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By Dale Hollingsworth

Surprise party honors Ella Rea Whaley on 95th birthday

Happy birthday to Karlie Madison Pipkin who celebrated her first birthday on Sunday, March 6, at her home with her family, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and many little friends attending. Karlie, daughter of Perry and Heather Pipkin, was born Feb. 29. She received many gifts. JacTyler is her younger brother.

Betty Greer drove to Salem Methodist Church in Etta on Sunday afternoon, March 6, to attend a tea to honor Meredith Scott, who is engaged to wed Jason Brown on May 21. A large group of family and friends attended the event. Congratulations to Meredith and Jason.

Many people who live across the railroad tracks had trouble getting to work on Monday morning, March 7, because of a train on the tracks. People who had to be at the school and other places early had to drive around through Waterford.

Happy birthday to Connie Work on March 15, also Ella Rea Whaley, March 15; Kristie Fincher, March 16; Evelyn Hudson, March 16, (she is in the nursing home in West Memphis); Bob Young, March 17; Lindsey Sanders, March 17; Ann Nadd, March 19; Nathan Carl Bland, a great-grandson in France, March 23; and Megan Wilson, March 24.

We are thankful that Joan Gurley is doing well after having recent leg surgery.

Happy belated birthday to one-year-old Tyler Leopard born on Feb. 11. A birthday party to honor him was held on Feb. 26 at his home. He is the son of Ranee and Mark Leopard; grandparents are Sam and Jackie Ford and Travis and Betty Leopard. A large group of relatives attended the event, and he received many gifts.

There are many ways to make your light shine; some of them are:

  • Work with joy, pray with love, share what you have, live simply, love deeply, and thank God always.
  • Peace on earth cannot be found until we meet on common ground and every man becomes a brother who worships God and loves each other.
  • Jesus said “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16.
  • In a world of loneliness, despair and rejection, the Bible offers hope and encouragement.
  • The forgiveness, love, hope and encouragement that many people are seeking can be found in a personal relationship with the Lord. (It could be one of the most important steps they could take.)
  • “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life,” John 3:16.
  • Create in me a clean heart, O God, show me the steps that Jesus trod so I can tell of His saving grace and sing praises until I see your face.
  • Faith is the key that opens the gateway to heaven.
  • I’ve learned that being a good mother is the best occupation you can have.
  • I’ve learned that if love is not taught in the home, it is difficult to learn it somewhere else.

Pray for people who have lost loved ones; for the sick, lonely and poor; and our American soldiers who are in other countries fighting for us. Leaders of our country also need our prayers.

Prayer list: Ann Feathers, Terrell Lowery, Juanita Howell, Flick Ash, Ladine Randolph, Lucille Hutchens, Maxine Potts, Ruthie St. John, Gracie McCallum, Larry Edwards, Donna Marrett, Betty Fincher, Lucille Pierce, Staci Boone, Willa Floyd, Mary Poole, Ella Rea Whaley, Evelyn Hudson, Jene McCallum, Jean Derryberry, Dorothy Forester, Mary Jo McCallum, Evelyn Bready, Doris Goode, Lucille Isom, Rex and Martha Ross.

We are sorry to hear Evelyn Hudson has suffered another stroke and is in serious condition. Please pray for her. Her son, Jack Hudson of Memphis, visited friends Friday and told them about her condition.

Surprise party was held Sunday, March 13 honoring Ella Rea Whaley at Trinity Missions. She was 95 on March 15.

Connie Work and Christie Fincher were honored with a joint birthday celebration in the home of Betty Fincher Sunday afternoon. Tony Fincher, Connie’s brother and Christie’s father, helped with the dinner.

Sometimes I glance through the book of poems, “Dance of the Butterfly”, written by Mrs. Lester Greer in the ’40s; and I remember her. She made an impression on my life.

Like her dad, Dr. Franklin P. Boatner, (a state senator for two terms in the ’20s), Monty Greer, as she called herself, was a born leader. The first Potts Camp PTA was organized by her; also PTAs in many other towns in North Mississippi. At one time she was an officer of the State PTA; and a member of the North MS Methodist Conference. Mr. Lester Greer built them a lovely home about 1918 on Church Street, near the Potts Camp Methodist Church. (For many years the first Potts Camp School was located on the site of their home.) In 1917 the people of our town, with visions of the future, had purchased the land of our present school lot, and built a large two story brick school there. (It is located across the street from me.) In 1924 it burned. I started to school that year.

Monty named their new home “Sunset View” and raised a lovely rose garden nearby. At that time she was active at Potts Camp Methodist Church teaching a teenage boys Sunday School class.

She also took a big interest in the young girls my age; she taught us to sing hymns at her home, as she played her piano, especially Christmas carols. We met at her home twice a week to play games in her backyard, and enjoy refreshments. Sometimes she would drive us to Holly Springs in her big car and show us the lovely homes and churches; she always bought us ice cream.

Mr. Lester Greer was the first baby born in Potts Camp in 1887; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Q. Greer were among the town’s first families to move here. After the depot was built in 1886, Mr. A.Q. Greer was the first Potts Camp banker. Lester and Curtis Greer operated the famous Greer and Greer Store on Front Street. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Greer reared four children, Dan, Louise, Frank and Ralph. Louise, a beautiful girl, married and moved to a northern state. In the ’40s Louise became ill and died; it was really sad. Her son, Eddie Furner came to live with his grandparents and attend school here. Ralph fought in WW II; when he returned home he said that he would never leave Marshall County again. He married his old girlfriend, Martha Woodard; they lived in Holly Springs.

Ralph and Martha had one son, Ralph Greer Jr. Martha’s first husband, Hurdle was killed in the war; they also had a son. Both of Martha’s sons lived in Collierville. (Both Ralph and Martha are deceased.)

Frank Greer and his family moved from Arkansas back to Marshall County and Holly Springs after he retired. He was a friend of my late husband; they served on jury duty together. Frank loved Potts Camp, his home town. He helped me with the first “Memories of Potts Camp” by bringing pictures to our home when L.D. was living. (I did not know Dan well, he was the oldest.)

Monty enjoyed speaking at programs in the schools and churches of both races. She also took pictures; that was her hobby. I have a few pictures of Jimmy and my mother that she took from my front porch.

Mrs. Greer always held her head high. I can almost see her now as she walked down the street; she would throw back her head and laugh. She was quite a lady.

P.S. In 1900 the Greers owned Eagle Springs. One day Frank was back in Arkansas for a visit to a nursing home; an old man there told him that when he was young he stayed two weeks at Eagle Springs and how wonderful it was. When Frank returned to Potts Camp, he drove out to Eagle Springs and filled several jugs with water and took them to the old man in Arkansas. He made the old man happy.

Frank was very much like his mother, Monty Greer. (He was proud of both of his grandfathers, Dr. Boatner and Mr. Greer.) Together they were successful in getting a deep well put down in Potts Camp so water could be piped into our homes. Until 1916 the people had to haul water from an overflowing well near the coal chute; and take their stock to the springs to drink in large vessels nearby.

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