’s right, this kind and thoughtful person gets an all expense paid, round trip to California. I will personally escort you by car, enjoying all the beautiful sights along the way. Your accommodations will be in the remote area of the Mohave Desert where you will truly become one with nature. I’ll leave you a slice or two of moldy bread and a thimble full of water.

Oh yes, I did say round trip, didn’t I? I’ll be about three months when the vultures have picked your bones clean. I’ll bring a Hefty bag so I can transport your remains back for a proper burial at the dump.

Yes, we desperately need animal control but we also need responsible pet owners to make sure this doesn’t keep happening. Please get your pet spayed or neutered. You can get help in this area by calling for an appointment at the low cost clinic 252-6196, or Willow Bend 252-5454.

Sherry Janssen
Holly Springs

No momentum for state:
Dear Editor,

The Democratic controlled House of Representatives failed to pass HB 1682; a business development package called Momentum Mississippi.

The House of Representatives does not seem to understand that we need new and better paying jobs in Mississippi. That’s how you cover the budget crunch, not more creative tax packages on the working people.

Despite a last-minute push, by the people they serve, some of our representatives voted to adjourn before the bill came to the floor. This move, well known to them, would kill the Momentum Mississippi business development package. The Democrat controlled House of Representatives voted against the bill 63-53 by adjourning.

Momentum Mississippi is designed to first identify and pursue high-value, high-growth industry targets in manufacturing and services.

The complete package continues to provide money to help those businesses become more productive and profitable through research, development and innovation.

The bill would have assisted in more high-wage jobs, provided money through grants and loans. The package would have also helped existing industries to invest in technology and would have made the state more competitive with neighboring states.

The Momentum Mississippi proposal was a recommendation that came from the MEC’s Blueprint Mississippi program, which called for the diversification and improvement of the state’s economic base.

Our governor, Haley Barbour, supported this growth package; “Momentum Mississippi is good for our state; we need all the job growth we can get in Mississippi,” he said.

Just in case you were wondering how our local elected officials voted: Rep. Kelvin Buck (D) Holly Springs, voted to adjourn. Rep. Jack Gadd (D) Hickory Flat, was absent for this very important vote. Rep. Tommy Woods (R) Byhalia voted to stay in session and bring it to a vote in the House. Sen. Ralph Doxey (R) Marshall, Benton and Tippah Counties vowed to do all he possibly could to bring this bill back to a vote.

Dave Young
Marshall County Republican Party

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