Thursday, January 6, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Fabric, a finger...
what’s the difference?

I’ve always heard that whatever you do on New Year’s Day, you’ll do again during the rest of the year.

So I planned out my day carefully, making sure that I hugged my granddaughters a lot; cooked a bit, read awhile, relaxed awhile (tried not to clean anything!) and in general did things that I like to do in hopes of repeating them next year.

I did one thing New Year’s Eve that I sincerely hope I never repeat again, the rest of my entire life!

I tried to finish up some things I’d started sewing for my granddaughters 1-1/2 years ago – so I was sewing later than usual and wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as I might have been.

How else does one explain sewing the end of your finger with a sewing machine?

It was quite gross — tip of needle broken off after it went through, thread hanging from both sides of said finger and bits of needle stuck here and there throughout same finger.

I’m pretty sure I panicked — running through the house first, looking for tweezers — and they didn’t even come close to removing the broken needle bits — then looking for someone to drive my panicky self to the emergency room for needle removal!

Pop woke up during the middle of all the rumpus and since only an idiot would let a mostly asleep husband look at their sewn finger, let alone touch it, naturally, I stood almost calmly while he examined it (without laughing I might add).

Then with a “just be still a minute” Pop whipped out his Leatherman and in just a couple of pulls had needle pieces and thread out of finger! Without me passing out on the floor.

I was quite proud of myself for that, too!

I think the next few days I looked a bit odder than usual, going around with my finger stuck up in the air (holding it up made it hurt less) — especially, as my oldest granddaughter keeps on saying, — it’s my ‘bad’ finger!

I embarrassed her horribly a couple times with my middle finger stuck straight up in the air while driving or in a store. Nothing embarrasses quite as well as a nine-year-old who’s going on 45.

• Monday morning, getting ready to come back to work after the holidays, watching the news and worrying about typing with my ‘bad’ finger, I was ashamed to realize that I, along with the rest of us, am so blessed.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 150,000 people are presumed dead after the earthquake and resulting tsunami.

The news is filled with images of death, destruction and despair.

How inconsequential my problems are.

I made sure I hugged my granddaughters before I left for work and thanked God for them!

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